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CFF 20-Team Expert Dynasty Playoff Breakdown

by Eric Froton
Updated On: November 27, 2019, 3:06 pm ET

On the heels of creating the hugely successful 50-Team CFF Super League in 2017, last year our CFF Industry Expert overlords got together with the intention of establishing a 20-Team Industry Expert Dynasty League with a notable twist - CFF IDP instead of team defenses. CFF is hard enough when we're trying to track the offensive depth chart movement of the 130 FBS teams, forget about adding defensive players to the equation. However if you want to claim knowledge superiority over your fellow "experts" (in reality we're just a bunch of CFF nerds, but still...) then an added degree of difficulty was deemed appropriate so as to weed out the pretenders. Only the strong shall survive.

The scoring system follows the traditional PPR format with 1 point per every 20 passing yards and four points per passing touchdown. A wide range of defensive categories were selected, including Solo Tackles Forces, Passes Defended, Forced Fumbles, etc. Roster size is 35 players with a 5-man freshman taxi squad and 3 IR spots. The lineup is where things really get deep, as each week teams are required to start 17 players! In a 20-Team format you could imagine how depth and attrition affect the flow of the season. Weekly consistency is essential and byes drastically affect your team week to week. In a 10-team/17 roster spot league you can just hit the wire and stream a WR if needed, the pool is much thinner with 43 roster spots  across 20 teams meaning 850+ players are rostered at all times. Adding to the difficulty is that only 4-of-the-20 teams make the playoffs, causing the lower tiered teams to trade upperclassmen for picks and prospects once eliminated in order to get the most they can for their seniors. 

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Below is a breakdown of the four playoff teams and their first round games.


#1 Seed - Thor Nystrom


#4 Seed - Eric Froton


#1 - Thor Nystrom - @ThorKU
- 10 - 2 Record
- 3059 Regular Season Points Scored
- Traded - Chevan Cordeiro & 2019 3rd Round Pick for Michael Warren (Pre-Season)
- Impact Free Agents: Whop Philyor - $17/Ty Storey - $14

Season Starting Lineup:

QB - Mason Fine - North Texas - 22 PPG
QB - Ty Storey - Western Kentucky - 21 PPG (Cole McDonald - 29 PPG - lost job to Cordeiro)
RB - Michael Warren - Cincinnati - 18 PPG
RB - Josh Johnson - ULM - 18 PPG
RB - Benny LeMay - Charlotte - 22 PPG
WR - Isaiah Hodgins - Oregon State - 24 PPG
WR - Devin Duvernay - Texas - 23 PPG
WR - Cedric Byrd - Hawaii - 19 PPG
WR - Quez Watkins - Southern Miss - 18 PPG
WR - Marquez Stevenson - Houston - 16 PPG
TE - Thaddeus Moss - LSU - 9 PPG
DL - A.J. Epenesa - Iowa - 7 PPG
DL - Ronnie Perkins - Oklahoma - 7 PPG
LB - Shaka Heyward - Duke - 10 PPG
LB - Jacob White - Ball State - 12 PPG
DB - Blake Lynch - Baylor - 9 PPG
DB -  Kristopher Moll - UAB - 14 PPG

Thor's pre-season trade of Cordeiro and a 3rd for Warren helped get him in the playoffs but  hurt later in the year when Cordeiro took over for McDonald, who was also his every-week QB1. Mason Fine and Ty Storey are solid rotational 2/3 QB's with 25 point ceilings. Benny LeMay was dominant until an Achilles injury caused him to miss most of November, Michael Warren was vital as a consistent RB2 and Josh Johnson has rushed for 1,189 yards/11 TD's. That's a quality starting backfield. Dedrick Mills/Keontay Ingram are the only serviceable backups. This might be the best WR corps in the league with  22+ PPG performers Isaiah Hodgins and Devin Duvernay being flanked by Marquez Stevenson/Cedric Byrd/Quez Watkins, with stud Whop Philyor on the mend. Kristopher Moll and Jacob White lead a middling defensive group that rotated frequently. If there's anything I learned about IDP it's that there are so many players on the 130 teams that you can really vulture talent off the wire if you pay attention and bid smartly. Many of the better teams didn't seem to prioritize defense in the draft process outside of the elite, established talents. Losing McDonald's stability at the QB position hurt this team heading into the playoffs.


