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FanDuel Bargain Bin: Wednesday

by Spencer Limbach
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Tonight’s slate has a relatively strange dynamic, featuring several new faces amongst the probable pitcher listings. Amongst those, we have several spot-starters without much of a sample size to reliably gauge tendencies and susceptibilities. That, in turn, makes stacking a semi-difficult proposition, but we can still pick our spots against this “fresh meat”. As you’re about to find out, that’ll serve as the theme of today’s FanDuel Bargain Bin column.


Oh, and there’s a game being played in Colorado tonight, so there will be some Rockies and Phillies sprinkled in for flavor. Just make sure to monitor the weather situation in Denver, as rain is expected later in the night.


As usual, this column will focus on the later main slate starting at 7:05 ET.





David Ortiz – 1B – BOS (FanDuel Price: $2,900)


Without a doubt, Ortiz has struggled to begin this season. However, he may have reached an inflection point, gathering multiple hits over the past three games, along with two homers. On top of that, his price point is still depressed after an extended cold streak. A home matchup against Phil Klein, making his starting debut, certainly classifies as a solid matchup.



Carlos Gonzalez – OF – COL (FanDuel Price: $3,200)


There’s no way to escape this Colorado-Philadelphia game tonight, and Gonzalez has the best “per dollar upside” from anyone in this contest. Like Ortiz, he has struggled to begin this season, but is starting to turn it around as of late. He’ll step in against Severino Gonzalez (no relation that I’m aware of), who has just two career starts. Odds are, he’ll get hit pretty hard this evening, and CarGo should benefit in the cleanup role.



Chase Utley – 2B – PHI (FanDuel Price: $3,000)


Sticking with the Colorado-Philadelphia theme, Chase Utley is another reasonably priced bat in a favorable situation. Even though it’s a limited sample size (22 innings), Eddie Butler has allowed a .457 wOBA against left-handed hitters. Utley is warming up at just the right time, riding a four-game hitting streak with a double in each appearance.



Also Consider: Kole Calhoun – OF - LAA





Maikel Franco – 3B – PHI (FanDuel Price: $2,500)


How about one more featured Coors Field selection. Franco has vaulted himself into the 5-hole for Philly, translating to a solid four game hitting streak with 5 RBI’s and an overall 7-16 performances. The Phillies are expected to put up plenty of runs tonight (4.72 runs), and Franco lines up in a fantastic RBI position to make that a reality.



Delmon Young – OF – BAL (FanDuel Price: $2,300)


Young and the Orioles will step in against subpar left-handed pitcher, Roenis Elias. Over the past several seasons, he has allowed a generous .330 wOBA against right-handed bats, which bodes well for Adam Jones, Manny Machado, Steve Pearce, and Delmon Young. Young is the cheapest of that bunch, owning a near-minimum price point while enjoying cleanup responsibilities.



Alcides Escobar – SS – KC (FanDuel Price: $2,800)


Somewhere within all of this craziness of new pitchers and spot-starters, Jason Marquis gets lost in the shuffle of hurlers to pick on. Don’t make that mistake. If you recall, Marquis has a .360 wOBA against both righties and lefties, putting Alcides Escobar in a great position atop the Kansas City lineup. There’s a good chance he’ll gather multiple hits, runs, and possibly swipe a bag.



Also Consider: Nick Hundley – C – COL





Derek Norris – C – SD (FanDuel Price: $3,000)


For tournaments, we are always scanning for underrated guys with homerun/RBI potential. Norris definitely qualifies as such, and I’m guessing many will shy away from Petco Park’s hitting suppressed environment. That hasn’t been much of an obstacle for Norris, who steps in against a young lefty, Wada. The Chicago southpaw owns a .348 wOBA against right-handed bats, with a 42% fly-ball rate.



Adam Eaton – OF – CWS (FanDuel Price: $2,700)


For all intents and purposes, Shaun Marcum is nothing more than a spot-starter being used to patch together this Cleveland rotation. He owns a very exploitable .361 wOBA (against left-handed bats) over the past three seasons. That’s good news for Eaton, currently riding a 7-game hit streak batting leadoff for the Chi-Sox.



Neil Walker – 2B – PIT (FanDuel Price: $2,800)


Walker’s fair price point is too cheap while considering his talent level. Add that with a decent matchup against contact pitcher Mike Pelfrey (.331 wOBA against left-handed bats), and Walker has reasonable potential to become a placeholder for value (while opening up cap space for more expensive options).



Also Consider: Trevor Plouffe – 3B - MIN



Spencer Limbach

Spencer Limbach is a multi-sport daily fantasy specialist for NBC Sports Edge. He can be found on twitter @Spencer_JL.