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Eastern Conference Draft Needs

by Ed Isaacson
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:09 pm ET

The Eastern Conference was obviously the weaker of the two conferences this year, but this may be the draft where the East starts to pick up momentum. Philadelphia and Orlando both have multiple lottery picks, Milwaukee has the No. 3 pick and some early second-round picks, and Cleveland has the No. 1 overall pick again. While so much is left to chance in the draft, it is possible to try and break down where teams may be looking when their number is called. Here is a look at the Eastern Conference team needs and possible choices.

Atlanta Hawks
Picks: Round 1 – No. 15; Round 2 – No. 43
Needs: Perimeter shooting, depth on the wings and frontcourt

Though they made the playoffs in the Eastern Conference, the Hawks slipped into the playoffs, and they return much of the talent that got them there. The Hawks finished in the top half of the league in three-point shooting, though Kyle Korver was the only consistent threat. At No. 15 in the first round, the Hawks will have some good opportunities to bolster their shooting with players like Rodney Hood, James Young or Gary Harris possibly being available. If they choose to address the frontcourt depth in the first round, a versatile player like Kyle Anderson may be a strong piece who can contribute in a variety of ways, or strong-shooting big man Adreian Payne may appeal to them. Maybe not a possibility after they took two international players last season, only one (Dennis Schroeder) who came over to play now, the Hawks may look to add another big for the future in Jusuf Nurkic, who has NBA size but is still developing on both ends of the floor. The second round affords them a chance to add more at either of their needs with shooters such as Jabari Brown or Roy Devyn Marble being possibilities, or with a frontcourt player like Johnny O’Bryant, Dwight Powell or Serbian big man Nikola Jokic.

Boston Celtics
Picks: Round 1 – No. 6, No. 17
Needs: Depth everywhere, more talent

It was a rough season for Celtics fans, but the team will have a chance to instantly upgrade their talent with two picks in the top-20. The Celtics’ strategy should just be the best available talent in each spot. At No. 6, they could be looking at players such as Marcus Smart or power forwards Julius Randle, Noah Vonleh or Aaron Gordon. No matter which direction they go at No. 6, they can grab some talent who can step in an contribute right away in TJ Warren, Adreian Payne or Rodney Hood, or with some less developed talent in Tyler Ennis or James Young.

Brooklyn Nets
Picks: None
Needs: Replace aging talent

The Nets could really use a pick in this draft with a lot of good, young talent, but unless they swing a deal, they will be sitting this one out.

Charlotte Hornets
Picks: Round 1 – No. 9, No. 24; Round 2 – No. 45
Needs: Perimeter shooting, defense, depth at all spots

Coach Steve Clifford had the then-Bobcats playing very well last season, getting the team to focus on the defensive end. Now with two first-round picks, the Hornets can add some strong offensive pieces if they look in that direction. At No. 9, they could have plenty of choices for scorers in Nik Stauskas, Rodney Hood, Doug McDermott or Gary Harris. They can even address scoring at No. 24 with players such as Jordan Adams or PJ Hairston or look for depth at the point guard with Shabazz Napier or Jordan Clarkson. The one area where they probably won’t get much help with at No. 24 is frontcourt depth. At No. 45, the Hornets could find some frontcourt help in Patric Young or Johnny O’Bryant or point guard depth with Russ Smith or Deonte Burton.

Chicago Bulls
Picks: Round 1 – No. 16, No. 19; Round 2 – No. 49
Needs: Scoring, backcourt and center depth

Tom Thibodeau did a masterful job keeping the Bulls on track after losing Derrick Rose again to a knee injury just 10 games into the season. With two picks in the middle of the first round, the Bulls can look to add some much-needed scoring, as well as looking for a good back-up option for Rose. The other option would be to package the picks in hopes of moving up for a better talent. If the Bulls look for scoring, players such as TJ Warren, Rodney Hood, James Young and Adreian Payne may all be considered. If they want to find a point guard with either pick, they can hope Elfrid Payton falls to them or look at Tyler Ennis. There is plenty of late second-round value available if the Bulls choose to keep the pick, and the Bulls can also hope that former first round pick Nikola Mirotic finally decides to come over to the NBA. 