#4 - Eric Froton - @NcffExpert 
- 9-3 Record
- 3058.5 Regular Season Points Scored
- Traded - 2019 Second Round Pick for Alan Bowman pre-draft
- Impact Free Agents: Marvin Kinsey - $121/Jared Smart - FA/Paris Ford - $21

Season Starting Lineup:

QB - Anthony Gordon - Wazzou - 37 PPG 
QB - Brock Purdy - 31 PPG
RB - D'Andre Swift - UGA - 18 PPG
RB - Patrick Taylor - Memphis - 18 PPG
RB - Rakeem Boyd - Arkansas - 16 PPG
WR - James Proche - SMU - 25 PPG
WR - Justin Jefferson - LSU - 22 PPG
WR - John Hightower - Boise State - 16 PPG
WR - JD Spielman - Nebraska - 15 PPG
WR - Jared Smart - Hawaii - 13 PPG
TE - Cary Angeline - NC State - 10 PPG
DL - Khalid Kareem - Notre Dame - 7 PPG
DL - Mykal Walker - Fresno State - 12 PPG
LB - Nate Landman - Colorado - 15 PPG
LB - Garret Wallow - TCU - 14 PPG
DB - Paris Ford - Pitt - 14 PPG
DB -  Tae Daley - Vanderbilt - 10 PPG

I took over a ghost-team after the draft last season that had 9 Tight Ends rostered and I got stuck holding the bag on forward-pass challenged Nick Fitzgerald because everyone had figured out he stunk by the time I tried to move him. You do NOT want to be the last guy selling your seniors in a CFF Dynasty league with only 4 playoff spots after the contenders have loaded up and sold off their marketable assets. It's a scary place, like being on the back of Bobby Petrino's motorcycle after he's imbibed a few old fashioned's. 

The running back position to a hit early-on when Patrick Taylor went down, so I had to roll with D'Andre Swift as my #1RB and cobble together a rotation behind him consisting of Marvin Kinsey/Chris Brown/Rakeem Boyd/Larry Rountree/Aston Walter. My RB group is about as inspiring as going to see Limp Bizkit at the Pocono Manor Fairgrounds play their sweeping epic hit "Nookie"...again. This team made it to the dance on the back of a strong QB group led by my official 2019 CFF Crush - Anthony Gordon along with Brock Purdy/Mike Glass III. I was frequently outscoring opposing QB combo's, sometimes by a significant margin, which helped to bail me out when RB's under-performed. Or more accurately, performed to their talent level which was insufficient. The WR group was strong all year as James Proche and Justin Jefferson both are elite 1000-yard wide receivers and a strong supporting cast of John Hightower/JD Spielman/Jared Smart/Dezmon Patmon/Antonio Gibson filled out the back end. WR's are pivotal in this format due to the 5 active WR spots each week, compared to only 3 active RB spots. My defense really helped at times with Garret Wallow and Nathan Landman holding it down at LB and Paris Ford a staple at DB. 

Result ---------> Eric Froton defeats Thor Nystrom - 307.5 - to - 215

Thor's QB combo of Ty Storey and Mason Fine got outscored by Gordon/Purdy 90-33, putting Thor in a hole he couldn't climb out of. True to form my RB's only managed 37 points while Thor's posted 56 on the back of Josh Johnson's 25 point effort. Thor's elite WR corps let him down a bit getting outscored 82 - 60, as Cedric Byrd posted his fifth-straight game without a touchdown reception and his entire 5-WR starting group only caught 1 TD pass combined. These were the two highest-scoring teams in the regular season, with the difference between their scores being only one-half a point, 3058.5 - 3059, in favor of Mr. Nystrom. 


#2 - Hayden Winks


#3 - Judge Jeudy 


#2 - Hayden Winks - @HaydenWinks
- 10-2 Record
- 2959.5 Regular Season Points Scored
- Traded: Gerry Bohanon/Ryan Hilinski/JT Daniels, T.K. Wilkerson for CeeDee Lamb and Bryan Edwards
- Impact Free Agents: Kylen Granson - $4/Max Richardson - FA

Season Starting Lineup:

QB - Shane Buechele - SMU - 27 PPG
QB - Charlie Brewer - Baylor - 27 PPG
RB - Max Borghi - Wazzou - 25 PPG
RB - Chuba Hubbard - Oklahoma State - 30 PPG
RB -KeShawn Vaughn - Vanderbilt - 18 PPG
WR - CeeDee Lamb - Oklahoma - 23 PPG
WR - Denzel Mima - Bayolor - 19 PPG
WR - Jalen Reagor - TCU - 11 PPG (Tylan Wallace - INJ)
WR - Frank Darby - Arizona State - 12 PPG
WR - JaCorey Sullivan - CMU - 13 PPG
TE - Kylen Granson - SMU - 14 PPG
DL - Bradlee Anae' - Utah - 10 PPG
DL - Kendall Futrell - ECU - 11 PPG
LB - Kenneth Murray - Oklahoma - 11 PPG
LB - Max Richardson - BC - 14 PPG
DB - Alijah Haliburton - Wyoming - 12 PPG
DB -  Stephen Blaylock - UCLA - 10 PPG

In this league, we do a slow draft where each team has a four-hour window to choose their next player. Once the draft begins, it's open season on trading picks for players. Deals fly pretty openly, but even in this free-wheeling environment Hayden's pre-draft trade bonanza was something straight out of the NFL Draft. He relentlessly leveraged future assets to strengthen his team for this season. Through free agent bidding he acquired Ryan Hilinski and Gerry Bohanon, then turned around and traded them for the electrifying CeeDee Lamb. Every move Mr. Winks made was in service of the 2019 CFF Industry Expert Dynasty Championship. 

