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Dynasty Mock Draft

by Patrick Daugherty
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

The 2015 season is in the books, and 2016 is in the throes of winter. It can be a depressing time for football fans. The solution? A ridiculously early look at next year and beyond with a Dynasty mock. The draft and free agency will change values and perceptions, but with our impressions of 2015 still fresh, it’s a great time to take stock of how we feel about the existing player pool. The All Star drafting cast is as follows:    

1. Raymond Summerlin (Rotoworld)

2. Evan Silva (Rotoworld)

3. Adam Levitan (DraftKings)

4. Mike Clay (Pro Football Focus)

5. Jeff Brubach (The Fake Football)

6. Nick Mensio (Rotoworld)

7. Jeff Ratcliffe (Pro Football Focus)

8. Matt Harmon (NFL.com)

9. Rich Hribar (Rotoworld, etc.)

10. Jesse Pantuosco (Rotoworld)

11. Sigmund Bloom (Footballguys)

12. Patrick Daugherty (Rotoworld)

Round 1

1. Raymond Summerlin — Odell Beckham, WR1

2. Evan Silva — Allen Robinson, WR2

3. Adam Levitan — Antonio Brown, WR3

4. Mike Clay — DeAndre Hopkins, WR4

5. Jeff Brubach — Julio Jones, WR5

6. Nick Mensio — Mike Evans, WR6

7. Jeff Ratcliffe — Rob Gronkowski, TE1

8. Matt Harmon — A.J. Green, WR7

9. Rich Hribar — Sammy Watkins, WR8

10. Jesse Pantuosco — Todd Gurley, RB1

11. Sigmund Bloom — Le'Veon Bell, RB2

12. Patrick Daugherty — Amari Cooper, WR9

Notes: Both major political parties agree America is changing in profound ways. That includes the position du jour in fantasy football. When Rotoworld conducted a for-real Dynasty draft three years ago, 10-of-14 first-round picks were running backs. Now we might as well be living in Denmark, as receivers — with their supposedly more predictable and streamlined career arcs — take the day. It’s an understandable reaction. Ever more running backs find themselves in committees, while a torn ACL is never more than one cut away. You could (easily) argue receivers are just as volatile and prone to injury, but running back’s demise has also coincided with a talent explosion at wideout. I still think Todd Gurley and Le'Veon Bell deserved to go higher, perhaps in the Nos. 4-5 range. Running back isn’t what it once was, but elite ones still carry teams in a way no wideout or quarterback can.        

Round 2

13. Patrick Daugherty — Martavis Bryant, WR10

14. Sigmund Bloom — Alshon Jeffery, WR11

15. Jesse Pantuosco — Demaryius Thomas, WR12

16. Rich Hribar — Dez Bryant, WR13

17. Matt Harmon — David Johnson, RB3

18. Jeff Ratcliffe — Keenan Allen, WR14

19. Nick Mensio — Devonta Freeman, RB4

20. Jeff Brubach — Brandin Cooks, WR15

21. Mike Clay — DeVante Parker, WR16

22. Adam Levitan — T.Y. Hilton, WR17

23. Evan Silva — Randall Cobb, WR18

24. Raymond Summerlin — Doug Martin, RB5

Notes: It didn’t take long for things to get weird. The group’s aversion to quarterbacks is extreme, even for the fantasy football intelligentsia. A year ago, Andrew Luck was in the conversation for No. 1 overall. Now he’s going behind a free agent running back (Doug Martin), and a rookie receiver who caught a modest 26 passes as he battled foot issues (DeVante Parker). … Dez Bryant has the potential to be the steal of the draft. He was a cinch top-five option a year ago, and is still only 27. He’s the fully realized version of Allen Robinson, who went No. 2 overall. But, as someone who traded Bryant away in my Dynasty league, I understand the concern. His well-established upside is through the roof, but a player who has always sacrificed his body without a second thought could decline rapidly. … Devonta Freeman is one of the hardest players to figure in fantasy football. 2015’s RB1 should be a slam-dunk first-rounder, but he ran out of gas down the stretch, and has an uber-talented backfield mate in Tevin Coleman. He’s worth the risk at No. 19, but his slide is justifiable.   

