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FanDuel NBA Plays: Sunday

by Josh Lewis
Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:02 pm ET

It’s the last Sunday of the regular season, and with players resting, and many teams having nothing to play for, I would recommend focusing on just GPPs at this point.  With the big GPPs on FanDuel starting with the 6:00 PM EST slate, I’ll be focusing on players from just those games.  I’ll pick out the best players that stand to see increased court time due to injuries or rest, while also focusing on top plays from teams that still have a lot to play for.  Good luck tonight.  The playoffs will be much less stressful, I promise.



Point Guard

George Hill, Indiana Pacers, $7600 – The Pacers are just a game behind Brooklyn and Boston in the playoff race, so expect the Pacers to do everything they can to win.  Oklahoma City currently has the same record as the Pelicans, so this is an important game for them as well.  This could very well be a game where Hill is asked to play a ton of minutes, and given point guards have done very well against the Thunder, he could be in for a monster game.  He’s certainly a player that you know isn’t going to see reduced minutes for any reason, and he can safely be deployed in cash games and GPPs tonight.


Jordan Clarkson, Los Angeles Lakers, $8000 – The Lakers haven’t had anything to play for in a very long time, but Clarkson is seeing all the run he can handle.  It’s clear that Byron Scott is trying to get him as much playing time as possible, and his minutes are as secure as anyone’s.  He’s the focal point of the offense, and he’s putting up big numbers on a nightly basis.  Bump him even more if Rajon Rondo sits out again as Clarkson would draw a much easier matchup.


Additional Plays: Tyreke Evans

Shooting Guard

Jabari Brown, Los Angeles Lakers, $3800 – Shooting guard is a mess today, and I don’t feel terribly confident with any of them.  As such, punting makes a lot of sense.  With Wayne Ellington out and Jeremy Lin dealing with a knee injury, Brown is poised to play a heavy allotment of minutes.  Dallas will likely blow out the Lakers tonight, but that just means more time Brown will see against backups instead of starters.  Even with well over 30 minutes, he has a floor of about 12, but as he demonstrated again Minnesota, he can get you 30+ as well.  When none of the options at a position are attractive, take the cheapest route that still offers upside.


Bradley Beal, Washington Wizards, $6400 – John Wall is game-time decision, and Beal would make for the safest shooting guard play if he’s unable to go.  Even if he does play, I don’t mind Beal, but I would expect a ceiling of about 30.  However, with no good options at the position, 30 fantasy points for $6400 sounds very appealing.  The Hawks are a tough matchup, but the game is being played in D.C., so it should remain close. 


James Harden, Houston Rockets, $11100 – To me, Harden is a guy I struggle to pay up for.  When he gives you points in the 30s for this price, it can really sink your lineup.  Your value guys can’t make up for all of that lost production.  However, given the lack of comfortable options, if you’re satisfied with your value picks, I certainly wouldn’t advise against using Harden.  The Pelicans are playing for their playoff lives, and I think they’ll be able to keep this game fairly close.  Harden could have a monster game, or we may see another performance in the mid-30s.  At this point, it’s hard to say, and I would recommend using him if he fits and the rest of your lineup is solid, but don’t make concessions at other positions because you feel obligated to roster him.


Additional Plays: Monta Ellis

Small Forward

Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs, $8500 – By now, it should be obvious that Kawhi Leonard is going to be my top small forward recommendation.  Obviously the blowout is a concern, but the Suns have ranked near the bottom of the league against opposing small forwards for much of the season, and Leonard is capable of giving you a big fantasy total without setting foot on the court in the fourth quarter.  We’ve seen him put up nearly 50 fantasy points in 24 minutes, and on a short slate with not many attractive options, it makes a lot of sense to pay for a stud that only costs you $8500.


DeMarre Carroll, Atlanta Hawks, $6000 – Carroll has done very well with Paul Millsap out of the lineup.  He picks up additional scoring and rebounding responsibilities, and actually makes for a fairly consistent, slightly high-upside play.  Trevor Ariza is the only other small forward I’m particularly comfortable with, but I prefer Carroll because he’s a bit cheaper.  The Hawks have been playing their starters and trying to win games, so unless some news comes out that suggests otherwise, you can confidently roll Carroll out in what should be a close game with Washington.


Additional Plays: Trevor Ariza, Al-Farouq Aminu (if Parsons is out)

Power Forward

Ryan Kelly, Los Angeles Lakers, $4800 – He’s cheap and he’s giving you around 25 fantasy points per game with the occasional big output.  There’s not much to dislike here, and I would feel comfortable rolling him out in cash games and GPPs.  He’s going to play his minutes regardless of the game’s outcome, and I see no reason to stray away from what has been a smart play on a points-per-dollar basis for quite some time.


Anthony Davis, New Orleans Pelicans, $11700 – You have to spend somewhere, and with power forward not offering many intriguing plays, Davis sounds like a good place to go.  Dwight Howard’s minutes are on the rise, so that’s a bit of a concern, but Davis will simply overmatch the Rockets power forwards.  This game should stay close, and with the Pelicans fighting with the Thunder for a playoff berth, I expect Davis to play over 40 minutes tonight.  What he can do in that amount of time is incredible, and it’s not a situation I would want to fade tonight.


Additional Plays: Mike Muscala



Enes Kanter, Oklahoma City Thunder, $7400 – Kanter is the most expensive center on the board, but he’s also my top option.  This game is very important for both teams, and I expect starters to play as much as possible.  Indiana is a tough matchup, but I think usage and minutes win out here, and I’m expecting at least 30-35 fantasy points out of Kanter.  On a short slate, that’s perfectly fine, and he does have the ability to blow up and have a huge game.


Al Horford, Atlanta Hawks, $7100 – With Paul Millsap out, Horford has more responsibility on the glass and on offense.  Assuming the Hawks don’t rest anyone, Horford should play a normal allotment of minutes in what should be a close game against Washington.  It’s not a great matchup, but I have a difficult time believing Horford won’t finish with at least 30 fantasy points.  Kanter is the better option because his minutes and role are more secure, and he has more upside, but Horford isn’t a bad option either.     


Additional Plays: Marcin Gortat, Brandan Wright

Josh Lewis
RotoMonkey83 is a top 25 grinder overall and has expertise in the NBA, MLB and NHL. He is a leading contributor to RotoGrinders.