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DFS Tiers Week 10

by Hayden Winks
Updated On: November 13, 2018, 6:30 am ET

If you aren't familiar with this new game mode on DraftKings called ‘Tiers’, all you have to do is select one player from each basket of players. For the NFL, the first two tiers are filled with just quarterbacks, but the last six tiers are filled with running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends mixed together.


Typically, they are the highest scoring players, so it's not necessary to know the difference between a low-end TE2 and the Jets' WR3 for example. Instead, the key is to make close decisions on the studs like choosing between Michael Thomas and DeAndre Hopkins. Just like in the other DraftKings' game modes like 'Classic' and the single game slates, you can enter 'Tiers' tournaments, 50/50s, Head-to-Heads, and more. This column will help you build your own lineups for each type of contest.


Expect updates to the rankings until lock. Please reach out to me on Twitter (@HaydenWinks) if you have questions about the game mode or about this slate.



Strategy for Week 10


The first two steps in allocating tournament exposures in Tiers are figuring out what to do with Patrick Mahomes and Todd Gurley. There are some weeks where I am comfortable going #FullSend and rolling with 100% exposure to both. This is very close to one of those weeks. Patrick Mahomes playing at home against the Cardinals is a smash spot, so I’ll go with close to 100% tournament exposure and make one of the three other quarterbacks have top-20 percentile outcomes to beat him. Todd Gurley isn’t as easy of a decision with Melvin Gordon and Kareem Hunt also in great spots, but having 100% exposure to Gurley is certainly viable. I’ll be close to it.


Tier 4, Tier 5, and Tier 6 are where we typically stack up players with the quarterbacks we choose in Tier 1 and Tier 2, and this week is no different. Check out the game stack rankings at the bottom, but the Chiefs, Rams, Patriots, Falcons, Chargers, and Bengals are the teams we should be looking at.


My cash considerations are at the bottom, but I want to eat up all the high volume running backs. Tier 3 has a few options, but Todd Gurley is king. Tier 4 has Joe Mixon and James White, while Ezekiel Elliott is sitting down in Tier 5.


If you are trailing after the morning games and you need to pivot to lower owned players to have a chance at a comeback, here are some options: from Todd Gurley to Melvin Gordon in Tier 3, from Ezekiel Elliott to Brandin Cooks or Zach Ertz in Tier 5, from Robert Woods to Amari Cooper in Tier 6, from Cooper Kupp to Doug Baldwin or Kenyan Drake in Tier 7, and from Marquez Valdes-Scantling or Aaron Jones to Tyrell ‘The Gazelle’ Williams in Tier 8.



Tier-by-Tier Tournament Rankings


The "DraftKings' Salary" is pulled directly from the DraftKings’ Classic player salaries. The "Winks’ Rankings" are my own (@HaydenWinks), while "Daugherty’s Rankings" come from Patrick Daugherty's (@RotoPat) weekly Rankings column, and "Hribar's Worksheet' comes directly from Rich Hribar's (@LordReebs) weekly Worksheet column. Neither Daugherty's nor Hribar's rankings are directly built with DraftKings Tiers in mind, but they are great tools in finding value and eliminating some players from consideration. 


Tier 1 DraftKings' Salary Winks' Rankings Daugherty's Rankings Hribar's Worksheet
Patrick Mahomes 7200 1 QB1 Trust
Aaron Rodgers 6400 Stack Only QB2 On the Cusp
Jared Goff 6100 Stack Only QB5 On the Cusp
Philip Rivers 6000 Stack Only QB7 



Tier 2 DraftKings' Salary Winks' Rankings Daugherty's Rankings Hribar's Worksheet
Drew Brees 6300 2 QB6 Trust
Matt Ryan 6200 1 QB3  Trust
Tom Brady 6000 4 QB10  Trust
Ryan Fitzpatrick 5900 3 QB8  Trust
Andy Dalton 5800 Stack Only QB15  Bust
Mitchell Trubisky 5600 Fade QB14  Bust