Round 3

25. Raymond Summerlin — Lamar Miller, RB6

26. Evan Silva — Dorial Green-Beckham, WR19

27. Adam Levitan — T.J. Yeldon, RB7

28. Mike Clay — Kevin White, WR20

29. Jeff Brubach — Donte Moncrief, WR21

30. Nick Mensio — Michael Floyd, WR22

31. Jeff Ratcliffe — Jarvis Landry, WR23

32. Matt Harmon — Jordan Matthews, WR24

33. Rich Hribar — Josh Gordon, WR25

34. Jesse Pantuosco — Cam Newton, QB1

35. Sigmund Bloom — John Brown, WR26

36. Patrick Daugherty — Thomas Rawls, RB8

Notes: Still only 25, Lamar Miller has never missed a game with injury, and averaged 4.8 yards per carry over the past two years. A free agent, he seems likely to bolt for a team that will actually use him. … Dorial Green-Beckham was as raw as advertised has a rookie, but averaged 17.2 yards per catch on 32 grabs. He did the majority of his damage in the season’s final month. He’s a moderate-risk, high-reward option in a draft where all the top receivers were gone in a blink of an eye. … T.J. Yeldon’s rookie role lived up to the hype, though not his production. Either way, a young back with three-down prospects has become the rarest of things. … Michael Floyd’s Dynasty stock has been prone to wild fluctuations, but few players were better down the stretch in 2015. 2016 might (should?) finally be the year he moves past Larry Fitzgerald. … It’s crowded in Arizona’s receiver corps, but I was surprised to see John Brown go so late, particularly after Kevin White, who has never played, and Jordan Matthews, who was amongst the league’s most disappointing players last season. … Cam Newton was deserving of his MVP award, but has never been known for his consistency. I’d probably still put him behind Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers. … Rawls could be a reach, but his 2015 effectiveness coupled with Pete Carroll’s affection for the run has him dripping with upside.   

Round 4

37. Patrick Daugherty — Travis Kelce, TE2

38. Sigmund Bloom — Jeremy Maclin, WR27

39. Jesse Pantuosco — Jordan Reed, TE3

40. Rich Hribar — Jordy Nelson, WR28

41. Matt Harmon — Tyler Lockett, WR29

42. Jeff Ratcliffe — Kelvin Benjamin, WR30

43. Nick Mensio — Tyler Eifert, TE4

44. Jeff Brubach — Mark Ingram, RB9

45. Mike Clay — Andrew Luck, QB2

46. Adam Levitan — Emmanuel Sanders, WR31

47. Evan Silva — Julian Edelman, WR32

48. Raymond Summerlin — Brandon Marshall, WR33


Notes: Tyler Lockett was one of the players I had in mind when I launched this draft. He passed every test as a rookie, but evidently, we held his spread-the-wealth offense against him. Every outcome is on the table with Seattle’s big-play machine, including WR1 status this time next year. … Tyler Eifert is one of the bigger injury risks in football, but any time you can get a player who scored 13 touchdowns in the fourth round, it’s probably wise to do it. … There’s a good chance Andrew Luck would have gone No. 1 in this draft last year. Mike Clay is probably pretty comfortable in his belief that there aren’t 44 better long-term bets than Luck. Sometimes drafts work out like that. … Emmanuel Sanders is an interesting case as the Broncos’ offense transitions to a post-Manning world, but is still only 29 (in March). He has 2,539 yards over the past two seasons. He seems like a massive bargain as the WR31. … Even if Brandon Marshall has only one elite season left, he’s worth the plunge in Round 4 after finishing as the WR3 in 2015.     

