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Early 2020-21 Fantasy Hoops Mock Draft

by Mike Gallagher
Updated On: April 11, 2020, 1:46 pm ET

As we get closer to what looks like the 2019-20 fantasy season coming to an end, we can start to look at the 2020-21 season. Unlike in previous seasons, we don't know when the season is going to start, how many games we'll get, and hey maybe even more teams are open to tanking next season if they project that revenues are down.

Our friends at Yahoo! were kind enough to open up their mock draft rooms. The rooms are pretty empty for the most part, but I was able to get some of my Twitter followers to do a 14-team, nine-category mock draft this week.

I'll be tweeting out a ton of links on Twitter to do some mocks, so follow me on Twitter @MikeSGallagher.


Round 1

(1) Sid K. - Anthony Davis (LAL - PF,C) 

(2) Jovan - Stephen Curry (GS - PG,SG) 

(3) Michael Gallagher - James Harden (Hou - PG,SG) 

(4) Austin - Karl-Anthony Towns (Min - C) 

(5) Robbie - Giannis Antetokounmpo (Mil - SF,PF) 

(6) Coltin - Damian Lillard (Por - PG) 

(7) Rafael - Nikola Jokic (Den - PF,C) 

(8) Daniel - Bradley Beal (Was - SG) 

(9) Alex - Luka Doncic (Dal - PG,SG,SF) 

(10) S - Trae Young (Atl - PG) 

(11) Sandeep - LeBron James (LAL - PG,SF,PF) 

(12) Patric - John Collins (Atl - PF,C) 

(13) Alex - Kawhi Leonard (LAC - SG,SF) 

(14) oSKie - Paul George (LAC - SF,PF)

Round Recap: Not a whole lot here on the surprise front. Given his durability and how the Rockets added some pace to only cost James Harden 1.5 possessions used per game even with Russell Westbrook around, he should still go No. 1 in nine-cat leagues. Curry is a little too risky to take in the top four, and there's some risk in taking Beal in the top 10 with John Wall set to come back and take away a ton of usage and assist chances. John Collins' elite efficiency to go with a massive boost in blocks has certainly put him in the convo for a top-12 pick --he's been No. 2 since Christmas! Giannis and Luka probably won't be top 10 for nine-cat value per game given some holes to their fantasy games, but obviously the way they rack up the counting stats certainly make them options in the top eight. KAT is obviously worth it up top after missing just five games in his first four seasons prior to the disaster 2019-20. A favorite pick here is Trae Young, who has been elite in scoring, dimes, FT% and 3-pointers while showing he bounces back from injuries very quickly. Dame and Jokic should be locked in as top-five picks, AD next to LeBron has been fantastic, and is LeBron ever gonna fall off? Jokic has actually been the No. 1 player for total value since Christmas, and you gotta love his durability. You could make a case for him as the No. 1 pick, assuming you're OK with slow starts. 

Round 2

(1) oSKie - Kemba Walker (Bos - PG) 

(2) Alex - Jimmy Butler (Mia - SG,SF) 

(3) Patric - Jayson Tatum (Bos - SF,PF) 

(4) Sandeep - Joel Embiid (Phi - PF,C) 

(5) S - Russell Westbrook (Hou - PG) 

(6) Alex - Jrue Holiday (NO - PG,SG) 

(7) Daniel - Devin Booker (Pho - PG,SG) 

(8) Rafael - Ben Simmons (Phi - PG) 

(9) Coltin - Bam Adebayo (Mia - PF,C) 

(10) Robbie - Rudy Gobert (Uta - C) 

(11) Austin - Kyrie Irving (Bkn - PG,SG) 

(12) Michael Gallagher - Kevin Durant (Bkn - SF,PF) 

(13) Jovan - Donovan Mitchell (Uta - PG,SG) 

(14) Sid K. - Pascal Siakam (Tor - PF) 

