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FanDuel CFB Targets: Week 10

by David “headChopper” Kaplen
Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:02 pm ET

Another great weekend of college football action awaits, and we’ve got a nice set of games to choose from on FanDuel. Let’s take a look at some of my top plays for this week’s early and late slates.





Greg Ward, $9500 (Early)


Greg Ward has the best combination of high floor and high upside on Saturday’s early slate. He has an important game with shootout possibilities (Vegas odds project over 70 points in this game) at home against Cincinnati. I believe he will rely on his running ability more than he has the past couple of games, and that should make him a phenomenal fantasy play on Saturday.



Mason Rudolph, $7200 (Early)


My advice in this slate would be to just go ahead and pay up for a really good quarterback, because there are several elite options playing. But if you wanted to save money, then you can drift down to the mid range and grab Mason Rudolph at $7200 on FanDuel. He has a great matchup with TCU, and it seems as though Oklahoma State just doesn't want to run the ball anymore. That gives Mason Rudolph plenty of opportunities to rack up touchdowns in this game.



Jerrod Heard, $6000 (Late)


This is an extremely frustrating player in fantasy terms. He's taken good matchups and done nothing with them, and taken terrible matchups and been very good. So this will be the final test for Jerrod Heard. This matchup is spectacular, as he plays at home against Kansas. If he can't get it done in this matchup, then he is a ghost to me.




Running Backs


C.J. Prosise, $8500 (Early)


Last week, C.J. ran into a very difficult match up at Temple. I, for one, underestimated how strong the Temple run defense really was. This week, though, Notre Dame takes on Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has overall solid numbers against the run, but in recent weeks they've struggled with some of the better running backs in the country. So perhaps their rating is a little bit overblown, and C.J. makes for a nice high-upside/low-owned play on Saturday.



Sony Michel, $7000 (Early)


The price on Michel has fallen down drastically over the past month. Last week, he only got 13 carries against a very tough Florida defense. I believe that he sees an uptick in carries in this game and also a seriously better matchup against a much weaker Kentucky defense. The bottom line is that I believe this price tag is too low for a running back of his skill level against this competition.



Devontae Booker, $8600 (Late)


Booker is one of the more expensive backs you're going to encounter on the slate. I think he has the potential to be the highest scoring player, though. Washington is just good enough to keep this game within arm’s reach and just porous enough on defense that Booker should be able to do as he pleases against him as the game wears on.




Wide Receivers


Shelton Gibson, $6700 (Early)


Shelton Gibson has established himself as the number one wide receiver on West Virginia. He's clearly the guy you want to look to roster first if you're looking at West Virginia wide receivers. With that being said, you should be looking for wide receivers from this team this week. This game against Texas Tech sets up as a potential shootout in a very competitive game and he is taking on one of the worst defenses in the nation.



Alex Erickson, $6800 (Early)


This kid is on fire. Over the last four weeks, Alex Erickson has 32 catches and has averaged just shy of 100 yards per game receiving. Throw in an 81-yard rushing performance against Illinois two weeks ago, and he is one of the hottest receivers in the nation. This week he takes on a Maryland defense that struggles to stop all aspects of opposing offenses.



Michael Thomas, $6500 (Late)


Michael Thomas gets a matchup this week with Minnesota. It's a game that I think he could thrive in. Minnesota is a decent defense, but clearly not good enough to slow down Ohio State. I think the quarterback change this week back to Cardale Jones does Michael Thomas a favor. His salary isn't that high, and it only takes one big play to pay it off. From what I've seen of Michael Thomas, he has that big play potential in him every time the ball is in the air



Tight Ends


Austin Hooper, $3700 (Early)


The big names at tight end are not on this slate. It's either Austin Hooper or punt. I don't think the price tag is too outrageous on Hooper, and he has scored four touchdowns in the last five games. Ultimately, he gives you an opportunity to score something out of this position where as just going with the minimum salary guy leaves you about a 50-50 chance at scoring a zero.



Joshua Perkins, $3500 (Late)


Perkins has basically become the leading receiver on this team. It just so happens he also plays tight end. On a slate where there are not very many options at this position, I think he's the clear-cut number one option for the late slate.


David “headChopper” Kaplen
David “headChopper” Kaplen is one of the godfathers of Daily Fantasy, having been near the top of the rankings since DFS emerged in 2010. Nearing double-digit live final qualifiers, David’s crowning achievement is winning the 2013 FanDuel Basketball Champion in Las Vegas. HeadChopper can be found on twitter @headChopper.