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FanDuel NBA Plays: Friday

by Andy “A25Smith” Smith
Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:05 pm ET

We have another three-game playoff slate tonight with the Cavs at Pistons (+4.5, 200.5 on the NBA odds board), Hawks at Celtics (‑3, 200.5), and Spurs at Grizzlies (+11.5, 181.5). Overall, I'd prefer to target the first two games, considering the Grizzlies look completely overmatched in this series without Marc Gasol and Mike Conley.



Here are my top FanDuel targets at each position.




Point Guard


Reggie Jackson, Detroit Pistons, $6,800 ‑ Reggie averaged 30 MPG in the regular season, but he has seen a playoff minutes boost; he's averaged 35.5 MPG through the first two games. He hasn't blown us away but he has been solid, averaging around 32 FD PPG, and Kyrie Irving is a guy I'm always willing to pick on defensively. Jackson was also a guy who shot the ball much better at home than on the road, as he averaged 20 PPG and 44.9% from the field at home compared to just 17 PPG and 42% on the road.



Jeff Teague, Atlanta Hawks, $7,000 ‑ I'd like to spend up at PG as the top four guys are in play for me, with my three favorite being Jackson, Teague and Isaiah Thomas. I'll try to grab some exposure to Thomas in tournaments, but for cash games I'll take the discount with Teague. Neither Atlanta nor Boston has been a team to attack with PG, but both Teague and Thomas had big Game 1 performances. Boston is without their best defender in Avery Bradley, and Atlanta backup PG Dennis Schroder could miss this game, so Teague could pick up some extra minutes.



Also Consider‑ Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas




Shooting Guard


Kentavious Caldwell‑Pope, Detroit Pistons, $5,600 ‑ KCP has continued to play big minutes and has been a very dependable option so far in this series. There is no sure thing at SG today -- KCP is the highest priced option on the board -- but he's averaging 28 FD PPG and his minutes are very secure.



Evan Turner, Boston Celtics, $5,200 ‑ With Avery Bradley out, Turner is locked into well above 30 minutes a game, and Marcus Smart will also see big minutes. I do think Marcus Smart could be somewhat contrarian after his poor game last outing, but for cash games, Turner is the safer option in my opinion. He's a guy that contributes across the board in terms of points, rebounds and assists, so he's always a solid option when his minutes are secure. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, I’m looking at Kyle Korver. It’s a one-game sample size, but it may not be a coincidence that Korver busted loose in the very first game that Avery Bradley missed. He’s scoring dependent, but losing Bradley is a big blow to the Celtics defense and an upgrade for Korver.



Also Consider ‑ Kyle Korver, Marcus Smart, J.R. Smith




Small Forward


LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers, $10,400 ‑ Normally I would consider taking the discount with Kawhi Leonard, but the Grizzlies have been so non‑competitive that it's really hurting Kawhi's minutes and production. Based on that, if I'm spending at SF, I'll go all the way up to LeBron. Now that we're in the playoffs, he's playing 40 minutes a night, and I'm expecting this game to be very competitive in Detroit.



Jae Crowder, Boston Celtics, $5,700 ‑ He's really struggled offensively (he's just 6-for-25 from the field) so far. However, he's still managed to put up enough peripheral stats to average almost 27 FD PPG, which is a great sign for when his shot does start to fall. He'll be heading home, so hopefully he starts to shoot the ball better tonight.




Power Forward


Kevin Love, Cleveland Cavaliers, $7,300 ‑ Love has opened the playoffs with two straight double doubles and is averaging 22 PPG and 11.5 RPG so far in the series. He also played well against Detroit in the regular season, and he is a tough guy for Detroit to match up with because he's a little too physical for a guy like Tobias Harris and Drummond doesn't want to roam around the perimeter.



Paul Millsap, Atlanta Hawks, $8,500 ‑ Millsap has really struggled in the first two games, so it is tough to want to pay $8,500 for him. However, the PF position is pretty thin and I'm really concerned about the minutes for Aldridge. Millsap was awful last game, but that was primarily due to him shooting 1-for-12 from the field. I wouldn't expect that poor of shooting from him again, and he's a guy who brings quality upside due to his ability to stuff the stat sheet. If you can't quite squeeze in his salary, the other PF on my radar is Tobias Harris.



Also Consider ‑ Tobias Harris






Al Horford, Atlanta Hawks, $7,800 ‑ Cleveland has been great on the interior this year, and Drummond has struggled in the first two games, so I'll stick with Horford here as the top center option. The weakness of the Celtics defense is on the interior and Horford has taken advantage; he's averaging 40 FD PPG through the first two games of this series.


Amir Johnson, Boston Celtics, $4,700 ‑ If I'm playing cash games, I'd try to squeeze in Horford, but value is tough to come by on this slate, so Amir is a guy I'm considering for tournaments. He's not going to play huge minutes but he has settled into the 20 to 22 minute range, and Kelly Olynyk could also miss tonight's game. Johnson played well last game and Atlanta is one of the worst rebounding teams in the NBA, so it's a plus matchup.

Andy “A25Smith” Smith
Andy has been playing fantasy sports for 15 years started playing Daily Fantasy Sports in 2012 with a $150 bankroll and is now ranked in the top 50 of the RotoGrinders leaderboard, including the top 15 in CFB and top 25 in NBA, under the name A25Smith. You can follow him on Twitter @SouthwesternAg.