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FanDuel Bargain Bin Tuesday

by Renee Miller
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

FanDuel Bargain Bin


You’ll often need to dig deep to find some value plays that allow you to fit in the studs you want. Here I’ll give you the guys I’d use at each position and provide some context for which I think are true punts vs. those that are actually safe enough for cash games. I try to keep them under $6000 (well under if possible).


I think tonight plays better finding value at guard and spending up for your frontcourt, so I’ve biased the article accordingly.




Emmanuel Mudiay $5600: Mudiay has frankly underwhelmed most of the time this year, including against Sacramento last week, but the fact remains that he is the Nuggets’ starting PG and they are playing in the highest projected scoring game against a notoriously bad Kings backcourt defense tonight. I expect a much better showing tonight from the young PG.


Brandon Jennings $3900: If you’ve read me for a while you’ll know that this pains me to write, but Jennings won’t be this cheap for long if he keeps doing what he’s doing in Orlando. He’s been effective off the bench previously in his career and over the tiny two-game sample it appears to be working for the Magic. Jennings has played 25 minutes in both games, accruing around a fantasy point per minute. Buyer beware here, as the Magic rotations and Jennings’ own production are not things I trust, but a higher paced game with a bad defense is the time to take the risk.


Darren Collison $5000: Collison isn’t a high ceiling play, but could provide a decent enough floor at a discount to allow you to fit all the high priced bigs you want tonight. His minutes are very stable and the matchup with Denver is great for him and Rajon Rondo, who both met/exceeded value when these teams played on Saturday.





Bradley Beal $6000: I think this game could actually match or exceed the Nuggets-Kings for fantasy value tonight, and Beal is a great way to get a cheap piece of the action. We all know what he’s capable of when fully healthy and he has to be nearing that threshold. I’m hoping I have him when he does go off for 30 points plus and tonight facing New Orleans’ league-worst SG defense could be the night.


Rodney Hood $5900: I’m not loading up on this game thanks to the Jazz’ super slow pace, but Hood, like Collison above, has become a reliable player who is unlikely to hurt your lineup tonight. The Rockets allow the sixth-most fantasy points to opposing 2-guards, and Hood has failed to put up double-digit points just once this month. He’s contributing enough peripherals to boost his bottom line and has flashed the 30 FanDuel point potential you want to see a few times over the past couple weeks. The addition of the capable Shelvin Mack ($3700) to the Jazz should help get him a few more good looks too.


Gary Harris $4700: I’ve already said enough about this game’s point total/lack of defense as motivation and Harris is the last guy I’ll mention from it. Harris, no poster child for efficiency, is playing nearly 40 mpg (!!) and has averaged 25 FanDuel points in his last four games. That’s very achievable again tonight.





Robert Covington $5000: Covington is probably the safest way to save at small forward. Orlando has been a bit more generous in terms of fantasy points allowed to the position over the past five games, and while Covington rarely has the type of game that can really elevate your DFS lineup, he does have them. In lieu of that, he should return modest value suitable to stabilize a cash game lineup on the cheap.


Maurice Harkless $4400: It’s difficult not to notice what Harkless has been doing on a Trail Blazers team that is on fire right now. Everything is clicking in Portland and tonight’s game with the Nets might offer some extra opportunity for Harkless, who has taken full advantage of the court time he’s gotten over the past couple weeks. He’s produced perfectly serviceable lines against some pretty good opponents and we know he can be a capable three-category producer from his Magic days. It’s no guarantee he keeps it up, but it is worth using him in a tournament or two tonight at this price.





Aaron Gordon $6100: What came first, Aaron Gordon’s electrifying play or the Magic’s decision to trade away a ton of frontcourt depth? Whichever was the motivator, we can agree that the path is clear for Gordon to produce on a nightly basis. He’s a bit over the bargain threshold, but as I said in the intro, I just don’t feel great about saving here. He’s a good bet for a double-double against Philadelphia’s weak frontcourt defense and seemingly boosts his fantasy stats with multi-block/steal games every night.  




Mason Plumlee $5300: I do prefer to pay up for any number of centers other than Plumlee tonight, but if you want to save here, I think he’s the safest pick. When he gets the assists—not terribly hard to do with Lillard and McCollum in the backcourt—his fantasy value really soars. The Nets allow the seventh-most fantasy points to opposing centers and Vegas has this as a high scoring Trail Blazers blowout.