Round 5

49. Raymond Summerlin — Breshad Perriman, WR34

50. Evan Silva — Jamaal Charles, RB10

51. Adam Levitan — Ameer Abdullah, RB11

52. Mike Clay — Carlos Hyde, RB12

53. Jeff Brubach — Eric Decker, WR35

54. Nick Mensio — Jeremy Hill, RB12

55. Jeff Ratcliffe — Melvin Gordon, RB13

56. Matt Harmon — Doug Baldwin, WR36

57. Rich Hribar — Russell Wilson, QB3

58. Jesse Pantuosco — Allen Hurns, WR37

59. Sigmund Bloom — Giovani Bernard, RB14

60. Patrick Daugherty — Aaron Rodgers, QB4

Notes: Breshad Perriman has never played an NFL down, but is 22 with 4.3 wheels to go along with a 6-foot-2, 218-pound frame. … Jamaal Charles could become a committee back at this stage of his career, but you probably shouldn’t let the guy who has averaged 5.0 yards per carry in 8-of-8 seasons slide any farther. … Ameer Abdullah didn’t hit many regular season home runs, but ripped just enough doubles to remain an intriguing prospect for a team that will have to be more run heavy in 2016. … Carlos Hyde had the looks of a true breakout player before injury and team-wide ineffectiveness slowed him. … While everyone else was getting cute, Jeff Brubach was stealing Eric Decker as the WR35. … Doug Baldwin scored 14 touchdowns in 2015. At that price, worry about everything else later. … Russell Wilson could be a top-12 pick in 2017 Dynasty drafts. … The difference between Jeremy Hill and Melvin Gordon’s disappointing 2015s? We’ve at least seen Hill have success at the NFL level.   

Round 6

61. Patrick Daugherty — Golden Tate, WR38

62. Sigmund Bloom — Nelson Agholor, WR39

63. Jesse Pantuosco — Jeremy Langford, RB15

64. Rich Hribar — Eddie Lacy, RB16

65. Matt Harmon — Stefon Diggs, WR40

66. Jeff Ratcliffe — Jameis Winston, QB5

67. Nick Mensio — Jerick McKinnon, RB17

68. Jeff Brubach — LeSean McCoy, RB18

69. Mike Clay — Duke Johnson, RB19

70. Adam Levitan — Devin Funchess, WR41

71. Evan Silva — Adrian Peterson, RB20

72. Raymond Summerlin — Marvin Jones, WR42

Notes: That’s a heavy discount for Golden Tate, who has been extremely productive whenever the now-retired Calvin Johnson doesn’t play. … Handpicked by Chip Kelly, Nelson Agholor’s future is uncertain, but he wouldn’t be the first 23-year-old receiver to show dramatic improvement as a sophomore. … Jeremy Langford averaged 21.5 touches in his two rookie starts. … RB16 is a heck of a bargain for a player in Eddie Lacy who retains top-five upside. … Stefon Diggs’ rookie year was wildly uneven, but he flashed big time play-making upside. … Devin Funchess generally impressed when given the chance. He’s a candidate for a sophomore leap. … Marvin Jones could prove to be a massive bargain depending on where he ends up in free agency (Hello New England?).   

Round 7

73. Raymond Summerlin — Jay Ajayi, RB21

74. Evan Silva — Matt Forte, RB22

75. Adam Levitan — Matt Jones, RB23

76. Mike Clay — C.J. Anderson, RB24

77. Jeff Brubach — Dion Lewis, RB25

78. Nick Mensio — Zach Ertz, TE5

79. Jeff Ratcliffe — Latavius Murray, RB26

80. Matt Harmon — Delanie Walker, TE6

81. Rich Hribar — DeSean Jackson, WR43

82. Jesse Pantuosco — Willie Snead, WR44

83. Sigmund Bloom — Karlos Williams, RB27

84. Patrick Daugherty — DeMarco Murray, RB28

Notes: Jay Ajayi could threaten for RB1 status if the Dolphins let Lamar Miller walk in free agency. … Free agent Matt Forte’s status is up in the air, but ESPN Boston believes he could be a “perfect fit” for the Patriots. If that’s the case, he’d remain a perfect fit for fantasy owners for at least one more season. … Matt Jones averaged just 3.4 yards per carry and battled ball security issues as a rookie, but the Redskins remain high on a back GM Scot McCloughan has compared to Marshawn Lynch. … Fresh off handling 27 touches in the Super Bowl, C.J. Anderson has reasserted himself as Denver’s bell-cow. He could be an excellent post-hype sleeper for 2016. … Still somehow only 25, and signed through 2017, Dion Lewis could yet prove special as the Patriots’ pass-catching back. … It’s surprising that Latavius Murray would fall beyond the top 25 backs, but his 2016 was never quite convincing. … Karlos Williams offers mouthwatering upside, but absent a major escalation in LeSean McCoy’s assault case, will remain a handcuff next season.  

