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FanDuel NBA Plays: Saturday

by Josh Lewis
Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:02 pm ET


The playoffs march on, and today we have two-game slate on FanDuel featuring Warriors/Grizzlies and Hawks/Wizards.  The big news of the day surrounds John Wall and whether or not his wrist is going to allow him to play.  If he plays, he’s a very risky option, and if he sits, Ramon Sessions jumps into the top play conversation, while other Wizards will have to pick up some of the lost production as well.  We’re not going to know anything until much closer to game time, so I’ll try to address both possibilities and prepare you the best that I can.



Point Guard

Ramon Sessions, Washington Wizards, $5500 – If John Wall is out, Sessions is a must play at this price.  He’s been a solid fill-in every time Wall has missed a game, and there’s no reason to think things will be any different today.  He’ll likely play around 40 minutes, and he’ll be responsible for running the offense.  He won’t put up John Wall numbers, but you don’t need him to at this price. 


Mike Conley, Memphis Grizzlies, $5800 – Point guard feels like a position to save at.  Jeff Teague hasn’t really been getting it done, and it’s hard to see Curry really going off with Conley playing fantastic defense, and Memphis slowing teams down on their home court.  Conley is playing some inspired basketball, and I expect him to play more than the 27 minutes he played in game two.  He’s definitely not 100%, but he’s one of the toughest players in the league, and I expect him to have a solid game tonight. 


Additional Plays: Jeff Teague, Stephen Curry

Shooting Guard

Tony Allen, Memphis Grizzlies, $5200 – The GrindFather is playing huge minutes and some terrific defense.  He’s done a fantastic job of keeping Klay Thompson from having a major impact on the game, and considering how important he is to this team, he’s going to keep playing nearly 40 minutes.  He’s not a great per-minute fantasy point producer, but given his price and his time on the court, he should do enough to get you around 25 fantasy points.  If he gets a couple of extra buckets and steals, that’s just icing on the cake.


Brad Beal, Washington Wizards, $7400 – Beal is a big reason why the Wizards are where they are in the postseason.  He’s been great, and he’s consistently putting up 35 or more fantasy points every night.  With John Wall either playing hurt, or not playing at all, Beal will need to step up and help carry his team to a very important game three win.  He’s a safe, high-upside play, and I’m going to lock him in tonight.


Additional Plays: Courtney Lee, Kyle Korver

Small Forward

DeMarre Carroll, Atlanta Hawks, $6700 – Carroll is the safest play at the small forward position, and while he’s not always going to have high upside, he does offer the possibility of a big game, while also giving you the safety of nearly 40 minutes and a floor of around 25 fantasy points.  I can definitely justify fading him in GPP lineups, but if you’re playing cash games, I’d fit him in as long as you don’t have to use a risky player somewhere else.  He contributes in every category, and if he’s able to get things going on the offensive end, the defensive stats will carry him to a big game.


Otto Porter, Washington Wizards, $4300 – Porter is too cheap here as he’s playing big minutes off the bench and routinely scoring well over 20 fantasy points.  At this point, I think you just lock him in and don’t think twice about it.  He’s a better play than Paul Pierce because he’s doing much more than just scoring.  Don’t over-think this play.


Additional Plays: Paul Pierce

Power Forward

Paul Millsap, Atlanta Hawks, $9100 – Millsap is the highest upside power forward on the board, and even at an expensive $9100 price tag, he’s a great play.  He’s likely going to give you around 40 fantasy points, and given the tough matchups that both Draymond Green and Zach Randolph have, I can’t see myself rostering both of them.  The value options are very risky, and likely don’t offer enough upside to be worth it, so I would suggest making Millsap a priority given how well he is playing and the likelihood that he’ll be the best option at power forward.


Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors, $7900 – I don’t love the matchup, but we can’t be too picky on a two-game slate.  He has much more upside than Zach Randolph, and at just $600 more, I’d take Green every time.  There is no value at power forward, and considering the lack of high-priced options at shooting guard and small forward, rostering the top two power forwards should not be too difficult.  Green is a stud, he contributes in all five categories, and he has a ton of upside.  Even if he doesn’t have a huge game, he’s still a great play.


Additional Plays: Zach Randolph



Al Horford, Atlanta Hawks, $8000Marc Gasol and Marcin Gortat are trending down, and Al Horford is trending up.  Horford has had two big games in this series, and I’m expecting a third today as the Hawks try to take home court back from the Wizards.  With two games of at least 40 fantasy points already against Washington, expect Horford to continue scoring and rebounding well.  He has a much safer floor than Gortat, and with as much upside as Gasol right now, it makes sense to save the $700.


Marc Gasol, Memphis Grizzlies, $8700 – If you’re not on Horford, Gasol is the next best option.  I wouldn’t sacrifice another position to use Gasol in lieu of Horford, but if you find yourself with extra cap, there’s certainly nothing wrong with the play.  Gasol likely has a higher floor than Horford given he contributes in every category, and has had a much more consistent role all season.  However, Zach Randolph has been playing better, and the scoring and rebounds he’s picking up are taking away from Gasol.  I can’t claim to know which center is going to end up scoring more fantasy points, but I prefer Horford because he’s been a stud in this series and he’s $700 cheaper.   


Additional Plays: Andrew Bogut

Josh Lewis
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