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Targets Aren't Equal: A 2020 Recap

by Hayden Winks
Updated On: December 29, 2020, 1:04 pm ET

Targets aren't equal for fantasy football. A target over the middle is worth 0.25 more PPR points than a target near the sideline for example. The same thing can be said about a target traveling 20 yards downfield (+0.56 PPR points) compared to a target within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. At the end of the season, two players with 100 targets could have been used entirely different. This column will have targets per game, target shares, targets over the middle, targets downfield, and red zone targets. Expect more in-depth breakdowns from me in the 2021 offseason. 

Targets Per Game

Below are each players targets per game on the season (Weeks 1-16) and over the last eight weeks (Weeks 9-16) removing all Week 17 games. Each player's ranking in each metric are in parentheses with the target share in the next column. The target share formula is a player's target per game divided by his team's targets per game in order to reflect games missed by a player. Note that the formula counts games without a target as 0 even if they ran a route in real life. That only matters for some of the scrubs.

PlayerSeasonShareLast 8Share
ARI DeAndre Hopkins10.0 (WR4)29%9.6 (WR10)27%
ARI Christian Kirk5.6 (WR58)16%5.9 (WR51)17%
ARI Larry Fitzgerald5.5 (WR61)16%5.8 (WR53)16%
ARI Chase Edmonds4.4 (RB12)13%4.3 (RB10)12%
ARI Dan Arnold3.2 (TE38)9%3.4 (TE34)10%
ARI Andy Isabella3.2 (WR118)9%3.4 (WR98)10%
ARI KeeSean Johnson3.0 (WR124)9%2.6 (WR114)7%
ARI Kenyan Drake2.2 (RB65)6%2.6 (RB40)7%
ARI Maxx Williams1.7 (TE69)5%1.6 (TE61)5%
ARI Darrell Daniels1.4 (TE76)4%1.3 (TE66)4%
ATL Calvin Ridley9.4 (WR7)25%10.5 (WR6)29%
ATL Julio Jones7.6 (WR23)20%6.3 (WR44)17%
ATL Russell Gage6.6 (WR43)18%7.6 (WR25)21%
ATL Hayden Hurst5.4 (TE14)14%5.0 (TE14)14%
ATL Olamide Zaccheaus4.0 (WR100)11%3.3 (WR101)9%
ATL Todd Gurley2.8 (RB40)7%2.2 (RB52)6%
ATL Christian Blake2.6 (WR136)7%2.3 (WR119)6%
ATL Ito Smith2.2 (RB61)6%2.4 (RB44)7%
ATL Brian Hill2.1 (RB69)6%1.6 (RB78)4%
ATL Brandon Powell2.0 (WR149)5%1.8 (WR129)5%
ATL Keith Smith1.5 (RB94)4%1.8 (RB69)5%
ATL Jaedan Graham1.3 (TE81)3%1.3 (TE67)4%
ATL Luke Stocker1.3 (TE82)3%1.5 (TE64)4%
BAL Mark Andrews6.3 (TE10)25%7.2 (TE5)30%
BAL Marquise Brown6.1 (WR54)24%5.9 (WR50)25%
BAL Willie Snead3.7 (WR109)15%4.3 (WR82)18%
BAL Dez Bryant2.8 (WR133)11%2.8 (WR112)12%
BAL Miles Boykin2.6 (WR135)10%1.8 (WR130)8%
BAL J.K. Dobbins2.2 (RB62)9%1.6 (RB77)7%
BAL Devin Duvernay2.1 (WR143)8%2.0 (WR127)8%
BAL Nick Boyle1.9 (TE61)8%NANA
BAL Gus Edwards1.9 (RB79)7%1.8 (RB66)8%
BAL Mark Ingram1.6 (RB89)6%NANA
BAL Patrick Ricard1.5 (RB92)6%1.8 (RB70)7%