Round 8

85. Patrick Daugherty — Greg Olsen, TE7

86. Sigmund Bloom — Michael Crabtree, WR45

87. Jesse Pantuosco — Chris Ivory, RB29

88. Rich Hribar — Torrey Smith, WR46

89. Matt Harmon — Larry Fitzgerald, WR47

90. Jeff Ratcliffe — Tevin Coleman, RB30

91. Nick Mensio — Tavon Austin, WR48

92. Jeff Brubach — Eric Ebron, TE8

93. Mike Clay — Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE9

94. Adam Levitan — Marcus Mariota, QB6

95. Evan Silva — Phillip Dorsett, WR49

96. Raymond Summerlin — Ben Roethlisberger, QB7

Notes: A futureshock Jason Witten, Greg Olsen should have at least 2-3 more above average years in the can. … Michael Crabtree faded after signing his extension last season, but posted a new career high in touchdowns (nine) while matching his receptions high-water mark (85). … Free agent Chris Ivory still doesn’t catch passes, but appeared in 46-of-48 possible games as a Jet. Perhaps he’s finally shed the “injury prone” label. … DeSean Jackson had a career year under Chip Kelly. Torrey Smith is a bit more one dimensional than D-Jax, but his arrow is pointing back up. … Tevin Coleman has rare home run ability, but a committee with last year’s RB1 is far from a given. … It wasn’t necessarily steady, but Eric Ebron made slow improvement in 2015. A bigger role is a given with Megatron riding off into the sunset. … Austin Seferian-Jenkins has been an NFLer for two years. He has 42 catches. … Marcus Mariota flashed plenty of upside, but had only one more win (three) than MCL injuries. … Phillip Dorsett’s rookie year was almost as big of a wash as Breshad Perriman and Kevin White’s. Indy’s receiver corps remains crowded.     

Round 9

97. Raymond Summerlin — Jonathan Stewart, RB31

98. Evan Silva — Julius Thomas, TE10

99. Adam Levitan — Jaelen Strong, WR50

100. Mike Clay — Ladarius Green, TE11

101. Jeff Brubach — Buck Allen, RB32

102. Nick Mensio — Travis Benjamin, WR51

103. Jeff Ratcliffe — Chris Conley, WR52

104. Matt Harmon — Charles Sims, RB33

105. Rich Hribar — Jimmy Graham, TE12

106. Jesse Pantuosco — David Cobb, RB34

107. Sigmund Bloom — Calvin Johnson, WR53

108. Patrick Daugherty — Derek Carr, QB8

Notes: Jaelen Strong scored three touchdowns on 292 snaps as a rookie. Of course, he couldn’t surpass mediocre talents Nate Washington and Cecil Shorts on the depth chart, but the No. 70 overall pick of last year’s draft could ascend in a hurry. Strong just turned 22 last month. … A free agent, Ladarius Green could experience an Emmanuel Sanders-like rise if he signs with the right team. … Going on 25, Buck Allen has the looks of a pure pass-catching back. He’s a better bet in PPR leagues than standard formats. … Travis Benjamin is behind Josh Gordon and Gary Barnidge on the targets totem pole, but could retain WR3 value with talent-maximizer Hue Jackson designing the offense. … Chris Conley is a deep threat with jaw-dropping measurables, but caught only 17 passes as a rookie. With Alex Smith at the controls in Kansas City, it could be a while before Conley even approaches his theoretical ceiling. … Charles Sims could be the Bucs’ starter if Doug Martin bolts in free agency, but will already be 26 in September. … There’s no guarantee Jimmy Graham (patellar tendon) plays in 2016. … “The Good Life” (featuring Sigmund Bloom). But seriously, Calvin Johnson isn’t a bad flier for one of the sharpest guys in the business.   

