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FanDuel NBA Plays: Monday

by Derek "Notorious Farnsworth
Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:02 pm ET

Weekly fantasy football is officially over, as now only the Super Bowl remains on the NFL schedule. No worries though, because daily fantasy basketball is in full swing. We have nine games on the schedule tonight with a number of superstars in favorable matchups. Here are my favorite FanDuel targets at each position:




Point Guard


Kemba Walker vs. Sacramento Kings                                                                      


Salary    $9,000                                                  

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                22.7        |              Last Five Games:              28.7

Min/Game --     Season:                35.9        |              Last Five Games:              39.8

FP/Game --        Season:                35.5        |              Last Five Games:              48.2


Walker has historically been much better at home than he has on the road, but we should be willing to overlook that tonight. He has been on fire over his last five games, averaging 48.2 fantasy points with a usage rate of 28.7. He also draws an elite matchup against the Kings, who have been one of the worst teams at defending point guards this season.



Emmanuel Mudiay vs. Atlanta Hawks                                                                    


Salary    $5,200                                                  

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                21.6        |              Last Five Games:              21.0

Min/Game --     Season:                29.6        |              Last Five Games:              32.6

FP/Game --        Season:                23.0        |              Last Five Games:              26.5


Jameer Nelson is not expected to play tonight, which means Mudiay should draw another start at point guard and see all of the minutes that he can handle. He has played well in his last four games (all without Nelson), averaging 27 fantasy points per contest. The Nuggets are in a decent spot tonight at home against the Hawks.




Shooting Guard


James Harden vs. New Orleans Pelicans                                                                               


Salary    $10,000                                                

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                27.4        |              Last Five Games:              27.4

Min/Game --     Season:                37.4        |              Last Five Games:              34.7

FP/Game --        Season:                45.4        |              Last Five Games:              50.2


Dwight Howard is not expected to play tonight, which would be a huge boost for James Harden. In the nine games that Howard has missed this season, Harden has averaged 26.8 points, 7.6 rebounds, 8.4 assists, and 3.1 blocks/steals per contest. He has also put up two triple-doubles in his last three games.



Avery Bradley vs. Washington Wizards                                                                  


Salary    $5,600                                                  

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                17.4        |              Last Five Games:              17.4

Min/Game --     Season:                32.6        |              Last Five Games:              35.7

FP/Game --        Season:                23.5        |              Last Five Games:              28.4

After James Harden, there aren’t any shooting guard options that really stand out tonight. Bradley is my favorite target for cash games, as he has seen elite minutes recently. Over his last five games, he is averaging 28.4 fantasy points in 35.7 minutes per contest. He also draws a nice matchup against the Wizards, who have struggled to defend opposing wing players.




Small Forward


Kawhi Leonard vs. Golden State Warriors                                                                            


Salary    $7,600                                                  

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                21.4        |              Last Five Games:              20.5

Min/Game --     Season:                32.8        |              Last Five Games:              30.8

FP/Game --        Season:                36.6        |              Last Five Games:              29.2


Leonard is my favorite play at small forward tonight and it’s really not even close. Anytime we can project him to play 35+ minutes, he deserves strong consideration. He has averaged well over a fantasy point per minute this season and tonight’s game against the Warriors is expected to stay close throughout. The Spurs are only five-point road underdogs on the NBA odds board.



Danilo Gallinari vs. Atlanta Hawks                                                                            


Salary    $7,100                                                  

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                20.3        |              Last Five Games:              22.0

Min/Game --     Season:                34.5        |              Last Five Games:              33.8

FP/Game --        Season:                30.8        |              Last Five Games:              28.7       


LeBron James may be a popular target tonight, but if I’m paying up for a superstar, I’d much rather target James Harden or DeMarcus Cousins (who are both featured). Gallinari is a nice pivot from James, as he should see minutes in the mid-30s tonight against the Hawks, who have been average at defending small forwards this season.                       


Power Forward


Anthony Davis vs. Houston Rockets                                                                        


Salary    $10,300                                                

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                23.9        |              Last Five Games:              24.1

Min/Game --     Season:                35.7        |              Last Five Games:              36.3

FP/Game --        Season:                43.9        |              Last Five Games:              44.7


Davis has been the ultimate troll this season. It seems like every time he has a favorable matchup, he either underperforms or he gets injured. He’s always a risky cash game target, but the matchup is too good to ignore tonight. The Rockets have allowed more fantasy points to power forwards than any other team in the NBA this season.



Kevin Love vs. Minnesota Timberwolves                                                                              


Salary    $7,100                                                  

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                19.4        |              Last Five Games:              16.6

Min/Game --     Season:                32.4        |              Last Five Games:              30.3

FP/Game --        Season:                33.2        |              Last Five Games:              28.6


The Cavaliers are large favorites tonight against the Wolves, but if Minnesota can keep it close, there should be some solid fantasy performances from the Cavaliers’ players. Love has played well against his former team in the past, averaging 18 points, 11 rebounds, and 3.7 assists per game. His price is down and I like the upside that he provides at power forward.



DeMarcus Cousins vs. Charlotte Hornets                                                                              


Salary    $11,200                                                

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                29.2        |              Last Five Games:              30.0

Min/Game --     Season:                33.7        |              Last Five Games:              37.1

FP/Game --        Season:                46.2        |              Last Five Games:              55.9


There are basically two options at center tonight. You can pay up for Cousins or you can save some cap space with Spencer Hawes. Cousins has been on fire over his last five games, averaging 55.9 fantasy points per contest. He should dominate tonight against the Hornets’ frontcourt that is both undersized and undermanned.



Spencer Hawes vs. Sacramento Kings                                                                    


Salary    $3,800                                                  

TO-Adjusted Usage --    Season:                14.5        |              Last Five Games:              13.3

Min/Game --     Season:                17.8        |              Last Five Games:              26.1

FP/Game --        Season:                14.1        |              Last Five Games:              20.3


If you can’t afford Cousins, it makes a lot of sense to target the center that will be defending him. In the two games since Cody Zeller went down with his injury, Hawes has scored 35 and 25 fantasy points. His price is still close to minimum salary and if he can stay out of foul trouble, he should see 30+ minutes tonight against the Kings.



Note: This is not meant to be a full lineup. The picks are my favorite targets at each position. 

Derek "Notorious Farnsworth
Derek “Notorious” Farnsworth is ranked #7 Overall, has won a $50,000 Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship, qualified for the 2013 FanDuel Basketball Championship, and is a lead contributor on RotoGrinders.com. When he’s not winning daily fantasy contests, the Talented Mr. Noto can be found on Twitter @RG_Notorious.