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FanDuel NBA Pivots: Wednesday

by Spencer Limbach
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Below, I will list my FanDuel NBA Pivots away from the conventional, popular selections. Within each write-up, I’ll explain why that player is underrated and how you should approach them during lineup construction. These picks are meant to be utilized as leverage situations in large-field tournaments.



Best of luck!






Popular Picks: Russell Westbrook, Goran Dragic, Damian Lillard, Kyle Lowry


Pivot 1: Isaiah Thomas – Boston (FanDuel Price: $9,300)


Thomas was a semi-popular pick yesterday, but I’m thinking his ownership will somewhat dissipate tonight. It mostly has to do with his salary, which is caught between popular, well-aligned picks like Westbrook, Lillard, and Dragic. With those guys soaking up majority of the ownership, Thomas will likely have a lower-than-deserved ownership rate despite being one of the hottest players in the league. He’s also participating in this highest over/under of the night (229) vs Houston.



Pivot 2: Matthew Dellavedova – Milwaukee (FanDuel Price: $3,900)


The emergence of Malcolm Brogdon has caused many people to write Dellavedova off. However, Delly has started the past two games, averaging 34 minutes and 27 fantasy points. He has an excellent matchup to maintain that pace, facing a Philadelphia team that ranks bottom ten against opposing point guards. Most DFS players will be “spending up” at the point guard position. Dellavedova is a sneaky-good value pick that will allow you to reach at other positions (a strategy most people won’t enact on this slate).






Popular Picks: James Harden, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Lou Williams, Dion Waiters, Norman Powell


Pivot: C.J. McCollum – Portland (FanDuel Price: $8,100)


McCollum emulates the rationale provided with Isaiah Thomas’ write-up above. Even though the Portland guard has flexed some awe-inspiring upside as of late, he’ll likely slip through the cracks due to demands being pulled from both directions (Harden and Giannis as expensive picks, Williams, Waiters, and Powell for cheap). A savvy pivot strategy in tournaments would be to take McCollum over Giannis or Harden, hoping he can come close to their production. You can them combine him with another high-upside option like Lou Williams or Dion Waiters at shooting guard, investing a few thousand in cap space for a prime performer at another position.






Popular Picks: Robert Covington, Evan Turner, Jimmy Butler, LeBron James, Terrence Ross


Pivot: Brandon Ingram – LA Lakers (FanDuel Price: $4,400)


D’Angelo Russell is out, and Ingram has been playing some point guard as a result. The first two games of this experiment actually went pretty well, as Ingram posted 33 and 29 fantasy points in 37 and 33 minutes respectively. However, last outing at Dallas was a complete meltdown by the entire Lakers’ team. I’m willing to dismiss that game entirely, and I believe the Lakers will be determined to put forth a quality performance on ESPN tonight. That includes Ingram, who will continue to see more usage/minutes with Russell out. It’s conceivable to think he can approach 30 fantasy points against a Portland team that ranks 27th in team defensive efficiency.






Popular Picks: Nerlens Noel, Ersan Ilyasova, Draymond Green, Kevin Love


Pivot: James Johnson – Miami (FanDuel Price: $5,800)


I’m really hoping Johnson has an ownership rate below 25-30% tonight. Hopefully people are turned off by his uninspiring recent game log. While he hasn’t been very efficient as of late, Johnson is still seeing 32-34+ minutes per game. That leaves him with a high-upside situation in his best matchup as a starter. His opponent, Brooklyn, ranks 28th against power forwards and 27th in rebound rate. I’m expecting Johnson to get back to his 35 fantasy point ways, as he routinely displayed earlier this month.






Popular Picks: Marc Gasol, Mason Plumlee, Hassan Whiteside, DeMarcus Cousins


Pivot: Greg Monroe – Milwaukee (FanDuel Price: $5,400)


This recommendation is admittedly the most risky of any outlined today. Jason Kidd’s rotation at center has been maddening as of late. Just when you though Monroe had become a safe DFS commodity, his minutes are capped at 18 for three straight games. However, Monroe responded with 35 fantasy points in 27 minutes in his most recent outing on Monday. If he can see 25+ minutes (that’s where the risk lies), he can post a solid return against a Philly team that ranks 25th vs centers and 20th in rebound rate. Not having Embiid or Okafor up front would give him a clear path to feast.

Spencer Limbach

Spencer Limbach is a multi-sport daily fantasy specialist for NBC Sports Edge. He can be found on twitter @Spencer_JL.