Round 10

109. Patrick Daugherty — Zach Zenner, RB35

110. Sigmund Bloom — Kendall Wright, WR54

111. Jesse Pantuosco — Kamar Aiken, WR55

112. Rich Hribar — Martellus Bennett, TE13

113. Matt Harmon — Blake Bortles, QB9

114. Jeff Ratcliffe — Jeff Janis, WR56

115. Nick Mensio — Davante Adams, WR57

116. Jeff Brubach — Rueben Randle, WR58

117. Mike Clay — Theo Riddick, RB36

118. Adam Levitan — Maxx Williams, TE14

119. Evan Silva — Gary Barnidge, TE15

120. Raymond Summerlin — Tre McBride, WR59

Notes: My Zach Zenner selection is one of those picks that could already look laughable by September. … Kendall Wright’s ceiling is much lower than expected in 2012, but there aren’t 54 more valuable receivers in Dynasty leagues. … With Steve Smith Sr. and Breshad Perriman both injury question marks, Kamar Aiken could back into another big role. … Blake Bortles’ 2015 could easily go down as a career year, but he’s a 24-year-old quarterback who just threw 35 touchdowns. … Even Mike McCarthy finally agrees: Jeff Janis has earned a bigger role. Truthers, unite. … Davante Adams’ stock has taken approximately a 75 percent hit since this time last year. … Rueben Randle remains a bridesmaid. … Theo Riddick is a PPR machine, but unlikely to emerge as a weekly starter in standard formats any time over the next three years. … Maxx Williams’ rookie year was about as disappointing as possible, but the sophomore is still only 22 (in April). … Gary Barnidge was the clear-cut TE3 in 2015. He’s an extreme bargain as the 119th player off the board.  

Round 11

121. Raymond Summerlin — Isaiah Crowell, RB37

122. Evan Silva — Tom Brady, QB10

123. Adam Levitan — Christine Michael, RB38

124. Mike Clay — Tyrod Taylor, QB11

125. Jeff Brubach — Jamison Crowder, WR60

126. Nick Mensio — Andy Dalton, QB12

127. Jeff Ratcliffe — Cody Latimer, WR61

128. Matt Harmon — Danny Woodhead, RB39

129. Rich Hribar — Matt Ryan, QB13

130. Jesse Pantuosco — Ryan Mathews, RB40

131. Sigmund Bloom — Matthew Stafford, QB14

132. Patrick Daugherty — Spencer Ware, RB41

Notes: Even one year of Tom Brady is worth an 11th-round pick. … Just when you thought the Christine Michael bus was finally coming to a stop… … Tyrod Taylor is probably destined to remain a streamer, but should be a useful guy to have around over the next couple of seasons. … Andy Dalton could easily be a top-eight quarterback over the next 3-5 years. … There’s not a whole lot of light at the end of the Cody Latimer tunnel. … Matt Ryan is more appropriately priced than he’s been in the past, but isn’t a lock to finish in the top 15 next season. … Spencer Ware could be the early-down hammer in a Chiefs committee in 2016.   

Round 12

133. Patrick Daugherty — Charles Johnson, WR62

134. Sigmund Bloom — Jordan Cameron, TE16

135. Jesse Pantuosco — Markus Wheaton, WR63

136. Rich Hribar — Alfred Morris, RB42

137. Matt Harmon — Seth Roberts, WR64

138. Jeff Ratcliffe — Cameron Artis-Payne, RB43

139. Nick Mensio — J.J. Nelson, WR65

140. Jeff Brubach — Philip Rivers, QB15

141. Mike Clay — Marshawn Lynch, RB44

142. Adam Levitan — Sammie Coates, WR66

143. Evan Silva — Andre Ellington, RB45

144. Raymond Summerlin — Brian Quick, WR67

Notes: I bought Charles Johnson for pennies on the dollar, but there’s no guarantee the oil price rebounds in the next 12 months. … Markus Wheaton has been star-crossed to this point in his career, but his play down the stretch suggests there aren’t 62 better NFL receivers. … Alfred Morris seems destined to while away his NFL days as a committee member. … Seth Roberts is versatile and makes big plays. … Cameron Artis-Payne is just as likely to lose his roster spot as take on a bigger role. … J.J. Nelson’s upside is legit, but his receiver corps is so crowded. … Never say never with Marshawn Lynch, but his retirement feels more final than Calvin Johnson’s. (Editor's addendum: I forgot that Mike's Beast Mode selection came before Lynch officially retired.) … The Steelers’ track record with receivers is so good that it’s shocking Sammie Coates fell behind the likes of Cody Latimer and Tre McBride. … Andre Ellington’s career is already running on fumes.      

