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DRAFT MLB Strategy: Tuesday

by Spencer Limbach
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Building a team on DRAFT’s DFS platform is an excellent way to make the action even more exciting than just following your favorite team. If you aren’t familiar with DRAFT, it’s an innovative DFS game with a live draft feature -- instead of building within a salary cap, you're participating in snake drafts that typically last 2-5 minutes. On top of that, anyone you draft is yours alone -- if you take Nolan Arenado with your first pick, nobody else in your league can have him.



You can find more information at Draft.com or quickly join a contest from anywhere after downloading the app!



The scoring system is similar to FanDuel with a few small exceptions. For one, starting pitchers aren’t quite as valuable relative to their hitting counterparts. You can read a detailed explanation of these along with other DRAFT MLB Strategy Tips in our preview article.



Best of luck and happy drafting!




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These players have a great chance to outperform their DRAFT projection.


Giancarlo Stanton – IF - NYY (DRAFT Projection: 10.1)

Aaron Judge – OF – NYY (DRAFT Projection: 10.1)

Gary Sanchez – IF – NYY (DRAFT Projection: 8.6)


Judge and Stanton have pretty healthy projections tonight, but I believe they could be ranked higher. Even though Seattle LHP Marco Gonzales has looked better lately, he could regress against this powerful NYY offense in Yankee Stadium. Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez all handle left-handed pitchers very well, and Gonzales has a .348 wOBA split vs RHB to take advantage of. I’m moving Stanton and Judge to 10.8 fantasy point projections each, bumping Sanchez to 9.9 FP.



Justin Upton – OF – LAA (DRAFT Projection: 8.9)


There are plenty of high run-scoring projections on tonight’s busy slate, but the Angels are a sneaky-good stacking option that could be somewhat underrated. They are facing Arizona RHP Matt Koch at home, and the D-Back righty carries a .407 wOBA split against right-handed bats. Mike Trout has an accurately-high projection at 10.8 fantasy points, but Justin Upton carries plenty of upside despite the 8.9 FP designation on DRAFT. I’m moving him closer to 10.0 in my rankings, putting him as the sixth best outfielder.



Juan Soto – OF – WAS (DRAFT Projection: 6.9)


DRAFT doesn’t know what to do with Juan Soto yet, hence the tiny projection. The rookie has been amazing since getting called up to the big leagues, hitting .321 with five homers, 12 RBI, and 16 runs. The matchup looks great tonight against Baltimore RHP David Hess, who currently holds a .401 wOBA 20.8% HR/FB split vs left-handed bats. I’m boosting Soto to the neighborhood of 9.8 fantasy points, and he’s a great outfield filler who may go underrated due to being buried in the pre-draft rankings.






These players may not live up to their DRAFT projection.


Vincent Velasquez – P – PHI (DRAFT Projection: 11.9)


I understand that Velasquez has some built-in upside, but I really don’t trust him at the moment. He has notched a few quality starts in recent games, with a blowup of 10 earned runs through 3.2 innings vs Milwaukee mixed in there. It goes without saying that the Philadelphia hurler has some consistency issues. He’s facing a dangerous Cardinals’ offense that has seen Matt Carpenter, Jose Ramirez, and Marcell Ozuna really come to life as of late. There’s plenty of downside for Velasquez, leading me to believe there are better pitching options on the board. I’m downgrading Vincent to the tenth ranked hurler, as you can see in the rankings below.



JD Martinez – IF – BOS (DRAFT Projection: 10.4)

Mookie Betts – OF – BOS (DRAFT Projection: 10.7)

Andrew Benintendi – OF – BOS (DRAFT Projection: 9.9)


This is a small downgrade, as there are so many hitters with fantastic matchups tonight (COL, LAA, NYM, NYY, WAS, etc). Even though each of these players are very talented, Boston doesn’t exactly qualify for a well-aligned draw against Jose Berrios in Minnesota. Sure, there’s a chance they feast on the Twins’ lackluster bullpen, but I’d rather take options from those aforementioned teams before forcing these Boston hitters with a mediocre matchup. Putting things into perspective, Martinez and Betts are downgraded to 10.0 FP while Benintendi goes to 9.5 FP.






Pitcher rankings. Snagging a top tier pitcher is crucial tonight. There’s a substantial drop-off from Verlander and Sale to the rest of the pitching options. Hopefully you’ll be blessed with a top two pick to make that strategy work. There are enough quality hitters on the board to take a pitcher (only Sale or Verlander) then build around them … If you are looking deeper on this list, Mike Clevinger and Jameson Taillon are some options I have my eye on.


  1. Justin Verlander – Tier 1
  2. Chris Sale – Tier 1
  3. Cole Hamels – Tier 2
  4. Mike Clevinger – Tier 2
  5. Domingo German – Tier 3
  6. Jose Berrios – Tier 3
  7. Jameson Taillon – Tier 3
  8. Blake Snell – Tier 3
  9. Luke Weaver – Tier 3
  10. Vincent Velasquez – Tier 3



Weather risk. There aren’t any real dangerous weather situations to be aware of. Colorado has a 40-50% chance of precipitation during the game. The hitters should be fine, and you weren’t looking to either pitcher anyway. Otherwise, it appears that there is a 30% chance of showers for the games between Detroit-Cincinnati and Dodgers-Cubs. This isn’t particularly threatening stuff, but you should probably keep an eye on these developments as we move closer to first pitch.

Spencer Limbach

Spencer Limbach is a multi-sport daily fantasy specialist for NBC Sports Edge. He can be found on twitter @Spencer_JL.