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FanDuel NBA Plays: Monday

by Mike Petta
Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:01 pm ET

On Monday night we have a six-game NBA slate to take a look at. The games all appear to have relatively close spreads with the exception of one: the Clippers/Jazz matchup.

The below recommendations are specific to FanDuel’s scoring system and salaries.

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Point Guard

Kemba Walker, Charlotte Hornets, $8,300 – Walker is in play on Monday despite a tough individual matchup with Brandon Knight, who is a solid on-the-ball defender. Walker has performed much better at home throughout his career; this season he is averaging over six more fantasy points at home than he is on the road. Walker took over Saturday’s home contest with the Orlando Magic, scoring over 30 actual points in the second half. Ultimately, the tough individual matchup is trumped by the game being played on Walker’s home court, where he should once again thrive.

Jarrett Jack, Brooklyn Nets, $5,600 – Jack has taken advantage of the opportunity to be a part of the Nets’ starting lineup and has basically forced the coach to keep him in the role due to his excellent play. Deron Williams returned from injury last week, but Jack has continued to make the starting five. If Jack is yet again announced as the starter, he will make for a great play versus the Sacramento Kings, who struggle to defend the point guard position (25th in defensive efficiency against point guards). As previously mentioned, the recent production has been great for Jack, with over 31 fantasy points in three of his last five games. This game is appealing from a DFS standpoint as well, since the NBA odds board shows an over/under of 204 with Brooklyn favored by two.

Shooting Guard

Victor Oladipo, Orlando Magic, $6,100 – Oladipo is in play on Monday night simply due to the fact that he is playing a ton of minutes. He has played at least 36 minutes in four straight games. In these four contests, Oladipo has surpassed 30 fantasy points twice, which is basically the value threshold for his current price point. Shooting guard is a tough position on Monday, thus the significant minutes we anticipate for Oladipo make him a solid play.

Jamal Crawford, Los Angeles Clippers, $5,600 – The Clippers are projected to score right around 110 actual points on Monday night, but they are 13-point favorites, which indicates a high likelihood for a blowout. Crawford has the sixth-man role with the Clippers, meaning his minutes are going to be right around 30, blowout or not. Therefore, I think Crawford provides a great opportunity to get exposure to this high-scoring game, without the worries of reduced minutes due to a blowout. Additionally, Crawford has been playing well as of late with five straight games of at least 25 fantasy points.

Small Forward

Luol Deng, Miami Heat, $6,300 – Deng is in play for the same reason as Oladipo: he’s getting a lot of minutes. Deng has played 40 minutes in back to back games due to a flurry of injuries on Miami’s roster. In addition to the high minute totals, Deng has produced at least 29 fantasy points in four of his last five games. The price on Deng is fair at $6,300, so a fantasy performance of right around 30 points would be enough to pay off his salary.

Gerald Henderson, Charlotte Hornets, $3,800Lance Stephenson has been ruled out for Monday’s game, which means Henderson will have a secure starting role once again. Henderson has had some solid games (and some very disappointing games) since the injury to Stephenson. However, at the near minimum price point of $3,800, 20 or so fantasy points is all we are looking for. Henderson has surpassed this 20-fantasy-point marker in three of the six games that Stephenson has missed.

Power Forward

Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers, $10,200 – The six-game Monday night slight is really lacking star players to pay up for. I think Griffin is the first top-tier guy to take a look at for a couple of reasons. First off, the matchup is great versus the frontcourt of the Utah Jazz, who are ranked 24th at defending the power forward position. Also, as previously mentioned, the drawback here is the potential for a blowout, however, as we’ve seen on a few occasions this season, Griffin is capable of a monster performance in limited time. For these reasons, he is the top-tier stud that you should be looking to pay up for.

David West, Indiana Pacers, $6,800 – Since returning from injury a few weeks ago, West has been performing at a consistent level. West has produced over 32 fantasy points in four of his last six games. On paper, the matchup with Chicago does not look appealing, but the Bulls are ranked 17th in defensive efficiency against the power forward position. In what should be a close matchup (CHI favored by 5), West makes for a safe power forward option.


Zaza Pachulia, Milwaukee Bucks, $4,800 – It appears as though we are going to get at least one more Zaza Pachulia game. Larry Sanders and Ersan Ilyasova have both been ruled out for Monday, which means Zaza will start and play extended minutes. Pachulia has produced over 30 fantasy points in the last two games under the same circumstances. At $4,800, as long as he remains in the starting lineup, Pachulia will be the plug-and-play value of the day.

Mike Petta
Mike Petta, who lives in the Metro Detroit area, started playing DFS in August 2012 and has been grinding ever since. His main focus is currently MLB, NBA, and the NFL. He took his DFS career to the next level in July 2014 when he decided to leave his career as an accountant to pursue DFS full-time. He is a top 10 MLB grinder and a top 30 overall grinder. You can find him on Twitter @Hoop2410.