Round 13

145. Raymond Summerlin — Clive Walford, TE17

146. Evan Silva — DeAndre Smelter, WR68

147. Adam Levitan — Dontrelle Inman, WR69

148. Mike Clay — Justin Hardy, WR70

149. Jeff Brubach — Bilal Powell, RB46

150. Nick Mensio — Justin Hunter, WR71

151. Jeff Ratcliffe — Jace Amaro, TE18

152. Matt Harmon — Albert Wilson, WR72

153. Rich Hribar — Ty Montgomery, WR73

154. Jesse Pantuosco — Kirk Cousins, QB16

155. Sigmund Bloom — Dwayne Allen, TE19

156. Patrick Daugherty — Rishard Matthews, WR74

Notes: Clive Walford is a legitimate TE1 sleeper for 2016. … Another one of the 49ers’ endless redshirts, DeAndre Smelter’s value got a shot in the arm with Chip Kelly’s hiring. … Justin Hardy seems destined to become one of those pesky PPR gnats, especially with the Falcons having zero depth at receiver. … I drafted Justin Hunter for Mensio when he was out partying at Mardi Gras and holding up the draft. … Albert Wilson is establishing a floor, but lacks an exciting ceiling. … The Packers’ coaching staff loves Ty Montgomery. … Free agent Dwayne Allen has long needed a change of scenery, but improved health is the key to his fantasy future.   

Round 14

157. Patrick Daugherty — Kenny Stills, WR75

158. Sigmund Bloom — Mike Davis, RB47

159. Jesse Pantuosco — Will Tye, TE20

160. Rich Hribar — James Starks, RB48

161. Matt Harmon — Darren McFadden, RB49

162. Jeff Ratcliffe — Teddy Bridgewater, QB17

163. Nick Mensio — Charcandrick West, RB50

164. Jeff Brubach — Marqise Lee, WR76

165. Mike Clay — Stevie Johnson, WR77

166. Adam Levitan — Drew Brees, QB18

167. Evan Silva — C.J. Spiller, RB51

168. Raymond Summerlin — Mike Wallace, WR78

Notes: Unusually young for a fourth-year pro (24 in April), Kenny Stills seems primed for a bigger role under new coach Adam Gase. … Mike Davis was extremely disappointing as a rookie, but is worth keeping an eye on for run-minded coach Chip Kelly. … Will Tye is a useful bench stash, but little more. … Charcandrick West adopted the unfortunate habit of growing less effective with more work in 2015. … If Marqise Lee could ever stay healthy, he could emerge as a WR4. … Drew Brees was as good as ever in 2015. He should have at least two more strong years. … Mike Wallace desperately needs a change of scenery, and a quarterback who can actually throw a deep ball.   

Round 15

169. Raymond Summerlin — Jermaine Kearse, WR79

170. Evan Silva — Tre Mason, RB52

171. Adam Levitan — Khiry Robinson, RB53

172. Mike Clay — Shane Vereen, RB54

173. Jeff Brubach — Kyle Rudolph, QB19

174. Nick Mensio — Eli Manning, QB20

175. Jeff Ratcliffe — Devin Smith, WR80

176. Matt Harmon — Justin Forsett, RB55

177. Rich Hribar — Kenny Bell, WR81

178. Jesse Pantuosco — Alfred Blue, RB56

179. Sigmund Bloom — Cordarrelle Patterson, WR82

180. Patrick Daugherty — Stevan Ridley, RB57

Notes: With a career year in the bag, free agent Jermaine Kearse and his lifetime 14.3 yards per catch could double his value by signing with the right situation. … Eli Manning is one of the best values of the entire draft. Forget his next three years, Eli’s next five years will probably be more valuable than Teddy Bridgewater’s. … 2015 second-rounder Devin Smith has an intriguing pedigree, but could miss all of 2016 as he recovers from a torn ACL. … Kenny Bell missed his entire rookie season with a hamstring injury, but burned up last year’s Combine. He could quickly emerge as Jameis Winston’s No. 3 receiver. … Any time a player is as explosive as Cordarrelle Patterson, they’re worth keeping around even with a thin résumé.   

Round 16

181. Patrick Daugherty — Chris Thompson, RB58

182. Sigmund Bloom — Ryan Tannehill, QB21

183. Jesse Pantuosco — Terrance Williams, WR83

184. Rich Hribar — Lance Dunbar, RB59

185. Matt Harmon — Carson Palmer, QB22

186. Jeff Ratcliffe — Arian Foster, RB60

187. Nick Mensio — Rashad Jennings, RB61

188. Jeff Brubach — Jay Cutler, QB23

189. Mike Clay — Ka'Deem Carey, RB62

190. Adam Levitan — Coby Fleener, TE21

191. Evan Silva — Anquan Boldin, WR84

192. Raymond Summerlin — Antonio Gates, TE22

Notes: Chris Thompson was a valuable role player in 2015, but doesn’t have a future as a three-down back. … Ryan Tannehill has nowhere to go but up under Adam Gase. … A forgotten man, Lance Dunbar is the bargain-basement Dion Lewis. … Coby Fleener’s value could explode if Dwayne Allen is allowed to walk in free agency.   

