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DRAFT NFL Mock: Week 7

by Spencer Limbach
Updated On: October 18, 2018, 2:06 pm ET

I participated in a six-person contest on DRAFT for NFL Week 7. Below are my round-by-round impressions and thoughts as to why I made each selection and what I could have done better. This is meant to be used as a general guide before embarking on your own personal conquest on DRAFT.


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Team 1. Todd Gurley – RB

Team 2. Saquon Barkley – RB

Team 3. Melvin Gordon – RB

Team 4. Ezekiel Elliott – RB

Team 5. Adam Thielen – WR

Team 6. Kareem Hunt – RB


As it turns out, picking sixth is a pretty rough spot. You miss out on all the top tier running backs, forced with a decision between the next tier of rushers or high-end receivers. I went with Kareem Hunt in a high over/under with potential game flow on his side.




Team 6. Julio Jones – WR

Team 5. Joe Mixon – RB

Team 4. Alvin Kamara – RB

Team 3. Christian McCaffrey – RB

Team 2. Robert Woods – WR

Team 1. Odell Beckham – WR


In hindsight, I don’t believe Julio Jones was the correct pick here. Sure, he’s arguably the top overall receiver of this slate, but there’s plenty of depth at the position. I should’ve rolled with another high-end running back like Mixon or McCaffrey to stabilize that spot first, as there’s a steep drop-off to the next tier of RBs.


I mentioned Robert Woods as overrated in the DRAFT NFL Strategy column, and that held true in this particular league. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the WR position is deep so you don’t have to burn an early round pick on guys like Woods.




Team 1. Carlos Hyde – RB

Team 2. Jared Goff – QB

Team 3. AJ Green – WR

Team 4. Stefon Diggs - WR

Team 5. David Johnson – RB

Team 6. Tyreek Hill – WR


I’m more than happy to take Tyreek Hill in this spot. It’s actually pretty surprising that he fell this far. Hill flexed his game-breaking ability with a 36 FP performance last week at New England, and he certainly has the upside to win any given league.


Jared Goff went entirely too early. Team 2 probably could’ve waited until the last two rounds, or at least gotten a similar QB in the rare instance that someone else wanted to reach for the Rams’ QB.

I’m not really sure about Carlos Hyde in the third round. The matchup is decent against Tampa, but there are a lot of mouths to feed in that Cleveland backfield with Johnson and Chubb also in the mix.




Team 6. James White – RB

Team 5. Travis Kelce – WR/TE

Team 4. Jarvis Landry – WR

Team 3. Patrick Mahomes – QB

Team 2. Tyler Boyd – WR

Team 1. Mike Evans – WR


I will take my chances with James White as an RB2 here, and you should keep him in mind if you find yourself searching to round-out your lineup. The Bears are pretty good against the run, which may slow down fellow Patriots’ RB Sony Michel, prompting New England to utilize White in the short passing game more. Either way, I believe White has a nice floor/ceiling combination relative to the similar RB options left on the board.  




Team 1. Matt Ryan – QB

Team 2. Mark Ingram – RB

Team 3. Brandin Cooks – WR

Team 4. Cam Newton – QB

Team 5. Kirk Cousins – QB

Team 6. Any Dalton – QB


It’s surprising that Matt Ryan lasted this long. I’m more than fine taking Andy Dalton as a steady QB in a potential shootout at Kansas City … As for the other picks of this round, Brandin Cooks is a savvy move while hoping for upside with Cooper Kupp out. I’d much rather wait for him in drafts than lock in teammate Robert Woods in the early rounds.




Michael Thomas & DeAndre Hopkins were not drafted. I wasn’t looking to either of them for my lineups, but I thought someone would eventually select them in the later rounds. After all, they are ranked second and third among the pre-draft projections at WR. If I had to choose, I don’t mind Hopkins as a later-round receiver, as he’ll likely see enough volume to potentially do some damage.


Other notable players who went undrafted. The following list is comprised of players who weren’t selected, but I believe they deserve a legitimate look in six person drafts.

Golden Tate – WR: Tate is a solid WR2 to consider in the later-rounds of your league. Miami ranks 24th in pass defense, and Tate could easily take advantage as the top receiving option for Detroit.

Zach Ertz - WR/TE: Carson Wentz seemingly looks better every week, which is excellent news for Ertz as his favorite pass catcher. Carolina tends to funnel production to tight ends, as they have allowed the fifth-most fantasy points to that position. I’m expecting Ertz to see plenty of work on Sunday.

TJ Yeldon – RB: Yeldon makes a case to be considered as an RB2 in six person drafts. I personally would probably take him over selected options like Hyde or Ingram in this league. This isn’t a great matchup vs Houston, but game flow and volume could push Yeldon to another solid fantasy performance – assuming Fournette is still out.

Spencer Limbach
Spencer Limbach is a multi-sport daily fantasy specialist for Rotoworld. He can be found on twitter @Spencer_JL.