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FanDuel NBA Plays: Tuesday

by David “headChopper” Kaplen
Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:05 pm ET

Trying to build a better lineup for Tuesday’s NBA daily fantasy contests on FanDuel? Here are some options I have picked out to consider tonight.


Point Guard


Goran Dragic, Miami Heat, $6,800 - With the frantic nature of late-season fantasy NBA, the most valuable commodity there is right now is finding teams that actually have something to play for so you can get a fairly accurate read on how they’re going to play the game tonight. Miami might be the only team tonight where that’s possible. They are currently one game up in the loss column for the number four seed in the Eastern Conference. The difference between the fourth seed and fifth is home court advantage in that first round. Dragic has averaged 34.6 FanDuel points per game in his last four games, so not only is he producing at a nice level, he should see a consistent set of minutes tonight.



Ish Smith, Philadelphia 76ers, $6,700 - Smith has averaged 36.7 FanDuel points per game in his last three. With all the injuries to this Philadelphia team, he is exerting himself as one of their leading scorers. I would expect that to keep up tonight in a game against Toronto in which the Raptors are probably not going to be the most focused of teams. Toronto has already wrapped up their number two seed in the Eastern Conference and we may not even see Kyle Lowry tonight, which would improve the matchup for Smith.



Others to Consider: Reggie Jackson, Jerian Grant


Shooting Guard


Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat, $7,100 - I’ve already touched on Miami and how they are the only team that I can identify as really needing to win tonight. I’ll preface this by saying be aware that Wade is always a threat to be a late scratch. However, if he is announced as the starter, I think he makes for a fantastic play at an extremely thin position. He has not been lighting the world on fire lately, having averaged a very paltry 30.7 FanDuel points per game in his last five games, but that would make him extremely valuable on FanDuel tonight, and I’ll tell you why in the next DFS player analysis.



Jamal Crawford, Los Angeles Clippers, $5,500 - On FanDuel you need to roster two shooting guards. I am having trouble finding even one shooting guard tonight that I can definitively say I’m comfortable with. That is what makes Wade so valuable and is why I’m stretching down to Jamal Crawford tonight also. There are just so many question marks at this position that these two stand out, almost by default. The thing about Crawford is that if the Clippers decide that they want to win this game, he will be part of that unit that gets plenty of minutes to tries to win. If the Clippers decide they could care less about this game, he is part of that unit that will be on the floor when the team decides to rest its starters. Basically, unless Doc Rivers announces that Jamal Crawford is out tonight, you can count on him to get an ample amount of minutes and scoring opportunities for this team.



Others to Consider: Monta Ellis, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope




Small Forward


Robert Covington, Philadelphia 76ers, $6,700 - Covington is one of three 76ers that I recommend tonight in this column. With the injuries on this team, we have seen some consistent play out of the 76ers recently. Their opposition tonight, as I’ve already touched on, has nothing to play for and could very well put out a full team of backups in this game. Covington has averaged 39.2 FanDuel points per game in his last three games. I think there is a major threat that we see some studs at small forward like Kevin Durant and Paul George not even suit up tonight. Those question marks alone make Covington even that much more valuable.



Matt Barnes, Memphis Grizzlies, $6,100 - Barnes sits at a very nice $6,100 salary on FanDuel tonight. He’s also averaged nearly 33 FanDuel points per game over his last four. Tonight he travels to Los Angeles to take on his old team, the Clippers. Those factors alone are enough to make him worth a roster spot on a site that requires you to play two small forwards, like FanDuel. When you factor in the other question marks at this position, I think Barnes becomes a very nice play.



Others to Consider: Marcus Morris, Hollis Thompson




Power Forward


Nerlens Noel, Philadelphia 76ers, $6,800 - The third name on my Philadelphia trio tonight is Nerlens Noel. He’s come back from his injury recently and put up two straight solid fantasy games, averaging over 40.5 points in those contests. This is the type of production that a lot of people expected out of him this year. It took him until the last week of the season to finally start to achieve those goals, but better late than never. I think power forward is a very tricky position tonight, basically just like all the other positions, and if you can lock in a guy that’s going to get you 30+ minutes, plenty of shot attempts and put up some very nice defense of peripheral stats, you have struck gold.



Tobias Harris, Detroit Pistons, $6,600 - Harris is not the most exciting player out there. The upside probably isn’t great. However, he has an extremely consistent game log, basically since the first day he arrived in Detroit. If you can round out your roster tonight with a guy who is going to get a guaranteed set of minutes and his typical allotment of scoring opportunities, that becomes a very valuable asset tonight. Detroit has a small incentive to play hard here, as they can improve their playoff positioning by one seed. That may be enough to get Tobias his regular minutes.



Others to Consider: Myles Turner, Jerami Grant






Enes Kanter, Oklahoma City Thunder, $5,600 - Kanter makes my top plays tonight because of the way I see this game playing out on the court. Here’s what I think happens: with this being the second game of a back to back for Oklahoma City, I think that we will see the star players rest in San Antonio tonight. Not only Oklahoma City, but I think with San Antonio having nothing to play for at this point, they too will rest their guys. Basically, this game could turn to a very glorified scrimmage. We have seen Enes Kanter annihilate stat lines in those type of scenarios before, and I would not be surprised if all that plays out and he drops another 50 point game tonight.



Others to Consider: DeAndre Jordan, Andre Drummond


David “headChopper” Kaplen
David “headChopper” Kaplen is one of the godfathers of Daily Fantasy, having been near the top of the rankings since DFS emerged in 2010. Nearing double-digit live final qualifiers, David’s crowning achievement is winning the 2013 FanDuel Basketball Champion in Las Vegas. HeadChopper can be found on twitter @headChopper.