Round 17

193. Raymond Summerlin — Ronnie Hillman, RB63

194. Evan Silva — Jesse James, TE23

195. Adam Levitan — Darren Waller, WR85

196. Mike Clay — Steve Smith Sr. WR86

197. Jeff Brubach — James White, RB64

198. Nick Mensio — Frank Gore, RB65

199. Jeff Ratcliffe — Eric Rogers, WR87

200. Matt Harmon — Ted Ginn, WR88

201. Rich Hribar — Lorenzo Taliaferro, RB66

202. Jesse Pantuosco — Jason Witten, TE24

203. Sigmund Bloom — Terrelle Pryor, WR89

204. Patrick Daugherty — Mohamed Sanu, WR90

Notes: Free agent Ronnie Hillman has been comprehensively unmasked. It could be a while before he finds a new team. … 2015 sixth-rounder Darren Waller boasts rare size (6-foot-6, 245 pounds) and speed (4.46), but remains extremely raw as he enters his age-24 season. … James White flashed a bit in Dion Lewis’ absence, but not enough to challenge a healthy Lewis’ supremacy on passing downs. … I know basically nothing about Eric Rogers.   

Round 18

205. Patrick Daugherty — Richard Rodgers, TE25

206. Sigmund Bloom — Vincent Jackson, WR91

207. Jesse Pantuosco — DeAngelo Williams, RB67

208. Rich Hribar — Joe Flacco, QB24

209. Matt Harmon — Heath Miller, TE26

210. Jeff Ratcliffe — Sam Bradford, QB25

211. Nick Mensio — MyCole Pruitt, TE27

212. Jeff Brubach — Victor Cruz, WR92

213. Mike Clay — Charles Clay, TE28

214. Adam Levitan — Crockett Gillmore, TE29

215. Evan Silva — Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB26

216. Raymond Summerlin — Andre Holmes, WR93

Notes: Richard Rodgers scores touchdowns, but … doesn’t do much else. … Crockett Gillmore could end up the best bargain in this round.

Round 19

217. Raymond Summerlin — Tyler Kroft, TE30

218. Evan Silva — Alex Smith, QB27

219. Adam Levitan — Rashad Ross, WR94

220. Mike Clay — Percy Harvin, WR95

221. Jeff Brubach — Dwayne Harris, WR96

222. Nick Mensio — Jarryd Hayne, RB68

223. Jeff Ratcliffe — Rashad Greene, WR97

224. Matt Harmon — Robert Woods, WR98

225. Rich Hribar — Blake Bell, TE31

226. Jesse Pantuosco — Danny Amendola, WR99

227. Sigmund Bloom — Tony Romo, QB28

228. Patrick Daugherty — Chris Johnson, RB69

Notes: Ray might have to wait a while for Tyler Kroft to pay off, but he’s a great stash at this stage of the proceedings. … Percy Harvin … who even knows at this point. … It’s surprising to see Blake Bell go ahead of Zach Miller. … Tony Romo will probably be a top-12 quarterback next season, but his increasing health woes left him on the verge of undrafted.

Round 20

229. Patrick Daugherty — Marquess Wilson, WR100

230. Sigmund Bloom — Zach Miller, TE32

231. Jesse Pantuosco — Darren Sproles, RB70

232. Rich Hribar — Paul Richardson, WR101

233. Matt Harmon — Pierre Garcon, WR102

234. Jeff Ratcliffe — Mike Gillislee, RB71

235. Nick Mensio — Brandon LaFell, WR103

236. Jeff Brubach — Robert Turbin, RB72

237. Mike Clay — Colin Kaepernick, QB29

238. Adam Levitan — Brice Butler, WR104

239. Evan Silva — Kenny Britt, WR105

240. Raymond Summerlin — Chase Daniel, QB30

Notes: Colin Kaepernick could explode under new coach Chip Kelly. … Chase Daniel: Future Eagles starter?

Patrick Daugherty
Patrick Daugherty is a football and baseball writer for Rotoworld.com. He can be found on Twitter .