In the second round, there were two players who I thought should've gone in the first round: Jayson Tatum and Kevin Durant. Tatum blossomed into a multi-cat stud, his team will compete in the playoffs, and he's still just 15 years old (JK, he just turned 22 last month). Usually, you want to be low risk in the first round, but KD is just too good to pass up at the turn. He had a big bounce-back year after his Jones fracture season, he's going to have about 16 months to get healthy, and he's been fairly durable over his career. Prior to January, Kemba looked like he was going to be a fantastic fantasy player, but his knee issue may have slowed him down. Westbrook has been outstanding in 2020, averaging 31.7 points, 8.1 boards, 6.8 dimes, 1.9 steals, 0.7 treys and 4.6 turnovers on a 53/32/75 shooting line over his last 23 games. The vast majority of these guys should certainly go in round two later this year with Jimmy, Bam, Ben, Gobert, Siakam, Booker and Jrue fairly safe here. Personally, I won't be drafting Kyrie and Embiid for their injury concerns.


Round 3

(1) Sid K. - Chris Paul (OKC - PG) 

(2) Jovan - Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (OKC - PG,SG,SF) 

(3) Michael Gallagher - Jaren Jackson Jr. (Mem - PF,C) 

(4) Austin - Nikola Vucevic (Orl - PF,C) 

(5) Robbie - Buddy Hield (Sac - SG) 

(6) Coltin - Deandre Ayton (Pho - C) 

(7) Rafael - Kristaps Porzingis (Dal - PF,C) 

(8) Daniel - Andre Drummond (Cle - PF,C) 

(9) Alex - Zion Williamson (NO - PF) 

(10) S - Jonathan Isaac (Orl - SF,PF) 

(11) Sandeep - John Wall (Was - PG) 

(12) Patric - Ja Morant (Mem - PG) 

(13) Alex - Kyle Lowry (Tor - PG) 

(14) oSKie - Khris Middleton (Mil - SG,SF) 

Round Recap: A lot of picks I liked here. SGA had the highest of bars this year, and he was still able to clear it even with CP3 staying healthy. KP had been one of the hottest players in fantasy just before the season came to a halt, but a lot of that momentum was built up while Luka was banged up. He's still certainly worth it here, but I would've preferred Jonathan Isaac, who was flirting with first-round value prior to his knee injury. Zion could certainly go in round two, but just 0.8 steals and 0.5 blocks in his rookie season has been a major negative to him having a monster fantasy impact. Buddy did take a step back this season and it's easy to forget he'll be 28 during next season. I loved the Ja pick and Khris Middleton has been absurd since Christmas as the No. 13 player in that span. Vooch is a great safe pick and has been rolling since Isaac went down. John Wall has really struggled to stay on the court even prior to his Achilles tear, so no thanks there. In the last 36 games, JJJ has actually outscored Ja Morant, averaging 17.9 points, 4.6 boards, 1.4 dimes, 1.9 blocks, 0.8 steals and 2.7 treys on a 47/40/72 shooting line.

Round 4

(1) oSKie - LaMarcus Aldridge (SA - PF,C) 

(2) Alex - Danilo Gallinari (OKC - SF,PF) 

(3) Patric - Robert Covington (Hou - SF,PF,C) 

(4) Sandeep - Klay Thompson (GS - SG,SF) 

(5) S - D'Angelo Russell (Min - PG,SG) 

(6) Alex - De'Aaron Fox (Sac - PG) 

(7) Daniel - DeMar DeRozan (SA - SG,SF) 

(8) Rafael - CJ McCollum (Por - PG,SG) 

(9) Coltin - Clint Capela (Atl - PF,C) 

(10) Robbie - Mike Conley (Uta - PG) 

(11) Austin - Zach LaVine (Chi - PG,SG,SF) 

(12) Michael Gallagher - Christian Wood (Det - PF,C) 

(13) Jovan - Domantas Sabonis (Ind - PF,C) 