Tier 3 DraftKings' Salary Winks' Rankings Daugherty's Rankings Hribar's Worksheet
Todd Gurley 9400 1 RB1 Trust
Melvin Gordon 9000 2 RB3  Trust
Alvin Kamara 8700 3 RB6  Trust
Kareem Hunt 8500 4 RB2  Trust
Julio Jones 8300 Stack Only WR2  Trust
Michael Thomas 8100 Stack Only WR1 Trust


Tier 4 DraftKings' Salary Winks' Rankings Daugherty's Rankings Hribar's Worksheet
Davante Adams 7800 1 WR4 Trust
Joe Mixon 7700 2 RB8  On the Cusp
Tyreek Hill 7300 4 WR5  On the Cusp
James White 7300 3 RB10  Trust
Keenan Allen 7100 Stack Only WR7  Trust
Travis Kelce 7000 Stack Only TE1 Trust
David Johnson 6800 Fade RB13  On the Cusp


Tier 5 DraftKings' Salary Winks' Rankings Daugherty's Rankings Hribar's Worksheet
Tyler Boyd 7500 1 WR10 Trust
Mike Evans 7000 2 WR8  Trust
Brandin Cooks 6700 4 WR11  On the Cusp
Jarvis Landry 6200 5 WR14  Trust
Josh Gordon 6000 6 WR16  Trust
Ezekiel Elliott NA 3 RB7  Bust
Zach Ertz NA 7 TE2 Trust


Tier 6 DraftKings' Salary Winks' Rankings Daugherty's Rankings Hribar's Worksheet
Julian Edelman 6800 1 WR17 Trust
Robert Woods 6600 2 WR9  On the Cusp
Adrian Peterson 5700 Fade RB15  On the Cusp
Nick Chubb 5500 Fade RB12  On the Cusp
Tarik Cohen 5500 Fade RB23  Bust
Tevin Coleman 5400 3 RB16  Trust
Alshon Jeffery NA 4 WR18 On the Cusp
Amari Cooper NA Fade WR29 On the Cusp


Tier 7 DraftKings' Salary

Winks' Rankings

Daugherty's Rankings Hribar's Worksheet
Cooper Kupp 6400 1 WR13 Trust
Calvin Ridley 5900 2 WR20  On the Cusp
T.Y. Hilton 5700 3 WR19  Bust
Marvin Jones 5500 4 WR15  On the Cusp
Doug Baldwin 5200 6 WR27  On the Cusp
Kenyan Drake 5100 Fade RB26  On the Cusp
DeSean Jackson 4900 5 WR23  On the Cusp
Duke Johnson 4700 Fade RB29  On the Cusp


Tier 8 DraftKings' Salary Winks' Rankings Daugherty's Rankings Hribar's Worksheet
Larry Fitzgerald 5400 2 WR26 On the Cusp
O.J. Howard 5300 1 TE4  Trust
Kenny Golladay 5100 3 WR21  Bust
Aaron Jones 5000 5 RB14  On the Cusp
Valdes-Scantling 5000 4 WR22  On the Cusp
Jordan Howard 4700 6 RB17  On the Cusp
Tyrell Williams 4500 Pivot Only WR33  On the Cusp
Isaiah Crowell 4200 Fade RB25 On the Cusp



Winks’ Game Stacks Rankings


For full game-by-game breakdowns, read Evan Silva’s Matchups column and Rich Hribar’s Worksheet column. John Daigle also posts two columns per week dissecting targets and touches, which are obviously important in all decisions.


