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FanDuel MLB Plays: Saturday

by John Britt
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

With only a three-game early slate at FanDuel that’s largely unappealing, I’ll be focusing on the late slate beginning at 7:05pm EST, which gives us 10 games to choose from. With one obvious pay-up spot at pitcher and two aces taking the hill at Coors Field, there’s certainly a lot to discuss, so let’s dive right in.





Madison Bumgarner - San Fransisco Giants- $11,900 - If you're playing cash games on the evening slate, it's going to be hard to leave Madison Bumgarner off of your roster (even with a game in Coors Field on the slate). Bumgarner made some noise with his bat in the season opener, but lost in that performance was his 11 strikeouts in seven innings of work against the Diamondbacks. Tonight, he'll benefit from a dramatic park shift compared to his first start in the hitter-friendly Chase Field in Arizona as he battles the San Diego Padres in the pitcher's paradise known as PetCo Park. The Padres hit just .218 off of Bumgarner and racked up 39 strikeouts in 34.1 innings last season and the stud left-hander is as close to a lock for a quality start tonight as you'll find. The $11.9K price-tag stings a bit, but there is still a ton of value on the board, making it fairly easy to fit him into your lineup.


San Diego Padres vs. LHP in 2016: 0.315 wOBA: 0.163 ISO: 0.253 K%: 98 wRC+

Yu Darvish - Texas Rangers- $9,800 - Kershaw may be one of tonight's options, but the Coors Field factor pushes him to a rare appearance my GPP-only list tonight. Yu Darvish struggled with his command in the season opener, but seeing him consistently hit 95 MPH with his fastball was definitely an encouraging take-away. In fact, his 94.6 MPH average fastball velocity in that start against the Indians is well above his career average (92.9 MPH). Darvish posted an electric 11.84 K/9 in 100.1 innings of work last season (second to only Jose Fernandez) and he's faced with a favorable home matchup tonight as the Oakland Athletics’ .302 team wOBA against right-handed pitching last season was the second-worst mark in the American League. Darvish fanned 32 batters in 25 innings of work against Oakland last season and has as much upside as anyone on the board tonight (at least without the last name Bumgarner).


Oakland Athletics vs. RHP in 2016: 0.302 wOBA: 0.148 ISO: 0.19 K%: 91 wRC+

Other Options:

Stephen Strasburg – $9,400

Kyle Hendricks - $9,300

Dallas Keuchel - $8,600


Yasmani Grandal - Los Angeles Dodgers - $3,400 - As I mentioned above, Coors Field is on the board tonight, and you'll want some exposure to that game (particularly the LAD side) in cash games. Grandal did see a price hike here, but he's still rather reasonably priced considering the massive upside. Grandal posted a .351 wOBA and .268 ISO against right-handed pitching last season and, as expected, hit the ball well at Coors Field last season (.915 OPS in 23 ABs). He'll likely be slotted into the thick of the Dodger's batting order and should have plenty of opporunities for damage.


2016 vs. RHP : 0.351 wOBA, 0.268 ISO, 123 wRC+



Other Options:

Gary Sanchez - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.451 wOBA, 0.351 ISO, 188 wRC+

Buster Posey - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.324 wOBA, 0.134 ISO, 105 wRC+

Willson Contreras - 2016 vs. LHP : 0.365 wOBA, 0.189 ISO, 128 wRC+

J.T. Realmuto - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.348 wOBA, 0.123 ISO, 117 wRC+

First Base

Matt Carpenter - St. Louis Cardinals - $3,000 - It's been a slow start to the season for Matt Carpenter, but his professional hitting approach has made him rather slump-resistant in recent seasons, and it's unlikely his bat stays quiet for long. Carpenter's 47.2% hard-hit percentage against right-handed pitching was the highest among all qualified hitters in the big leagues last season and it translated to a very impressive .386 wOBA and .262 ISO. Today, he'll square off against Bronson Arroyo who will be making his first MLB start in well over two years and who has surrendered a .355 wOBA to left-handed batters during his career.


2016 vs. RHP : 0.386 wOBA, 0.262 ISO, 143 wRC+

Other Options:

Freddie Freeman - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.41 wOBA, 0.293 ISO, 158 wRC+

Miguel Cabrera - 2016 vs. LHP : 0.385 wOBA, 0.215 ISO, 143 wRC+

Joey Votto - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.429 wOBA, 0.254 ISO, 169 wRC+

Adrian Gonzalez - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.362 wOBA, 0.185 ISO, 130 wRC+

Jose Abreu - 2016 vs. LHP : 0.352 wOBA, 0.238 ISO, 121 wRC+

Second Base

Robinson Cano - Seattle Mariners - $3,100 - Robinson Cano is another guy who has been slow out of the gates this season, but he's picked up hits in each of the last two games. Tonight, he has a terrific matchup on tap as he'll take on Ricky Nolasco at Angel Stadium. Cano is 6-for-12 with a double and a pair of home runs (and three walks) off of Nolasco in their prior meetings and Nolasco was knocked around a bit by Oakland in his Opening Day start. Cano owned a .396 wOBA and 155 wRC+ against right-handed pitching last season and is locked into a spot in the heart of a pretty dangerous Seatle lineup. It's unlikely he stays this cheap for long, so enjoy the temporary discount while it lasts.