(14) Sid K. - Tobias Harris (Phi - SF,PF) 

Round Recap: A lot of boring picks here with LMA, Gallo, McCollum, Tobias, Capela and maybe even Sabonis, and all make a lot of sense. It's going to be very interesting to see what happens to DeMar this offseason, and his value could either get a boost on a bad team or he could be a role player on a title contender. D-Lo has been productive in his dozen games with the Wolves, sitting at 22/6/7 on a 41/35/87 shooting line. He could be big time next year and playing next to KAT could help, especially if KAT takes a lot of assisted treys. If Christian Wood stays with the Pistons, he could be a top-15 guy. In his last 13 games, Wood averaged 22.8 points, 9.9 boards, 2.0 dimes, 1.0 blocks, 0.8 steals and 1.7 treys on a 56/40/76 shooting line. Woo boy.

Round 5

(1) Sid K. - Myles Turner (Ind - PF,C) 

(2) Jovan - Hassan Whiteside (Por - C) 

(3) Michael Gallagher - Fred VanVleet (Tor - PG,SG) 

(4) Austin - Brandon Ingram (NO - SG,SF,PF) 

(5) Robbie - Eric Bledsoe (Mil - PG,SG) 

(6) Coltin - Jamal Murray (Den - PG,SG) 

(7) Rafael - Victor Oladipo (Ind - PG,SG) 

(8) Daniel - Draymond Green (GS - PF,C) 

(9) Alex - Lonzo Ball (NO - PG) 

(10) S - Richaun Holmes (Sac - PF,C) 

(11) Sandeep - Kelly Oubre Jr. (Pho - SF,PF) 

(12) Patric - Mitchell Robinson (NY - C) 

(13) Alex - Otto Porter Jr. (Chi - SF,PF) 

(14) oSKie - Steven Adams (OKC - C) 

Round Recap: Whiteside had himself a monster season in a contract year, and it'll be interesting to see what kind of market he gets next year. It's fair to say he won't be able to repeat, but he's a great value here. Myles Turner has actually really picked it up lately, averaging 11.9 points, 8.1 boards, 1.0 dimes, 0.9 steals, 3.1 blocks (!) and 1.3 treys on a 46/32/73 shooting line over his last 11. Mitch Rob has also stepped it up, but his role isn't quite as clear for next year. Ingram had a breakout year and he's still just 22, so going in round five is a nice get. Like his teammate, Lonzo has also improved this year, especially lately. Richaun Holmes was playing like a first-round guy prior to his injury, and perhaps he can still get 23-28 minutes even with some competition for playing time. Love it here. FVV is going to get the bag after proving he has early-round upside in 36 minutes per game. I don't think I'll be drafting Otto, Bledsoe, Adams or Oladipo.

Round 6

(1) oSKie - Montrezl Harrell (LAC - PF,C) 

(2) Alex - Blake Griffin (Det - PF,C) 

(3) Patric - Gordon Hayward (Bos - SG,SF) 

(4) Sandeep - Malcolm Brogdon (Ind - PG,SG) 

(5) S - Kevin Love (Cle - PF,C) 

(6) Alex - Devonte' Graham (Cha - PG,SG) 

(7) Daniel - Lauri Markkanen (Chi - PF) 

(8) Rafael - Brook Lopez (Mil - C) 

(9) Coltin - Wendell Carter Jr. (Chi - C) 

(10) Robbie - Aaron Gordon (Orl - SF,PF) 

(11) Austin - Jaylen Brown (Bos - SG,SF) 

(12) Michael Gallagher - Dejounte Murray (SA - PG) 

(13) Jovan - Jonas Valanciunas (Mem - C) 

(14) Sid K. - Caris LeVert (Bkn - SG,SF) 

