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FanDuel Bargain Bin Saturday

by Renee Miller
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

FanDuel Bargain Bin


The onset of the NBA playoffs is like a new season for DFS. Rotations become much more predictable relative to the first couple weeks of April, and everything is on the line for every team still playing. That helps in some ways, but it makes finding good value a bit more of a challenge. In a slight deviation from my normal format, I’m going to list the players under $6000 on FanDuel that I’d consider for the slate, and then give my opinion on how to approach each position/player.





Shaun Livingston $4800


If they’re not going to raise his price, you’re going to keep using him. Steph Curry isn’t going to play tonight in Portland, and Livingston has been more than serviceable. Again, 100% ownership would not be a surprise.




Gerald Henderson $3700


Norman Powell $3500


Golden State Warriors $3500


The answer here remains Dwyane Wade, DeMar DeRozan and Klay Thompson. If you’re playing these slates, you’re comfortable with a high degree of overlap and this isn’t the place to diversify in the bargain bin.


Powell still has a chance to break out, but the past two games have been very disappointing even for Powell enthusiasts as his production was nil and his minutes dropped from 20+ to below 10 mpg on Thursday.


Henderson has arguably been the most consistent bargain SG lately, notching at least 13 fantasy points since the end of the Clippers’ series with upside in the mid-20’s.  


There isn’t a homerun to be found in the Warriors mix of back-up two guards either. None of Brandon Rush, Ian Clark, or Leandro Barbosa can help you take down the DFS money tonight.




DeMarre Carroll $4800


Moe Harkless $5100


Joe Johnson $5100


Golden State Warriors


So all DeMarre Carroll needed to break out was to play on a one game night where I couldn’t write about his impending break out. Thanks. For. Nothing. No, really, it was good to finally see him in takeover mode as the Raptors won a must-win home game Thursday night. Everyone whose been watching is 2 for 2 in wins this series and looking forward to another hard-fought one tonight. Carroll’s style of play suits this tough matchup and I think he comes close to repeating his stellar performance tonight.


Harkless has dropped off his production to the point where it’s hard to pay top dollar (yes, $5100 is top dollar here) for him. He’s only lost about four minutes per game, and has still managed (barely) double-digit scoring in each of the last seven games, but his peripherals have fallen off, which limits his upside. I consider him safe for around 20 fantasy points tonight.


Johnson is a notoriously inconsistent player who will be in a lot of lineups tonight coming off back-to-back 30 fantasy point games. I’m not buying 100%, but he has played over 40 minutes in both games this series. Beware the floor with Johnson.


Andre Iguodala stepped up big Tuesday night as the Warriors held off Portland for win #2. The Finals MVP is essential to the team, but not for DFS. His $4700 tag is equally likely to net you 14 fantasy points as 30. Harrison Barnes ($4400) is a safer bet for low-20’s at a slight discount.





Al-Farouq Aminu $5600


Thankfully, Aminu is now PF eligible, saving me from having to put Patrick Patterson, who has been wholly ineffective in the Miami series, in this spot. Aminu, Luol Deng, and Draymond Green are the only PFs I’m even considering. In Aminu’s case, he’s flashed the upside but you’re using him for the reasonable floor of about 22 fantasy points.




Andrew Bogut $4400


The only man below the $6000 line to consider is Bogut, and I don’t like using him on the road tonight. He never presents a ton of upside, but if you have to save here, you can feel okay with his ability to produce something just about every game.