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FanDuel Bargain Bin Saturday

by Renee Miller
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

FanDuel Bargain Bin


You’ll often need to dig deep to find some value plays that allow you to fit in the studs you want. Here I’ll give you the guys I’d use at each position and provide some context for which I think are true punts vs. those that are actually safe enough for cash games. I try to keep them under $6000 (well under if possible).





Donald Sloan $4800: Sloan was also in a good spot last night and disappointed his owners as backup Shane Larkin stole the show vs. Denver. I like him to bounce back tonight against a Timberwolves unit that has allowed the sixth-most fantasy points to opposing point guards this season. Sloan isn’t a high upside option, but makes for a relatively safe 20-30 fantasy point play from a game I’m targeting a lot tonight.


Patrick Beverley $4900: Beverley draws a solid matchup in one of the night’s most interesting games. Both teams play at a high pace, but Houston emphasizes offense and Chicago emphasizes defense…everywhere but at the point, where they allow the seventh-most fantasy points on FanDuel. Beverley has been meeting value nicely outside of a couple tough outings against the Spurs and Trail Blazers this month. He’s safe in all formats.


Shelvin Mack $3500: Mack has been incredibly up and down in a matchup-independent way, meaning that you can’t predict his production based on whom he’s playing. He had relatively good games against Memphis and Toronto this week, but put up a big dud against Brooklyn. Go figure. What we can predict is the healthy allotment of minutes he’s receiving and that the Pelicans won’t provide a defensive challenge. For minimum price, it’s a risk worth taking in tournaments tonight so you can fit the expensive bigs you want.





Rodney Hood $5600: Targeting the Pelicans might be a popular approach tonight, but I’d advise going too heavy on the league’s slowest pace team. That means you’ll have to choose whether you want to save on one of the guards or spend up for one of the big men. Hood played a normal allotment of minutes Friday night after suffering a minor head injury Wednesday and while he’s been pretty bad the last two games, he was serviceable against this New Orleans team earlier in the month (15/6/3) and is a great candidate to make a splash as a low-owned tournament asset in the league’s best SG matchup (FanDuel scoring).


Zach LaVine $5300: Many of you know how much I love Zach LaVine as a player and that love grows every single game he meets or exceeds value and doesn’t see his price increase. Averaging 38 mpg, LaVine has scored over 20 points in three of his last four games, a span in which he is also averaging 4.5 rebounds, around 3 assists and 2 steals per game, though his steady play stretches back further than that. The Nets are one of the weakest backcourt defenses in the league, and LaVine should be in play in all formats tonight.


Kentavious Caldwell-Pope $5000: Caldwell-Pope returned to action after the All Star Break to about 35 mpg. He’s been all over the place in terms of production including a terrible outing against San Antonio Wednesday night. Look for him to bounce back against a Knicks team that has quietly allowed the sixth-most fantasy points to SG over the past five games.





Tobias Harris $5800: Everything I just said about KCP is true of Harris except the inconsistency. Harris has been very solid since joining the Pistons. Given that Vegas has this as the lowest scoring game of the night, I don’t want to invest too much here. I like Harris for cash games, Caldwell-Pope for tournaments.


Bojan Bogdanovic $4000: Expect Bogdanovic to be a very popular play tonight as Minnesota lacks quality defense at the three. Since losing Joe Johnson, the Nets have relied on Bogdanovic and in each soft matchup he’s faced, he’s come through favorably.





Markieff Morris $5200: The low end of PF isn’t very pretty tonight, which is why I provided a couple extra guard options for the bargain bin. Morris is taking on that bigger role the Wizards needed him to take on, playing around 25 mpg. Outside of a monster effort vs. the 76ers, Morris hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire, but he’s fine for his price. I like him to be a bit under the radar tonight in what Vegas as a decently high scoring, close game with the Pacers, whose frontcourt is in a bit of limbo right now.


Clint Capela $4000: The Rockets PF situation is an ugly one. Josh Smith is doing nothing, Terrence Jones is ruled out sick, and Donatas Motiejunas is a wild card. He has the talent to put up huge numbers but rarely gets the minutes or stays out of foul trouble enough to do it. That leaves Capela, who has been limited as Houston has attempted to avoid having he and Dwight Howard on the court together too much lately, but with Chicago finally healthy in the frontcourt, they may need him to match up with Taj Gibson and/or Bobby Portis tonight. Capela is a risky play, and it’s my preference not to go this cheap at PF at all tonight but if I had to, this is the guy/matchup I’d target.






I’m not at all enthusiastic about any bargain centers today. There are so many high upside plays at the position that I don’t see how you can fade a potential 60 fantasy points from Karl-Anthony Towns, Pau Gasol, DeAndre Jordan, or even Rudy Gobert or Al Horford in favor of a cheap 15-20. If you do go this way, I’d go super cheap for a pretty steady option in either Tyler Zeller ($3600) or Timofey Mozgov ($3500) who face off in a game that should at least be close and high scoring.