Round Recap: There's a decent chance Trez Harrell winds up on a different team, and that might not be a bad thing with so many good players on the Clips. Brogdon's injury history makes him a tough target, but he was looking like an early-round stud before the wheels fell off. Aaron Gordon somehow has turned into a fantasy monster for his last 10 games, and he's still just 24. Devonte' trending down on 3-pointers has really been a buzzkill to his value, but the counting stats should be there and his role should be somewhat safe next season. Wendell Carter Jr. could become a post-hype target after a big letdown again, but most owners can probably wait a little longer here. Dejounte has been on smash mode in his last 11, averaging 14.3 points, 6.3 boards, 5.5 dimes, 2.1 steals, and 0.9 treys on a 47/46/91 shooting line. On top of that, he has an 18/9/6 line with 3.0 steals per 36 in his minutes without DeMar DeRozan. He's still just 23.

Round 7

(1) Sid K. - Ricky Rubio (Pho - PG) 

(2) Jovan - Marcus Smart (Bos - PG,SG) 

(3) Michael Gallagher - Mikal Bridges (Pho - SG,SF) 

(4) Austin - Derrick Favors (NO - PF,C) 

(5) Robbie - Al Horford (Phi - PF,C) 

(6) Coltin - T.J. Warren (Ind - SF,PF) 

(7) Rafael - Terry Rozier (Cha - PG,SG) 

(8) Daniel - Julius Randle (NY - PF,C) 

(9) Alex - Marvin Bagley III (Sac - PF,C) 

(10) S - Serge Ibaka (Tor - PF,C) 

(11) Sandeep - Josh Richardson (Phi - SG,SF) 

(12) Patric - Kevin Huerter (Atl - SG,SF) 

(13) Alex - Miles Bridges (Cha - SF,PF) 

(14) oSKie - Jarrett Allen (Bkn - PF,C) 

Round Recap: Ricky Rubio had been one of the hottest point guards over the last month of the season, and he clearly showed he can co-exist with Devin Booker. The only real downside is injury risk as he hits age 30 next season. Another Sun tearing it up lately has been Mikal Bridges over his last 24, averaging 11.5 points, 4.2 boards, 2.5 dimes, 1.5 steals, 0.9 blocks and 1.5 treys on a 52/40/94 shooting line. It took a while to get Monty Williams' trust, but he has it and chances are his minutes are safe, especially if Dario Saric isn't back. Scary Terry had a bumpy ride and was playing well in his five March games with a 23/3/4 line at 38 minutes per night, and his teammate Miles Bridges was also starting to round into form. Maybe Bagley becomes a stud, but what a rough 2019-20. Kevin Huerter may be capped a bit next year with a hit to his minutes, but he's shown he's not just a scorer. 

Round 8

(1) oSKie - Joe Ingles (Uta - SG,SF) 

(2) Alex - Thomas Bryant (Was - C) 

(3) Patric - Derrick White (SA - PG,SG) 

(4) Sandeep - Bogdan Bogdanovic (Sac - SG,SF) 

(5) S - Bojan Bogdanovic (Uta - SG,SF,PF) 

(6) Alex - PJ Washington (Cha - SF,PF) 

(7) Daniel - Brandon Clarke (Mem - PF,C) 

(8) Rafael - Larry Nance Jr. (Cle - PF,C) 

(9) Coltin - De'Andre Hunter (Atl - SF) 

(10) Robbie - Marc Gasol (Tor - C) 

(11) Austin - Davis Bertans (Was - PF,C) 

(12) Michael Gallagher - Cam Reddish (Atl - PG,SG,SF) 

(13) Jovan - Joe Harris (Bkn - SG,SF) 

(14) Sid K. - Rui Hachimura (Was - SF,PF) 

Round Recap: Thomas Bryant looked like he was gonna be a top-40 guy prior to Thanksgiving, but his foot never got right and he was extremely annoying to own since Christmas. Bogdan is an RFA and should be back with the Kings, but maybe a team overpays to land him as a starter. Derrick White could be the big winner if DeMar bolts. Brandon Clarke and P.J. Washington could both run into a few more minutes next year as their competition gets a year older. Cam Reddish really showed he has some fantasy upside over his last dozen games, averaging 15.9 points, 3.6 boards, 1.3 dimes, 1.3 steals and 2.1 treys on a 49/40/83 shooting line. He had a 60.8 eFG% on his last 93 jump shots, which more than doubles his 29.6 eFG% on the first 103 jumpers to start his career. Larry Nance could be in a good spot next year, but he needs a few things to happen to lose some competition.

