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FanDuel NBA Plays: Wednesday

by David “headChopper” Kaplen
Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:05 pm ET

NBA Wednesday is back with a big slate of games tonight. Let's dig in deeper and find some top FanDuel plays at each position.   




Point Guard

Derrick Rose: $6,300 (vs. Brooklyn)        


Rose seems to be re-invigorated with his new team in New York. He’s played at least 30 minutes every game this season. The only game in which he truly fell short of salary expectation was opening night against Cleveland. Considering he didn’t play in the preseason and was being acclimated to a new team, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume a slow start. Since that dud, Rose been a very steady scorer, recording at least 28 FanDuel points in every game. These last two games he’s actually outperformed any expectations we could have had of him. He dropped a 41 point game against his old team two games ago and last time out he went for 33 FanDuel points versus a very tough Utah team.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn travels to face New York tonight after having played a competitive game last night. At a measly $6,300 on FanDuel, I don’t see many scenarios in which Rose hurts our NBA lineups tonight.       



Others to Consider: Damian Lillard, Kyle Lowry




Shooting Guard


DeMar DeRozan: $8,800 (vs. Oklahoma City)      


I really looked for a way not to include this guy in my write-up again. I mentioned him at this position last week and I didn’t want to double dip like that. However, there are just not many options at this position that I feel comfortable writing up tonight. James Harden is obviously the elite play, and if there were no salary cap involved he’d be an easy choice. However, he is the second highest salary ranked guy on the board, so I’m not going to write him up. I also wanted to play C.J. McCollum in this spot, but I am very worried about a back to back game after he played 37 minutes last night and now has to travel. There are some other options at much cheaper salary that are decent, but they all come with a good amount of risk. You pretty much know what you are going to get out of DeRozan. He averages 37 minutes per game, so you’re going to get plenty of time on the court. The Toronto star also averages 33.7 points per game in real life, so you’re going to get plenty of shot attempts to help bolster his fantasy score. What you need out of him is just to grab a couple of rebounds and throw down a couple of assists, and you’re in good shape from a fantasy perspective.

DeRozan has been the second best shooting guard this year behind James Harden, having hit at least 40 FanDuel points in every game this season, up until he fell short this last game out against Sacramento. I would understand wanting to save money at this position and going with a cheaper, riskier option. However, I rank DeRozan as the second best shooting guard on the board tonight because of his extremely high floor.  



Others to Consider: Avery Bradley, Devin Booker




Small Forward

Kawhi Leonard: $8,800 (vs. Houston)     


There are a lot of places you can spend your money for tonight’s 11-game slate. There are some major superstars taking the court on this busy night. The absolutely elite players in the league are guys like Russell Westbrook and James Harden, but they come at a hefty price tag. Then I think there is a second wave of players like Kevin Durant, Chris Paul and Kawhi Leonard. These guys typically aren’t going to outperform the elite players, but for a couple of thousand dollars less in salary they can be extremely valuable. Tonight is one of those nights for Leonard, as he draws a very good home matchup against Houston. There have been three different occasions this year in which Leonard has reached 50 FanDuel points. I don’t think he’s going to ever go too far over that number, but tonight is a matchup in which he should hover around that total again.      



Others to Consider: Carmelo Anthony, Paul George




Power Forward

Tobias Harris: $5,900 (vs. Phoenix)      


Harris has been a very safe cash game play for the vast majority of the time he has been in Detroit. He has struggled the last two games, failing to meet value for us. I tend to think those games were more of an anomaly and that he’s going to continue to hover around that 30 FanDuel point mark more often than not. This price tag of only $5,900 allows us a lot of leeway for a mediocre game. Phoenix just played a game last night in a very high paced environment. They could have a bit of a hangover, and they are already a bad defensive team. However, the game being in Phoenix is probably going to keep it closer than it should be, thus ensuring a full allotment of minutes for Harris. The Vegas spread at this point is only four. That means there is a high probability that Harris gets his 30+ minutes tonight, and in a matchup against a team as weak as Phoenix, that could be all he needs to make value again.   



Others to Consider: Kristaps Porzingis, Draymond Green





Karl-Anthony Towns: $8,700 (vs. Orlando)           


Towns is arguably the best center on this slate. He has a more than reasonable price tag of only $8,700 on FanDuel. He put up another 34.4 points last night, despite getting into foul trouble early. Otherwise, he would have gone for 50. Tonight KAT takes on Orlando, and as I glance at the RotoGrinders defense versus position page, he ranks extremely high with an incredibly favorable matchup in this game. I think it’s relatively safe to assume he’s going to get near 30 real life points tonight, and then it just becomes a matter of how many rebounds and blocks he can rack up to put you over the top in terms of fantasy points.   



Others to Consider: Rudy Gobert, Andre Drummond

David “headChopper” Kaplen
David “headChopper” Kaplen is one of the godfathers of Daily Fantasy, having been near the top of the rankings since DFS emerged in 2010. Nearing double-digit live final qualifiers, David’s crowning achievement is winning the 2013 FanDuel Basketball Champion in Las Vegas. HeadChopper can be found on twitter @headChopper.