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Tourney Targets: Friday

by Peter “DraftCheat” Christensen
Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:01 pm ET


One of the best daily fantasy basketball minds out there, DraftCheat, gives out his top FanDuel picks at each position for Friday night. Check them out below.



Point Guard


Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors, $10700 - I expect Curry to be a somewhat popular play tonight, but with all the obvious value plays at point guard, his ownership rate should be held in check. He’s had huge games against the Thunder and they’ll need him tonight with both Andre Iguodala and Andrew Bogut sitting out. The ceiling is extremely high tonight and he could be a key component to winning ALL the money in a GPP.


Mario Chalmers, Miami Heat, $5300 - Expect Chalmers’ ownership rate to be kept in check by a few factors tonight: 1) There are a ton of great plays at point guard, 2) He didn’t have a great game last time out even with Dwyane Wade sitting out, and 3) We don’t yet have 100% confirmation that Wade will in fact sit. It all lines up to be a perfect night to go just a bit off the board and take Chalmers to pair with an expensive point guard to start off your FanDuel NBA lineups.



Shooting Guard


Monta Ellis, Dallas Mavericks, $7900 - Ellis burned a lot of people on Wednesday in Denver, and now gets the same matchup against the Nuggets, but this time in Dallas. Most users will shy away from the player that ruined their lineup last time out, but this is still a great matchup in a fast-paced game. Expect Ellis to hit some shots in this game and lead Dallas to a shootout victory. Don't be scared off by one bad game.


Tyreke Evans, New Orleans Pelicans, $7700 - You can’t go contrarian at every lineup spot (well, you could, but it’s unnecessary). Tyreke is as much of a lock as anyone for 30 fantasy points vs. Philly and comes at a fair price tag. Lock him in and build from there, as it’s difficult to see him disappointing.



Small Forward


LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers, $10600 - I get a sense that LeBron might just fly under the radar a bit tonight, but he’s got a great matchup against the poor wing defenders of the Clippers and will need to carry the load with Kevin Love either out or hobbled by a back injury. He’s had two big games since returning from injury and he should keep his streak alive tonight.


Wilson Chandler, Denver Nuggets, $5800 - Chandler had a huge performance on Wednesday against the Mavericks and gets to face them again, albeit this time in Dallas. The price is just too cheap for a player of his caliber and he presents a huge amount of upside for his salary.



Power Forward


Pau Gasol, Chicago Bulls, $9200 - With Joakim Noah out, expect most FanDuelers to gravitate toward his immediate replacement, Taj Gibson, but Pau is more of an offensive threat that Gibson and the matchup is prime here against the Celtics. Pau is coming off a poor fantasy performance, which may keep his ownership percentage in check. He should be in for a monster game against a weak Boston interior.


Nikola Mirotic, Chicago Bulls, $4800 - I don’t mind doubling up on power forwards not named Taj tonight, as I think it will be a very off the board move. Taj will have the heaviest ownership percentage of the three, but Mirotic can back up the 3, 4, and 5 positions for the Bulls and we’ve seen huge games from him in the past.





DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento Kings, $11300 - Yes, the price tag is through the roof and the matchup is not ideal. But Boogie is on another level right now and I don’t think most will be willing to pay the elevated tag. If he has his 4th straight 60+ fantasy point performance, you’ll wish you had him on your squad.



Peter “DraftCheat” Christensen
Peter “DraftCheat” Christensen excelled at Daily Fantasy to the point he was able to quit his day job and play Daily Fantasy full time. DraftCheat is ranked No. 10 in the Overall Rankings and recently qualified for the FanDuel MLB Finals in Las Vegas. He can be found on Twitter @DraftCheat.