Round 9

(1) Sid K. - Tyler Herro (Mia - SG,SF) 

(2) Jovan - Jusuf Nurkic (Por - C) 

(3) Michael Gallagher - Malik Beasley (Min - PG,SG) 

(4) Austin - Andrew Wiggins (GS - SG,SF) 

(5) Robbie - Jeff Teague (Atl - PG) 

(6) Coltin - Will Barton (Den - SG,SF) 

(7) Rafael - Norman Powell (Tor - SG,SF) 

(8) Daniel - RJ Barrett (NY - SG,SF) 

(9) Alex - Justise Winslow (Mem - PG,SF,PF) 

(10) S - Evan Fournier (Orl - SG,SF) 

(11) Sandeep - Spencer Dinwiddie (Bkn - PG) 

(12) Patric - Luke Kennard (Det - SG) 

(13) Alex - Kyle Kuzma (LAL - SF,PF) 

(14) oSKie - Lou Williams (LAC - PG,SG) 

Round Recap:  A whole lot of unclear situations here, but let's go with picks that I didn't like. Jeff Teague was an auto, there's really no reason to target Winslow because he'd basically need a Ja injury to be relevant, Kuzma would need to be traded and Duncan Robinson turning into an elite shooter could cap Herro a bit. It's possible that Kennard can get it going with the Pistons set for a full rebuild, and he'll have time for his knee to heal. Andrew Wiggins has shown so far that he can add some defensive stats on the Warriors, but it'll be interesting to see what happens with Klay and Steph. Malik Beasley has been unreal with the Wolves, averaging 20.7 points, 5.1 boards, 1.9 dimes, 0.6 steals and 3.5 treys. He'll trend down with KAT back, but clearly he's regained that confidence he had from 2018-19.

Round 10

(1) oSKie - DeAndre Jordan (Bkn - C) 

(2) Alex - Jeremy Lamb (Ind - SG,SF) 

(3) Patric - Michael Porter Jr. (Den - SF) 

(4) Sandeep - OG Anunoby (Tor - SF,PF) 

(5) S - Collin Sexton (Cle - PG,SG) 

(6) Alex - Markelle Fultz (Orl - PG,SG) 

(7) Daniel - Coby White (Chi - PG) 

(8) Rafael - Derrick Rose (Det - PG,SG) 

(9) Coltin - Duncan Robinson (Mia - SG,SF,PF) 

(10) Robbie - Dewayne Dedmon (Atl - C) 

(11) Austin - Daniel Theis (Bos - PF,C) 

(12) Michael Gallagher - Donte DiVincenzo (Mil - PG,SG) 

(13) Jovan - Dennis Schroder (OKC - PG) 

(14) Sid K. - Harrison Barnes (Sac - SF,PF) 

Round Recap: I wanted some Duncan Robinson, Theis or OG here. Since Jan. 24, Robinson has 100 triples with the next closest NBA player at just 88 in that span (Buddy Hield). Collin Sexton has really turned into a solid fantasy option, especially just before the season stopped. In his last 25, Sexton averaged 24.2 points, 3.0 boards, 4.0 dimes, 1.1 steals and 2.3 treys on a 50/45/87 shooting line. Fultz was starting to get it going just before the break, and maybe he gets even better next year. Still, there's not much of a ceiling for fantasy. Coby White has really blown up, but the Bulls missing some players certainly helped.


