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FanDuel NBA Plays: Friday

by Derek "Notorious Farnsworth
Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:02 pm ET

As we near the end of the first round of the playoffs, FanDuel has shifted their leagues to two-day contests, so today’s picks will feature plays from tonight’s Nets/Hawks game, as well as tomorrow’s Spurs/Clippers game. We should have some great basketball ahead of us, as both games feature a spread that is less than five points.

Point Guard

Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers (Salary: $11000, FPPG: 41.8, MPG: 35, Usage Rate: 23.6)
Paul and the Clippers picked up an incredible win in San Antonio on Thursday night to force a Game 7 at home. This game should be one of the best games that we see throughout the entire playoffs. Paul is one of the few players in the NBA that plays his best with everything on the line. He has scored at least 50 fantasy points in three of the first six games in this series. I’m willing to pay a premium for Paul in a winner-take-all Game 7 at home.

Jeff Teague, Atlanta Hawks (Salary: $6500, FPPG: 30.9, MPG: 31, Usage Rate: 24.9)
Teague rolled his ankle in Game 5, but he returned to action and is expected to start tonight’s game in Brooklyn. Teague is coming off of his two best games of the series, scoring 40 and 39 fantasy points. The Nets have struggled to contain opposing point guards all season and Teague should push for 35+ minutes in a closeout game against the Nets. The Hawks will do everything they can to avoid a Game 7.

Shooting Guard

Joe Johnson, Brooklyn Nets (Salary: $6700, FPPG: 25.8, MPG: 35, Usage Rate: 20.9)
Johnson has played well in this series, averaging 35 fantasy points in 42 minutes per contest. He has been a steady source of production, as he has scored at least 31 fantasy points in each of the first five games of the series. He should push for 40+ minutes tonight in a must-win game against the Hawks. Atlanta has yet to slow Johnson down in this series and we should continue to plug him in at shooting guard until they do.

Kyle Korver, Atlanta Hawks (Salary: $5400, FPPG: 22, MPG: 33, Usage Rate: 14.2)
Dollar for dollar, Korver is the top play at shooting guard in this small two-game slate. He has scored at least 29 fantasy points in four of the first five games in the series, yet he is still priced at a bargain-bin salary of only $5,400. Korver provides great upside for the price point and he should push for 40+ minutes tonight against the Nets.

Small Forward

DeMarre Carroll, Atlanta Hawks (Salary: $6100, FPPG: 23.6, MPG: 31, Usage Rate: 16.6)
After a relatively slow start to the series, Carroll has bounced back nicely with 39 and 41 fantasy points in Games 4 and 5. His price on FanDuel has not budged one bit, as he is still listed at $6,100. The Hawks are my favorite team to target in this small slate since they have a good matchup and their starters are all seeing a huge boost in minutes during the postseason. With only two games in this slate, don’t be afraid to roster 3-4 Hawks’ players, even in cash games.

Bojan Bogdanovic, Brooklyn Nets (Salary: $4400, FPPG: 13.7, MPG: 23, Usage Rate: 16.8)
Kawhi Leonard is also in play here, but he has been falling short of value expectations thanks to his elevated price point. Bogdanovic is a solid value play if you are looking to save at the small forward position. He scored 30 and 26 fantasy points in the first two home games and he should push for 35+ minutes tonight in Game 6. He is one of the few value plays that is on my radar.

Power Forward

Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers (Salary: $10500, FPPG: 39.6, MPG: 35, Usage Rate: 28.1)
The Spurs have no answer for Griffin in this series. He is quicker and more athletic than all of the Spurs’ big men combined. Griffin has scored at least 54 fantasy points in five of the first six games in this series and he has a great chance to reach that mark again in Game 7. This is a winner-take-all situation and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Griffin play around 45 minutes. He is the top overall fantasy option in this slate.

Boris Diaw, San Antonio Spurs (Salary: $5200, FPPG: 18.1, MPG: 24, Usage Rate: 18.1)
Diaw continues to come off the bench, but he continues to produce as a starter. In fact, he is averaging more fantasy points per game in this series than both Tony Parker and Danny Green. Diaw is averaging 27 fantasy points in 28 minutes per contest through the first six games. At $5,200, that’s basically all he needs to reach value again in Game 7.


Al Horford, Atlanta Hawks (Salary: $7100, FPPG: 31.7, MPG: 31, Usage Rate: 22.3)
Center is ugly in this small two-game slate. You can pay up for Brook Lopez or DeAndre Jordan, but both are a little overpriced. Dollar for dollar, Horford is the top play at the position. He has been very inconsistent in this series, but he is coming off of a 50-fantasy point outing in Game 5. He should push for 35+ tonight in Game 6 against the Nets.

Derek "Notorious Farnsworth
Derek “Notorious” Farnsworth is ranked #7 Overall, has won a $50,000 Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship, qualified for the 2013 FanDuel Basketball Championship, and is a lead contributor on RotoGrinders.com. When he’s not winning daily fantasy contests, the Talented Mr. Noto can be found on Twitter @RG_Notorious.