Hayden amassed a deep QB's of Khalil Tate/Charlie Brewer/Kelly Bryant/Shane Buechele/Buckshot Calvert. Tate imploded and Bryant is mediocre but the "Killer B's" of Brewer/Buechele/Buckshot panned out well enough to be a solid group. Hubbard/Borghi/Vaughn to go with Juwan Washington when healthy is at worst a Top-3 starting RB group. Losing Tylan Wallace took some of the steam out of the WR room, but CeeDee Lamb is a legend, Denzel Mims gives him the Baylor hookup, Jalen Reagor is a huge talent and Frank Darby has 7 TD's in his last 4 games. Kylen Granson is one of my favorite Tight Ends in CFF. Bradley Anae' has 11 sacks and Kendall Futrell has 10, that's a big advantage having two havoc creators in the DL spot as most DL's don't average double digit points. Max Richardson is an every-week starting LB for an above average defensive unit.

#2 - Mike Bainbridge - @MBainbridgeCFF
- 10 - 2 Record
- 2921.5 Regular Season Points Scored
- Trades - None
- Impact Free Agents: Xavier Jones - $48/Kedon Slovis - $44/Justin Rice - $0

Season Starting Lineup:

QB - Nathan Rourke - Ohio - 28 PPG
QB - Kedon Slovis - USC - 24 PPG
RB - Eno Benjamin - Arizona St. - 20 PPG
RB - Xavier Jones - SMU - 23 PPG
RB - LeVante Bellamy - WMU - 24 PPG/Darrynton Evans - App. St - 21 PPG
WR - Warren Jackson - Colorado State - 23 PPG
WR - Jerry Jeudy - Alabama - 19 PPG
WR - Charleston Rambo - Oklahoma - 12 PPG
WR - Romeo Doubs - Nevada - 13 PPG
WR - Brennan Eagles - Texas - 13 PPG
TE - Jalen Wydermyer - Texas A&M - 10 PPG
DL - Marlon Davidson - Auburn - 9 PPG
DL - Keyon Blankenbaker - Wyoming - 8 PPG
LB - Justin Rice - Fresno State - 16 PPG
LB - Zane Zandier - UVA - 11 PPG
DB - Tyler Coyle - UConn - 14 PPG
DB -  Jamal Hicks - Colorado State - 11 PPG

Rourke and Slovis form an above-average top-QB pairing with Dorian Thompson-Robinson and Kyle Trask backing them up. Mr. Bainbridge has amassed an absolutely phenomenal RB corps featuring four running backs who are averaging over 20 PPG. Jackson and Jeudy are a strong 1-2 punch while Rambo/Doubs/Eagles are all sophomores and return next season. Justin Rice was an excellent free agent bid and Tyler Coyle is producing at a high level for a terrible UConn defense. I like how his starting DL Blankenbaker qualifies at LB as well, which is a nice little cheat code for astute owners who want consistency out of their DL position. LB's that qualify at DL are invaluable because of their consistency. Frequently DL's who don't at least get a sack are freezed out from the scoring and tackles are easy to predict. Out of the four teams that made the playoffs this is clearly the team that is best positioned for 2020. Mike avoided moving any draft picks and has several key underclassmen contributors, while the other three teams are heavily tilted towards draft-eligible players.

Result ----------->    Hayden Winks defeats Mike Bainbridge  274.5 - to - 271

A heartbreaking loss for Mr. Bainbridge here as he fell just 3.5 points short of victory. Perhaps he could have started CT Thomas, who scored 14 points, over Brennan Eagles who scored only 4? It's hard to say since starting Thomas with uncertainty at the QB position is a tough call and you have to start someone. Jerry Jeudy scored only 8 points, but no one in their right mind is benching him. Rourke and Slovis combined for 73 points for Mike to Hayden's 50 from Brewer and Buechele. These two running back groups are truly elite, with Hayden's group posting 80 points to Mike's 67. The wide receiver advantage went to Mike - 67 - 55. Before calculating the IDP portion of the game, the score currently sits at 207 -185 - advantage Mike. Hayden's defensive players scored 89.5 points to Mike's 64, which was just enough to inch out the win. Talanoa Hufanga was the biggest contributor on defense for Hayden, scoring a monster 28 points against UCLA. However you want to look at it, this was a great game that was decided largely by the difference in defensive points.


Eric Froton 
Hayden Winks

It seems like Hayden has great matchups all the way down the board while Anthony Gordon plays Washington and Patrick Taylor faces Cincinatti's stout run defense. Darby has been scorching hot and gets to feast on Kevin Sumlin's poorly coached defense while Chuba Hubbard and CeeDee Lamb get to shoot-it-out in Bedlam. The early line has Hayden as a 16.5 point favorite.