Round 11

(1) Sid K. - Robert Williams (Bos - PF,C) 

(2) Jovan - Kevin Porter Jr. (Cle - SG) 

(3) Michael Gallagher - Zach Collins (Por - PF,C) 

(4) Austin - Marquese Chriss (GS - PF,C) 

(5) Robbie - Delon Wright (Dal - PG,SG) 

(6) Coltin - Darius Garland (Cle - PG) 

(7) Rafael - Paul Millsap (Den - PF,C) 

(8) Daniel - Dario Saric (Pho - PF,C) 

(9) Alex - P.J. Tucker (Hou - SF,PF,C) 

(10) S - Tomas Satoransky (Chi - PG,SG) 

(11) Sandeep - DeMarcus Cousins (LAL - PF,C) 

(12) Patric - Trevor Ariza (Por - SG,SF) 

(13) Alex - Nicolas Batum (Cha - SG,SF) 

(14) oSKie - JJ Redick (NO - SG) 

Round Recap: I needed a big man here and took a shot on Zach Collins with hopes the Blazers don't add much help for him again in the offseason. A couple other picks that stuck out were DeMarcus Cousins, who maybe can land in a very favorable spot. Kevin Porter Jr. was looking like a fantasy stud prior to his concussion, and it's not crazy to think he's going to have a better year than Darius Garland. Robert Williams and Marquese Chriss should have a lot of guys gunning for their minutes, but they both have some attractive upside.

Round 12

(1) oSKie - Terrence Ross (Orl - SG,SF) 

(2) Alex - Gary Harris (Den - SG,SF) 

(3) Patric - Nerlens Noel (OKC - PF,C) 

(4) Sandeep - Jaxson Hayes (NO - C) 

(5) S - Jerami Grant (Den - SF,PF) 

(6) Alex - Seth Curry (Dal - PG,SG) 

(7) Daniel - Goran Dragic (Mia - PG,SG) 

(8) Rafael - Elfrid Payton (NY - PG) 

(9) Coltin - Jarrett Culver (Min - PG,SG,SF) 

(10) Robbie - Patrick Beverley (LAC - PG,SG) 

(11) Austin - Tim Hardaway Jr. (Dal - SG,SF) 

(12) Michael Gallagher - Nicolas Claxton (Bkn - C) 

(13) Jovan - De'Anthony Melton (Mem - PG,SG) 

(14) Sid K. - Kendrick Nunn (Mia - PG,SG) 

Round Recap: The big-man well has basically dried up here, so I grabbed Nic Claxton with hopes that the Nets trade him. Seth Curry has been the best jump shooter in 2020 based on eFG%, and his role could be there again next year. Nerlens Noel could get some decent offers next year to up his playing time, too.


Round 13

(1) Sid K. - Eric Gordon (Hou - SG,SF) 

(2) Jovan - Jakob Poeltl (SA - C) 

(3) Michael Gallagher - Sekou Doumbouya (Det - SF,PF) 

(4) Austin - Meyers Leonard (Mia - PF,C) 

(5) Robbie - Thaddeus Young (Chi - SF,PF) 

(6) Coltin - Derrick Jones Jr. (Mia - SF,PF) 

(7) Rafael - Dillon Brooks (Mem - SG,SF) 

(8) Daniel - Jae Crowder (Mia - SF,PF) 

(9) Alex - Harry Giles III (Sac - PF,C) 

(10) S - Danuel House Jr. (Hou - SG,SF,PF) 

(11) Sandeep - Dwight Powell (Dal - PF,C) 

(12) Patric - Matisse Thybulle (Phi - SG,SF) 

(13) Alex - Enes Kanter (Bos - C) 

(14) oSKie - Josh Okogie (Min - PG,SG) 

We'll have another mock write up next week and it'll have a lot of my Rotoworld colleagues, so check back for that!

Mike Gallagher
Mike Gallagher has covered fantasy hoops for eight years and this season is his second with Rotoworld. You can find him on Twitter talking about a player's shots at the rim.