BAL Justice Hill1.3 (RB100)5%1.3 (RB85)5%
BUF Stefon Diggs10.7 (WR2)30%11.6 (WR2)31%
BUF Cole Beasley7.1 (WR32)20%7.9 (WR20)21%
BUF John Brown6.0 (WR55)17%NANA
BUF Gabriel Davis3.8 (WR106)11%4.9 (WR73)13%
BUF Dawson Knox3.5 (TE33)10%3.8 (TE29)10%
BUF Devin Singletary3.4 (RB31)9%3.0 (RB28)8%
BUF Tyler Kroft2.7 (TE44)7%NANA
BUF Isaiah McKenzie1.9 (WR151)5%1.7 (WR135)4%
BUF Zack Moss1.9 (RB77)5%1.5 (RB79)4%
BUF Lee Smith1.2 (TE83)3%1.3 (TE68)3%
CAR Robby Anderson8.6 (WR10)26%8.9 (WR12)26%
CAR D.J. Moore7.6 (WR19)23%8.0 (WR18)23%
CAR Curtis Samuel6.1 (WR51)19%7.4 (WR30)22%
CAR Mike Davis5.4 (RB4)16%4.5 (RB7)13%
CAR Ian Thomas2.3 (TE52)7%2.6 (TE42)8%
CAR Rodney Smith2.0 (RB73)6%2.0 (RB57)6%
CAR Pharoh Cooper1.5 (WR164)5%1.7 (WR137)5%
CAR Alex Armah1.1 (RB104)3%1.3 (RB88)4%
CAR Chris Manhertz1.1 (TE84)3%NANA
CHI Allen Robinson9.7 (WR6)26%9.9 (WR8)28%
CHI Darnell Mooney5.7 (WR57)15%6.0 (WR48)17%
CHI Jimmy Graham4.9 (TE17)13%3.6 (TE32)10%
CHI Anthony Miller4.9 (WR78)13%4.6 (WR77)13%
CHI David Montgomery4.2 (RB18)11%3.5 (RB24)10%
CHI Cole Kmet3.0 (TE42)8%4.7 (TE17)13%
CHI Cordarrelle Patterson2.1 (WR144)6%2.0 (WR128)6%
CHI Demetrius Harris2.0 (TE55)5%NANA
CHI Ryan Nall1.8 (RB81)5%2.3 (RB48)7%
CHI Javon Wims1.4 (WR165)4%NANA
CIN Tyler Boyd7.6 (WR20)21%6.5 (WR42)20%
CIN Tee Higgins7.6 (WR22)21%7.7 (WR22)24%
CIN A.J. Green6.5 (WR44)18%5.0 (WR68)16%
CIN Joe Mixon4.3 (RB13)12%NANA
CIN Giovani Bernard4.1 (RB19)11%4.1 (RB11)13%
CIN Drew Sample3.3 (TE37)9%3.4 (TE33)11%
CIN Auden Tate2.8 (WR132)8%2.7 (WR113)8%
CIN Mike Thomas2.1 (WR142)6%1.3 (WR141)4%
CIN Alex Erickson2.0 (WR147)6%2.4 (WR117)8%
CIN Samaje Perine1.7 (RB84)5%2.0 (RB60)6%
CIN Cethan Carter1.0 (WR170)3%NANA
CLE Odell Beckham7.0 (WR34)24%NANA
CLE Jarvis Landry6.8 (WR40)23%7.5 (WR26)24%
CLE Austin Hooper5.4 (TE13)18%5.3 (TE13)17%
CLE Rashard Higgins4.5 (WR92)15%5.7 (WR54)18%
CLE Kareem Hunt3.6 (RB28)12%3.6 (RB22)11%
CLE Harrison Bryant3.2 (TE39)11%4.3 (TE25)14%
CLE Donovan Peoples-Jones2.8 (WR129)10%3.3 (WR104)10%
CLE KhaDarel Hodge2.5 (WR137)9%3.0 (WR109)10%
CLE David Njoku2.4 (TE51)8%2.2 (TE47)7%
CLE Nick Chubb1.9 (RB78)6%2.3 (RB47)7%
CLE D'Ernest Johnson1.0 (RB105)3%NANA
CLE Andy Janovich1.0 (RB106)3%NANA
DAL Amari Cooper8.1 (WR14)21%6.3 (WR46)19%
DAL CeeDee Lamb6.9 (WR37)18%6.1 (WR47)19%
DAL Michael Gallup6.5 (WR45)17%7.1 (WR33)22%
DAL Dalton Schultz5.3 (TE16)14%4.4 (TE19)13%
DAL Ezekiel Elliott4.8 (RB5)13%3.5 (RB23)11%
DAL Cedrick Wilson3.9 (WR103)10%NANA
DAL Noah Brown2.9 (WR127)8%3.7 (WR94)11%
DAL Tony Pollard2.5 (RB49)7%3 (RB32)9%
DAL Blake Bell1.4 (TE77)4%1.2 (TE70)4%
DEN Jerry Jeudy7.1 (WR33)22%7.4 (WR31)23%
DEN Noah Fant6.7 (TE7)20%6.3 (TE10)20%
DEN KJ Hamler5.6 (WR60)17%6.3 (WR45)20%
DEN Tim Patrick5.4 (WR65)16%5.3 (WR64)16%
