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DRAFT MLB Strategy: Wild Card

by Spencer Limbach
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Building a team on DRAFT’s DFS platform is an excellent way to make the action even more exciting than just following your favorite team. If you aren’t familiar with DRAFT, it’s an innovative DFS game with a live draft feature -- instead of building within a salary cap, you're participating in snake drafts that typically last 2-5 minutes. On top of that, anyone you draft is yours alone -- if you take Giancarlo Stanton with your first pick, nobody else in your league can have him.


You can find more information at Draft.com or quickly join a contest from anywhere after downloading the app!


The scoring system is similar to FanDuel with a few small exceptions. For one, starting pitchers aren’t quite as valuable relative to their hitting counterparts. You can read a detailed explanation of these along with other DRAFT MLB Strategy Tips in our preview article.


Best of luck and happy drafting!



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Charlie Blackmon underrated. I’m moving Charlie Blackmon up my draft board to the second-ranked outfielder of this slate. He also checks in as the second overall hitter in my opinion, jumping ahead of Stanton, Arenado, K.Davis, and others for that spot. There are a few reasons I’m making this move: 1) The opportunity cost for outfielders is very low. There are only four outfielders I feel confident in – Judge, Blackmon, Cutch, & Hicks. Because of this, I’m looking to take an elite hitter like Blackmon early while still having plenty of quality options to consider for the infield … 2) The lefty/lefty matchup against Jon Lester doesn’t really bother me in Blackmon’s instance. The Colorado CF has strong numbers while going 4/9 against Lester with a pair of doubles and a pair of RBI.


Pitcher rankings. This article is being written Tuesday morning. As of then, we aren’t exactly sure who will be starting on either side of the Yankees-A’s game. I’m thinking Severino will get the nod for NYY, while Oakland could be taking the bullpen approach. If that’s the case, we only have three realistic pitchers to choose from, which will limit the size of your potential drafts. You’ll want to keep an eye on confirmation of the starters from that game. I would take Severino over Lester if we are 100% certain he’ll take the bump in a normal setting (6+ IP). Until that is confirmed, Lester may be the safer choice on Tuesday night.


  1. Luis Severino – NYY (presumably starting)
  2. Jon Lester – CHC
  3. Kyle Freeland – COL
  4. Mike Fiers – OAK (if starting – still a candidate for low innings)

UPDATE: Liam Hendriks will start for the A's - meaning we are looking at a collective bullpen effort from their relievers. 


Overall rankings & strategy. You can see here that Judge and Blackmon check in as my top overall hitters. That has to do with the low opportunity cost at outfield that I touched on earlier. Guys like Stanton, Arenado, and K.Davis may have loftier overall projections, but I’m looking to secure the shallow outfield spots before looking towards an infield position with plenty of depth … In two-person leagues, you could fill in the two outfield spots with Judge and Blackmon, then still have the privilege of choosing between Davis, Bryant, or Story – assuming Stanton and Arenado have been taken. I’ll certainly take that situation.


  1. Luis Severino – SP (need to confirm starting)
  2. Jon Lester – SP
  3. Aaron Judge – OF
  4. Charlie Blackmon – OF
  5. Giancarlo Stanton – IF
  6. Nolan Arenado – IF
  7. Khris Davis – IF
  8. Kris Bryant – IF
  9. Trevor Story – IF
  10. Kyle Freeland – SP
  11. Andrew McCutchen – OF
  12. Aaron Hicks – OF
  13. Javier Baez – IF
Spencer Limbach
Spencer Limbach is a multi-sport daily fantasy specialist for Rotoworld. He can be found on twitter @Spencer_JL.