1. Chiefs (33.25 implied points)

Players: Patrick Mahomes (Tier 1), Kareem Hunt (3), Tyreek Hill (4), Travis Kelce (4)

Run It Back Options: David Johnson (4), Larry Fitzgerald (8)

Favorite Tournament Stack: Patrick Mahomes (1) + Travis Kelce (4) + Larry Fitzgerald (8)


2. Rams (30.75)

Players: Jared Goff (1), Todd Gurley (3), Brandin Cooks (5), Robert Woods (6), Cooper Kupp (7)

Run It Back Options: Doug Baldwin (7)

Favorite Tournament Stack: Todd Gurley (3) + Cooper Kupp (7)


3. Bengals (24.75)

Players: Andy Dalton (2), Joe Mixon (4), Tyler Boyd (5)

Run It Back Options: Drew Brees (2), Alvin Kamara (3), Michael Thomas (3)

Favorite Tournament Stack: Joe Mixon (4) + Tyler Boyd (5)


4. Buccaneers (27.25)

Players: Ryan Fitzpatrick (2), Mike Evans (5), DeSean Jackson (7), O.J. Howard (8)

Run It Back Options: Adrian Peterson (6)

Favorite Tournament Stack: Ryan Fitzpatrick (2) + Mike Evans (5) + O.J. Howard (8)


5. Falcons (27.25)

Players: Matt Ryan (2), Julio Jones (3), Tevin Coleman (6), Calvin Ridley (7)

Run It Back Options: Jarvis Landry (5), Nick Chubb (6), Duke Johnson (7)

Favorite Tournament Stack: Matt Ryan (2) + Calvin Ridley (7)


6. Patriots (26.5)

Players: Tom Brady (2), James White (4), Josh Gordon (5), Julian Edelman (6)

Run It Back Options: None

Favorite Tournament Stack: James White (4) + Josh Gordon (5)


7. Bears (25.75)

Players: Mitch Trubisky (2), Tarik Cohen (6), Jordan Howard (8)

Run It Back Options: Marvin Jones (7), Kenny Golladay (8)

Favorite Tournament Stack: Marvin Jones (7) + Jordan Howard (8)


8. Chargers (30.25)

Players: Phillip Rivers (1), Melvin Gordon (3), Keenan Allen (4), Tyrell Williams (8)

Run It Back Options: None because the Raiders are horrible.

Favorite Tournament Stack: Melvin Gordon (3) + Tyrell Williams (8)


9. Packers (28.75)

Players: Aaron Rodgers (1), Davante Adams (4), Marquez Valdes-Scantling (8), Aaron Jones (8)

Run It Back Options: Kenyan Drake (7)

Favorite Tournament Stack: Davante Adams (4) + Marquez Valdes-Scantling (8)


10. Saints (29.25)

Players: Drew Brees (2), Alvin Kamara (3), Michael Thomas (3)

Run It Back Options: Andy Dalton (2), Joe Mixon (4), Tyler Boyd (5)

Favorite Tournament Stack: Drew Brees (2) + Michael Thomas (3) + Tyler Boyd (5)


Winks’ Cash Game Considerations


There are 4,214,784 different ways to build a Tiers roster this week. These cash game considerations will help you narrow down your options for H2Hs, 50/50s, and Double Ups.


Tier 1

1. Patrick Mahomes (vs. ARI)


Tier 2

1. Drew Brees (@ CIN)

2. Matt Ryan (@ CLE)

3. Andy Dalton (vs. NO)

4. Ryan Fitzpatrick (vs. WAS)


Tier 3

1. Todd Gurley (vs. SEA)

2. Melvin Gordon (@ OAK)


Tier 4

1. Davante Adams (vs. MIA)

2. Joe Mixon (vs. NO)

3. James White (@ TEN)


Tier 5

1. Tyler Boyd (vs. NO)


Tier 6

1. Julian Edelman (@ TEN)

2. Robert Woods (vs. SEA)


Tier 7

1. Cooper Kupp (vs. SEA)


Tier 8

1. Larry Fitzgerald (@ KC)

2. Aaron Jones (vs. MIA)

3. O.J. Howard (vs. WAS)