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FanDuel NBA Plays: Thursday

by Josh Lewis
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

It’s the last day before the All Star break and we have just two games on tonight’s FanDuel slate. If you’re playing tonight, you should be limiting yourself to tournaments. Playing two-game slates is a different skillset, and there’s certainly no shame in sitting tonight out if you’re not feeling great about your lineups or just want to start your break early. With this being the last game before the break, be sure you have RotoGrinders DFS Alerts to notify you of any late breaking news on player statuses.

Fortunately, we’ve been given a couple of games that should be fairly high scoring and are projected to stay close, so we should be able to find some solid options. Let’s take a look at some of tonight’s top plays.




Point Guard

Rajon Rondo, Chicago Bulls, $4,700 – I expect Rondo to pick up some extra minutes tonight with Dwyane Wade out, but even if he doesn’t, he makes for a solid value option with upside on tonight’s small slate. Two of the four viable point guard options cost $10,000 or more tonight, which makes Rondo even more valuable given it’s going to be very difficult to build a lineup if you’re spending a large chunk of your salary at the point guard position. I think he finishes at or above 20 fantasy points with the possibility of eclipsing 30.



John Wall, Washington Wizards, $10,400 – You can make a case for any of the top four point guard options, but if I had to pick one combination, it would be Wall and Rondo. Wall has finished with at least 40 fantasy points in six straight games, surpassing 50 in half of them. He has the most upside and the highest floor of any of tonight’s point guard options. He also draws a great matchup against the Pacers while the Wizards are tonight’s top projected scoring team. I would be surprised if he finishes with less than 45 fantasy points tonight.



Additional Plays: Jeff Teague, Isaiah Thomas

Shooting Guard

Marcus Smart, Boston Celtics, $5,800 – Smart has put together four very solid games in a row, posting a low score of 26.5 fantasy points over that span. Given that game was in Utah and he eclipsed 40 in two of the others, he’s going to be an extremely popular option tonight. There aren’t many ways to go at the position with both Dwyane Wade and Avery Bradley out, but given how well Smart has been playing, it’s hard to justify a fade. I would look to take a stand either way tonight, but I would be leaning toward just going very heavy on him in tournaments and looking to diversify elsewhere.



Michael Carter-Williams, Chicago Bulls, $4,900 – The second shooting guard spot is a place where I would look to get exposure to multiple players. Any one of Bradley Beal, MCW, or Monta Ellis could post a solid score relative to their salary, but they are all candidates to disappoint as well. With Dwyane Wade out, we should see major minutes from MCW, especially given he’s played 29 and 30 in each of Chicago’s last two games with Wade out. Expect a similar workload tonight, and get exposure to him in tournament lineups as he’s capable of posting a 30+ fantasy point line.



Additional Plays: Bradley Beal, Monta Ellis

Small Forward

Jimmy Butler, Chicago Bulls, $9,700 – Butler is a must for me with Dwyane Wade out. The small forward position is very weak, and I really can’t imagine picking a combination of two players that doesn’t contain him. In tournaments, I think you go overweight on Butler and look to get more exposure to him than the rest of the field. His upside his tremendous tonight given the spike in usage he sees with Wade off the floor. A likely close, high-scoring game against Boston certainly doesn’t hurt either. He’s a top play tonight and could easily end up being the highest scoring player on the slate.



Otto Porter, Washington Wizards, $6,600 – Unfortunately, we have to roster two small forwards, and Porter gets the other spot via process of elimination. Paul George is overpriced and disappoints too often, Jae Crowder has little to no upside relative to his price, and Doug McDermott is rarely worth the price despite likely seeing significant minutes with Wade out. I don’t love Porter’s price, but he has the highest point per dollar ceiling of the remaining small forward options, and the matchup against the Pacers is favorable.


Like shooting guard, I would probably look to pair multiple options with Jimmy Butler given the bust risk guys like Porter and Crowder carry, but I would be going heavier on Porter than the other players.



Additional Plays: Paul George, Jae Crowder

Power Forward

Markieff Morris, Washington Wizards, $7,400 – We’re at the mercy of a very weak power forward position tonight. Morris is the clear top option. He’s been very consistent lately, and while I wouldn’t look to target him much at this price on a larger slate, I think he’s a must tonight. Fading him means you have to pick two players from whatever is left, and you’re likely digging yourself a hole if you go this route. He’s going to be very high owned, but I think the faders will regret their decision tonight. Morris has a very favorable matchup against the Pacers, and even a 30 fantasy point outing for him will be more than enough if all of the other options bust.



Taj Gibson, Chicago Bulls, $4,600 – After Morris, the power forward position is filled with a bunch of guys that could either work out or bust. There’s really no predicting what will happen as we’re talking about guys who play inconsistent minutes and aren’t heavily involved on offense. Gibson is likely the safest option, but he has no upside and can easily finish under 20 fantasy points. If I had to pick just one player to pair with Morris, I’d pick Gibson, but it’s hard to feel great about it.


Keep an eye on the Pacers because Kevin Seraphin because a dart throw punt option if Lavoy Allen is out. Thaddeus Young has already been ruled out, and Seraphin would likely see 25 minutes if Allen is out again as well. If Allen plays, avoid the situation as neither player has any upside, nor will they play enough minutes to be worth a roster spot.


Finally, you could take a shot on Amir Johnson or Nikola Mirotic, but there’s no way to know when these players will play well or completely disappear.



Additional Plays: Kevin Seraphin (if Lavoy Allen out), Amir Johnson, Nikola Mirotic



Kelly Olynyk, Boston Celtics, $4,600 – If you have the salary, Marcin Gortat is the best option at center, but I’m not willing to make sacrifices at other positions in order to fit him in. Olynyk is fairly priced at $4600, finishing with no less than 20 fantasy points in each of his last six games. With a workload of around 25 minutes, he’s been very consistent while offering upside over 30. He should do well playing most of his minutes against Chicago’s second unit, so if you need to save at the center position, he’s the best option. I like him quite a bit as a punt play on this short slate, but Gortat is worth getting exposure to as well.



Additional Plays: Marcin Gortat, Myles Turner

Josh Lewis
RotoMonkey83 is a top 25 grinder overall and has expertise in the NBA, MLB and NHL. He is a leading contributor to RotoGrinders.