Cleveland Cavaliers
Picks: Round 1 – No. 1; Round 2 – No. 33
Needs: Talent and depth everywhere

The Cavaliers’ season was a disaster in many ways, but they came out of it with the No. 1 pick for the third time in four years. Kyrie Irving is still the centerpiece of the team, while Joel Embiid’s foot injury likely takes him out of the No. 1 spot. The choice comes down to either Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker. Wiggins has been my top prospect this whole season, and he is still the best choice for Cleveland at No. 1. Wiggins gives them a player who can help immediately while also offering plenty of upside to make him worth a No. 1 pick. Parker would also be able to come in and help right away, though I don’t see Cleveland ready to give up on Anthony Bennett so soon, and I can’t see Bennett and Parker playing together. I guess there is a third option where Cleveland can trade the pick, but I don’t know what they would want and who would pay. At No. 33, the Cavaliers could look in a few directions, but defense and/or perimeter shooting may be a priority. CJ Wilcox could add some long-range shooting on the wing, while Cleanthony Early or Joe Harris can give them a versatile scorer who can play tough defense.

Detroit Pistons
Picks: Round 1 - None; Round 2 – No. 38
Needs: Perimeter shooting, frontcourt depth

Stan Van Gundy has taken over the Pistons, and he has the centerpiece to build his team around with an ever-improving Andre Drummond. Frontcourt mate Greg Monroe is a restricted free agent, and the Pistons may let him go, allowing Josh Smith to move to his more natural power forward position. They drafted a shooter last year in Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, though the results have been mixed so far. They may have some options early in the second round for another shooter with players such as CJ Wilcox, Joe Harris or maybe reach a bit for Roy Devyn Marble. If they choose to add some depth up front, the Pistons could look at players such as Dwight Powell, Cameron Bairstow or Khem Birch, all who could alleviate the rebounding pressure on Drummond.  An International player they can stash could be their route as Van Gundy plans the team’s future, though many of the options aren’t very appealing.

Indiana Pacers
Picks: Round 1 - None; Round 2 – No. 57
Needs: Add depth and shooting

With just one pick late in the second round, there may not be many obvious options for the Pacers to improve their roster, but with a draft loaded with talent all the way through, the opportunity will be there. Another big man to back up Roy Hibbert could be a priority, and they could find a player such as Jordan Bachynski available. Depending on what happens with Lance Stephenson this summer, they could look to fill a backcourt slot with a player like Jordan McRae, Markel Brown or Nick Johnson, or they could hope that a player such as Jabari Brown or Roy Devyn Marble drops to them. It’s not a great position to be in, but expect Indiana’s front office to make the best of it.

Miami Heat
Picks: Round 1 – No. 26; Round 2 – No. 55
Needs: Infusion of young talent at any position

LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade all have early termination options available to them, and James has already exercised his. No matter what, the Heat are a team in need of some young talent to bolster their bench, and at No. 26, they should find someone who can help them out quickly.  The Heat could find some very good complementary part for the big three if they are all still there, especially players who will do the dirty work. K.J. McDaniels, Jarnell Stokes, Cleanthony Early, Jerami Grant or Jordan Adams can all be help in various ways, especially on the defensive end. Point guard has always seemed to be the weakness on the Heat teams, so if Shabazz Napier happens to still be available, the Heat should make him the easy choice.  At No. 55, the Heat could look to add another complementary part, or possibly fill the need at point guard. They could find point guards such as Deonte Burton, Jahii Carson or DeAndre Kane available to come in at least as a back-up right away.

