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FanDuel NBA Plays: Friday

by Derek "Notorious Farnsworth
Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:05 pm ET

We are getting to the point of the season when we want to target players that are either 1.) Playing in meaningful games or 2.) Playing in games with low spreads. We have a nine-game slate on FanDuel tonight with a couple of games that appear to be fantasy goldmines.




Point Guard


John Wall vs. Minnesota Timberwolves                                                                 


Salary    $9,700                                                

TO-Adjusted Usage --     Season: 24.9       |              Last Five Games:               25.3

Min/Game --      Season: 36.0       |              Last Five Games:               37.6

FP/Game --         Season: 42.3       |              Last Five Games:               46.6


Wall and the Wizards are two and a half games behind the Pistons for the eighth and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Every game from here on out is a must win for Washington. That means that Wall should push for 38-40 minutes per game the rest of the way. He comes into tonight’s contest in great form and he draws a favorable matchup against the uptempo Wolves.



Brandon Knight vs. Sacramento Kings                                                                    


Salary    $7,200                                                

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season: 22.3       |              Last Five Games:               23.4

Min/Game --      Season: 36.0       |              Last Five Games:               35.5

FP/Game --         Season: 31.9       |              Last Five Games:               33.7


Knight has struggled with his shot since returning from injury, but he finally got a few to fall the other night against the Lakers, en route to a 52 fantasy point outing. He draws an equally favorable matchup tonight against the Kings, who have allowed more points per game than any other team in the NBA this season.



Value Option: Elfrid Payton: $5,400




Shooting Guard


James Harden vs. Toronto Raptors                                                                           


Salary    $10,800                                                              

TO-Adjusted Usage --     Season: 27.4       |              Last Five Games:               25.5

Min/Game --      Season: 37.8       |              Last Five Games:               40.3

FP/Game --         Season: 47.4       |              Last Five Games:               53.0


Harden and the Rockets are currently tied with the Jazz for the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference. They are in must-win mode tonight, as they host the visiting Raptors. Even though this matchup is less than ideal for Harden, he should play 40+ minutes and potentially put up 20+ shots.



Devin Booker vs. Sacramento Kings                                                                         


Salary    $6,500                                                

TO-Adjusted Usage --     Season: 18.3       |              Last Five Games:               21.3

Min/Game --      Season: 26.5       |              Last Five Games:               36.8

FP/Game --         Season: 18.8       |              Last Five Games:               28.8      


Booker has really played well over the last month or so. In his last ten games, he is averaging 31 fantasy points per contest. His price has come up on FanDuel, but his matchup more than makes up for it. On the season, the Kings are ranked 29th in fantasy points allowed to shooting guards.



Value Option: Bradley Beal: $5,300



Small Forward


Andrew Wiggins vs. Washington Wizards                                                                             


Salary    $6,900                                                

TO-Adjusted Usage --     Season: 22.7       |              Last Five Games:               19.2

Min/Game --      Season: 35.2       |              Last Five Games:               38.0

FP/Game --         Season: 28.9       |              Last Five Games:               32.4


Wiggins has shown a bit more consistency over his last five games, averaging 32.4 fantasy points in 38 minutes per contest. While the Wizards’ defense has been much better of late, they are still ranked 24th against small forwards on the season. This is a very thin position tonight, making Wiggins an excellent target in all league formats.



Otto Porter vs. Minnesota Timberwolves                                                                              


Salary    $5,000                                                

TO-Adjusted Usage --     Season: 14.3       |              Last Five Games:               14.1

Min/Game --      Season: 30.4       |              Last Five Games:               33.9

FP/Game --         Season: 23.1       |              Last Five Games:               26.8                                                                      

Porter didn’t have a great game against the Hawks the other night, but it was a difficult matchup. He has otherwise been in solid form, averaging 26.8 fantasy points over his last five games. He isn’t getting a lot of attention tonight, but dollar for dollar, he may be my favorite play at the position. The Wolves have not fared well against wing players this season.



Value Option: Harrison Barnes: $4,300




Power Forward


Paul Millsap vs. Milwaukee Bucks                                                                             


Salary    $7,700                                                

TO-Adjusted Usage --     Season: 20.0       |              Last Five Games:               17.9

Min/Game --      Season: 32.5       |              Last Five Games:               31.4

FP/Game --         Season: 36.9       |              Last Five Games:               33.0


The Hawks are one of four teams that are currently tied for the three seed in the Eastern Conference. They have a lot to play for, which is good news of Millsap and the starters. He has scored at least 35 fantasy points in five of his last six games and he draws a nice matchup tonight against a beatable frontcourt of the Bucks.



Jon Leuer vs. Sacramento Kings                                                                 


Salary    $4,600                                                

TO-Adjusted Usage --     Season: 16.7       |              Last Five Games:               17.6

Min/Game --      Season: 19.0       |              Last Five Games:               23.1

FP/Game --         Season: 18.1       |              Last Five Games:               25.8                      


After Leuer put up 38 fantasy points the other night against the Lakers, he is going to be the highest owned player in tonight’s slate. Tyson Chandler has already been ruled out, which means Leuer will draw another start at power forward. He also draws the best matchup that he could possibly have, as the Kings are ranked dead last against power forwards this season.



Value Option: Darrell Arthur: $3,800





DeMarcus Cousins vs. Phoenix Suns                                                                        


Salary    $11,000                                                              

TO-Adjusted Usage --     Season: 29.0       |              Last Five Games:               25.7

Min/Game --      Season: 34.8       |              Last Five Games:               35.4

FP/Game --         Season: 47.9       |              Last Five Games:               50.1


Cousins is expected to return to the lineup, after sitting out Wednesday night’s game. As long as he is active, we should consider him to be close to 100% healthy. With Tyson Chandler out for the Suns, he should absolutely dominate the paint tonight. He has as much upside as any play in the slate.



Value Option: Salah Mejri: $4,700



Note: This is not meant to be a full lineup. The picks are my favorite targets at each position. 

Derek "Notorious Farnsworth
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