2016 vs. RHP : 0.396 wOBA, 0.272 ISO, 155 wRC+

Other Options:

Jose Altuve - 2016 vs. LHP : 0.378 wOBA, 0.188 ISO, 141 wRC+

Ben Zobrist - 2016 vs. LHP : 0.367 wOBA, 0.154 ISO, 129 wRC+

Ian Kinsler - 2016 vs. LHP : 0.38 wOBA, 0.216 ISO, 140 wRC+

Rougned Odor - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.34 wOBA, 0.247 ISO, 109 wRC+


Corey Seager - Los Angeles Dodgers - $4,400 - If you can find the wiggle room to pay up at shortstop, than Corey Seager is the top target. The 22-year-old owned a .400 wOBA and .156 wRC+ against right-handed pitching in his rookie season and is a recipient of a significant fantasy boost thanks to Coors Field. Seager should return to the number 2 spot in the Dodger's batting order tonight and he's had plenty of success off of Jon Gray in their previous meetings, going 5-for-10 with a double and a home run off of the right-hander.


2016 vs. RHP : 0.4 wOBA, 0.223 ISO, 156 wRC+

Other Options:

Trea Turner - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.413 wOBA, 0.258 ISO, 159 wRC+

Carlos Correa - 2016 vs. LHP : 0.319 wOBA, 0.149 ISO, 101 wRC+

Jean Segura - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.384 wOBA, 0.188 ISO, 135 wRC+

Aledmys Diaz - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.393 wOBA, 0.237 ISO, 147 wRC+

Third Base

Wilmer Flores - New York Mets - $2,500 - Rostering Bumgarner and/or some Dodger's bats at Coors Field will obviously require some value at FanDuel, and Flores represents one of the best options. He was utilized as the cleanup hitter in the Mets lineup last night and very well might end up there again tonight with the left-handed Adam Conley toeing the rubber for the visiting Miami Marlins. Flores destroyed left-handed pitching last season to the tune of a .455 wOBA and .370 ISO and becomes a very tough value option to overlook if he once again finds himself in the heart of the New York batting order.


2016 vs. LHB: 0.281 wOBA, 0.121 ISO, 75 wRC+

Other Options:

Kris Bryant - 2016 vs. LHP : 0.438 wOBA, 0.327 ISO, 176 wRC+

Todd Frazier - 2016 vs. LHP : 0.339 wOBA, 0.278 ISO, 112 wRC+

Jake Lamb - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.374 wOBA, 0.281 ISO, 128 wRC+

Justin Turner - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.385 wOBA, 0.258 ISO, 146 wRC+

Miguel Sano - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.33 wOBA, 0.218 ISO, 105 wRC+


Bryce Harper - Washington Nationals - $4,700 - After a mediocre (by his standards) 2016 season, Harper looks highly motivated to return to elite status this time around. He smacked his second home run of the season in yesterday afternoon's game and enters tonight's game owning a .395 wOBA and .242 ISO against right-handed pitching during his career. Harper is another guy the BvP crowd will be all over tonight as he's gone 7-for11 with a pair of home runs off of the young Aaron Nola in their brief history.


2016 vs. RHP : 0.352 wOBA, 0.192 ISO, 118 wRC+



Odubel Herrera - Philadelphia Phillies - $3,500 - After posting an ugly 5.95 ERA (5.11 xFIP) in 2015, the Washington Nationals still think it's a good idea to hand the ball to Jeremy Guthrie for his first MLB start in over a year. The veteran right-hander has been smacked around by left-handed pitching his entire career (they owned a .325 average and .957 OPS off of him in 2015). Odubel Herrera has picked up at least one hit in all four games this season and owned a solid .359 wOBA against right-handed pitching last season. He figures to remain in the number 3 hole for the Phillies and should be heavily involved in the damage again tonight.


2016 vs. RHP : 0.359 wOBA, 0.164 ISO, 124 wRC+


Other Options:

Mike Trout - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.419 wOBA, 0.238 ISO, 172 wRC+

Giancarlo Stanton - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.331 wOBA, 0.237 ISO, 106 wRC+

Yoenis Cespedes - 2016 vs. LHP : 0.441 wOBA, 0.282 ISO, 183 wRC+

George Springer - 2016 vs. LHP : 0.4 wOBA, 0.286 ISO, 156 wRC+

Joc Pederson - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.386 wOBA, 0.278 ISO, 146 wRC+

Dexter Fowler - 2016 vs. RHP : 0.363 wOBA, 0.165 ISO, 126 wRC+