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DRAFT MLB Strategy: Tuesday

by Spencer Limbach
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Building a team on DRAFT’s DFS platform is an excellent way to make the action even more exciting than just following your favorite team. If you aren’t familiar with DRAFT, it’s an innovative DFS game with a live draft feature -- instead of building within a salary cap, you're participating in snake drafts that typically last 2-5 minutes. On top of that, anyone you draft is yours alone -- if you take Charlie Blackmon with your first pick, nobody else in your league can have him.



You can find more information at Draft.com or quickly join a contest from anywhere after downloading the app!



The scoring system is similar to FanDuel with a few small exceptions. For one, starting pitchers aren’t quite as valuable relative to their hitting counterparts. You can read a detailed explanation of these along with other DRAFT MLB Strategy Tips in our preview article.



Best of luck and happy drafting!



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These players have a great chance to outperform their DRAFT projection.


Jon Lester – P – Chicago Cubs (DRAFT Projection: 9.5)


Lester is usually underrated on DRAFT, and today is no exception. He’s starting in pitcher-friendly PNC Park, which adds confidence to this situation. Lester has been strong this season while holding an overall impressive 2.37 ERA. There’s a reasonable chance he’ll pick up a win and quality start this evening. Take into account the recent form of three earned runs and 17 strikeouts over 18.2 innings in Lester’s past three starts, and he’s an even more comfortable selection.



Jose Altuve – IF – Houston (DRAFT Projection: 9.2)

Carlos Correa – IF – Houston (DRAFT Projection: 9.1)


Jose Altuve is really starting to heat up with nine hits, two homers, five runs, five RBI, and two stolen bases over his past three games. Now is the time to “buy low” on him, especially considering the matchup against C.C. Sabathia in Yankee Stadium. We all know Altuve mashes left-handed pitching, and the wheels appear to be coming off for Sabathia after allowing 13 earned runs through 13 innings in his past three starts. Carlos Correa could take advantage as well. I’m willing to raise the projections of these two Houston superstars more towards 10.0 fantasy points. That is reflected in the hitter rankings towards the bottom of this article, so go ahead and check that out to get an idea of the big picture.



David Dahl – OF – Colorado (DRAFT Projection: 9.8)

Trevor Story – IF – Colorado (DRAFT Projection: 9.1)


Colorado checks in with one of the highest run-scoring projections of the night, which is obviously commonplace when they are playing at home. Opposing pitcher, Jeff Samardzija of the Giants, has struggled this season to the tune of an inflated 6.23 ERA. Facing this capable Rockies’ lineup in Coors Field likely won’t help. I’m raising the projections for Dahl and Story accordingly, pushing them closer to the 9.7-10.0 fantasy point level. We typically like Story much better against left-handed pitching, but he’ll still see plenty of RBI situations with massive upside to garner an upgrade in this matchup.






These players may not live up to their DRAFT projection.


Felix Hernandez – P – Seattle (DRAFT Projection: 10.8)


I don’t think anyone will argue when I suggest that Felix Hernandez should not be ranked as a top five pitcher tonight. In fact, I’ll probably push him outside the top ten of this deep pitching slate. Simply put, Felix is not the same dominant pitcher we have grown accustomed to in the past. His 5.58 ERA this season while allowing 12 earned runs over 17 innings in his past three starts serves as the evidence. This sneaky-good Texas lineup could inflict some damage on him tonight. I’m staying away from King Felix, and you probably should too. There are much better options this evening, as discusses in the pitcher rankings section below.



Aaron Judge – OF – NY Yankees (DRAFT Projection: 10.9)


This is not a full indictment of Judge, but I think you can find more confident outfielders in better matchups. Benintendi, Harper, Springer, McCutchen, Dahl, and Brantley are a handful of outfielders I’m willing to rank ahead of the Yankee superstar tonight. Sure, there’s a chance Judge could flick a round-tripper over the fences in Yankee Stadium, but I’m not feeling the matchup against Houston RHP Charlie Morton and company. My strategy is to let someone else take Judge at this projection level while I’d be more than happy to wait on the aforementioned other outfielders with lower DRAFT projections.



Jake Lamb – IF – Arizona (DRAFT Projection: 10.1)


I like Jake Lamb, but I’m not willing to take him as a top five infielder tonight – as this current projection level suggests. He’s facing Luis Castillo of Cincinnati, a young pitcher who seems to be finding his rhythm at this point in the season. I’ll probably downgrade Lamb closer to the 9.0 fantasy point tier, which pushes him out of consideration for most draft sizes. I’ll be more focused on previously stated underrated infielders like Altuve, Correa, and Story – along with the others stated in the hitter rankings below.






Pitcher rankings. Seattle RHP Felix Hernandez fell outside the top ten while the previous write-up of Jon Lester’s upgrade is reflected below. I’m willing to wait on a pitcher tonight, as the position is deep with quite a bit of parity. Lester, Snell, and (maybe) Ross are some of my favorite deeper lifts here.


  1. Kenta Maeda – Tier 1
  2. Mike Clevinger – Tier 1
  3. Charlie Morton – Tier 1
  4. Tyson Ross – Tier 2
  5. Blake Snell – Tier 2
  6. Jon Lester – Tier 2
  7. Rick Porcello – Tier 2
  8. Jake Arrieta – Tier 3
  9. Michael Wacha – Tier 3
  10. Luis Castillo – Tier 3



Hitter rankings. The following hitter ranks makes up my personal list to be used in drafts. The downgrades of Jake Lamb and Aaron Judge (mentioned above) are reflected along with upgrades for Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, Trevor Story, and David Dahl. In addition to that, it should be mentioned that Freddie Freeman, Ozzie Albies, and Trea Turner have been substantially downgraded outside the top twenty.


  1. Charlie Blackmon – OF 1
  2. Mike Trout – OF 2
  3. Nolan Arenado – IF 1
  4. Bryce Harper – OF 3
  5. JD Martinez – IF 2
  6. Francisco Lindor – IF 3
  7. Jose Ramirez – IF 4
  8. Mookie Betts – OF 4
  9. Andrew Benintendi – OF 5
  10. Jose Altuve – IF 5
  11. Michael Brantley – OF 6
  12. David Dahl – OF 7
  13. Trevor Story – IF 6
  14. Carlos Correa – IF 7
  15. Buster Posey – IF 8
  16. Evan Longoria – IF 9
  17. Andrew McCutchen – OF 8
  18. George Springer – OF 9
  19. Brian Dozier – IF 10
  20. Edwin Encarnacion – IF 11
Spencer Limbach

Spencer Limbach is a multi-sport daily fantasy specialist for NBC Sports Edge. He can be found on twitter @Spencer_JL.