Milwaukee Bucks
Picks: Round 1 – No. 2; Round 2 – No. 31, No. 36, No. 48
Needs: Depth on the wings, three-point shooting, scorers

The Bucks are in a tremendous position with three picks in the top-36, including No. 2, where the selection should be easy – whichever one of Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker isn’t picked by Cleveland should be Milwaukee’s pick. My best guess is that they will get Parker, who will instantly add the scoring punch the team needs, though Wiggins would be a great addition to the young core already there as well.  They can focus on shooters at No. 31 and/or No. 36, including players like CJ Wilcox or Joe Harris, or young wings such as Glenn Robinson III, Cleanthony Early or Thanasis Antetokounmpo (older brother of Milwaukee’s Giannis). With an abundance of second round picks, there is a good chance the Bucks look to grab a draft-and-stash international player such as Damien Inglis, Bogdan Bogdanovic or big man Walter Tavares. The last option is they may consider packaging their second round picks in hopes of moving up to the first round this year or maybe grab a future first round pick.

New York Knicks
Picks: None
Needs: Players who fit Phil Jackson’s vision

The Knicks have been mentioned constantly as a team looking to move into the first round through a trade. It’s not known who their target will be or who is willing to deal with them yet.

Orlando Magic
Picks: Round 1 – No. 4; Round 2 – No. 12
Needs: Point guard, frontcourt depth

The Victor Oladipo as point guard experiment didn’t seem to go as well as probably hoped, but the Magic will have a shot to find a player to take over the position.  At No. 4, Marcus Smart should be available and will instantly give them a solid point guard and high-level defender. They may also consider Dante Exum if he is available, though I am among the group who don’t see his future at the point guard position, though he will fit in well with the athletic core of the team. The wild card may be whether Joel Embiid is available. Would the Magic take a chance on him, even with Nikola Vucevic coming off a very strong season?  They may look to shore up the frontcourt with the athletic but raw Noah Vonleh. If they don’t get a point guard at No. 4, they can look to get one at No. 12 in Elfrid Payton, who would be a great value there.  With a pretty full roster, they may look to take a chance on Dario Saric and wait for him to finish his contract in Europe and come over in a few years. Saric would be able to help immediately on the offensive end with the core players a few years more experienced.

Philadelphia 76ers
Picks: Round 1 – No. 3, No. 10; Round 2 – No. 32, No. 39, No. 47, No. 52, No. 54
Needs: Add more talent
Philadelphia will be able to take a major step forward with the choices they make in this draft. No. 3 will likely come down to taking a chance on the injured Joel Embiid or taking Dante Exum and hoping he and Michael Carter-Williams can play well together.  At No. 10 they can add any number of things, such as shooting/scoring or defense/rebounding. Players such as Aaron Gordon or Julius Randle could help in the frontcourt, or Nik Stauskas, Gary Harris or Rodney Hood could help on the wings. With five second-round picks, the possibilities are enormous – from making multiple trades, drafting their choice of International players or just adding as much talent as they can. No matter how it shakes out, the Sixers will be better next year.

Toronto Raptors
Picks: Round 1 – No. 20; Round 2 – No. 37, No. 59
Needs: Point guard, shooting, defense

With Kyle Lowry likely gone this offseason, point guard will be a priority, though they might not have a great selection at No. 20. Shabazz Napier, Tyler Ennis or Jordan Clarkson could be available, but the Raptors may have to take the best player available. Options could be Adreian Payne, James Young or my choice, KJ McDaniels. They could look to add a point guard option in the second round at No. 37, with players such as Russ Smith, Semaj Christon or Deonte Burton all possibilities. Expect the Raptors to take a draft-and-stash player at No. 59.

Washington Wizards
Picks: Round 1 - None; Round 2 - #46
Needs: Frontcourt and backcourt depth 

The backcourt won’t be the priority with John Wall and Bradley Beal both improving monthly, so the focus may be on the frontcourt, where last year’s No. 3 pick Otto Porter has yet to make an impact. Players such as James Michael McAdoo, Cameron Bairstow, Dwight Powell or DeAndre Daniels could all help out immediately. They may also look to add a point guard to back up Wall. Guys such as Russ Smith, DeAndre Kane, Deonte Burton or Jahii Carson could all be available here for the Wizards.

Ed Isaacson
Ed Isaacson is in his second year of covering the NBA Draft for Rotoworld.com, while his work can also be found at NBADraftblog.com. Follow him on Twitter at @nbadraftblog.