DEN Albert Okwuegbunam3.8 (TE30)11%NANA
DEN Melvin Gordon3.5 (RB30)11%2.4 (RB43)7%
DEN DaeSean Hamilton3.5 (WR113)11%3.8 (WR92)12%
DEN Phillip Lindsay2.0 (RB74)6%2.0 (RB58)6%
DEN Troy Fumagalli2.0 (TE58)6%2.0 (TE51)6%
DEN Nick Vannett1.9 (TE59)6%1.8 (TE53)6%
DEN Royce Freeman1.7 (RB83)5%NANA
DEN Tyrie Cleveland1.0 (WR172)3%NANA
DET Marvin Jones6.9 (WR38)20%8.4 (WR15)23%
DET T.J. Hockenson6.5 (TE9)18%7.2 (TE6)19%
DET Kenny Golladay6.4 (WR48)18%NANA
DET Danny Amendola5.2 (WR72)15%6.0 (WR49)16%
DET D'Andre Swift4.5 (RB8)13%5.0 (RB4)14%
DET Mohamed Sanu3.4 (WR114)10%3.4 (WR97)9%
DET Quintez Cephus3.2 (WR117)9%2.4 (WR118)6%
DET Marvin Hall3.0 (WR123)8%3.8 (WR93)10%
DET Kerryon Johnson2.3 (RB58)6%3.0 (RB35)8%
DET Jesse James1.9 (TE60)5%1.7 (TE56)5%
DET Jamal Agnew1.8 (WR155)5%2.2 (WR121)6%
DET Adrian Peterson1.6 (RB88)5%1.8 (RB68)5%
GB Davante Adams11 (WR1)35%10.6 (WR5)36%
GB Allen Lazard4.7 (WR84)15%4.2 (WR84)14%
GB Marquez Valdes-Scantling4.6 (WR89)15%4.2 (WR85)14%
GB Aaron Jones4.5 (RB10)14%3.8 (RB18)13%
GB Robert Tonyan4.1 (TE24)13%3.8 (TE30)13%
GB Jamaal Williams3.5 (RB29)11%2.5 (RB41)8%
GB Tyler Ervin2.1 (RB66)7%NANA
GB Jace Sternberger1.9 (TE62)6%1.7 (TE59)6%
GB Marcedes Lewis1.8 (TE63)6%1.6 (TE60)5%
GB Equanimeous St. Brown1.7 (WR160)5%1.4 (WR138)5%
GB Darrius Shepard1.3 (WR166)4%NANA
GB Malik Taylor1.2 (WR169)4%NANA
HOU Will Fuller7.5 (WR25)23%7.0 (WR35)22%
HOU Brandin Cooks7.4 (WR26)23%7.4 (WR28)23%
HOU Chad Hansen5.0 (WR76)15%5.0 (WR70)16%
HOU Randall Cobb4.8 (WR81)15%3.3 (WR100)11%
HOU Keke Coutee4.7 (WR83)15%5.2 (WR66)16%
HOU Jordan Akins3.9 (TE27)12%4.0 (TE26)13%
HOU Duke Johnson3.7 (RB26)12%4.7 (RB6)15%
HOU David Johnson3.0 (RB35)9%NANA
HOU Kenny Stills2.7 (WR134)8%NANA
HOU Darren Fells2.4 (TE49)7%1.7 (TE57)5%
HOU Kahale Warring1.8 (TE67)5%1.8 (TE55)6%
HOU Pharaoh Brown1.6 (TE74)5%1.6 (TE62)5%
HOU C.J. Prosise1.3 (RB101)4%1.3 (RB86)4%
IND T.Y. Hilton6.1 (WR52)18%6.7 (WR41)19%
IND Michael Pittman4.8 (WR80)14%5.6 (WR55)16%
IND Nyheim Hines4.7 (RB7)14%4.8 (RB5)14%
IND Zach Pascal4.5 (WR91)13%4.2 (WR87)12%
IND Trey Burton4.3 (TE23)13%3.9 (TE27)11%
IND Marcus Johnson3.5 (WR112)10%3.0 (WR107)9%
IND Jonathan Taylor2.78 (RB38)8%2.7 (RB38)8%
IND Mo Alie-Cox2.7 (TE43)8%2.5 (TE43)7%
IND Jack Doyle2.5 (TE47)7%2.4 (TE44)7%
IND De'Michael Harris2.0 (WR146)6%1.8 (WR132)5%
IND Jordan Wilkins1.6 (RB90)5%2.0 (RB62)6%
IND Ashton Dulin1.0 (WR171)3%NANA
JAX D.J. Chark7.2 (WR31)20%7.6 (WR24)21%
JAX Laviska Shenault5.4 (WR63)15%5.3 (WR61)15%
JAX Keelan Cole5.3 (WR66)15%5.0 (WR69)14%
JAX Tyler Eifert4.5 (TE22)12%4.4 (TE22)12%
JAX James Robinson4.3 (RB15)12%4 (RB12)11%
JAX Chris Conley4.2 (WR98)11%4.7 (WR75)13%
JAX Chris Thompson3.8 (RB24)11%NANA
JAX Collin Johnson3.1 (WR120)9%4 (WR90)11%
JAX James O'Shaughnessy2.6 (TE46)7%2.7 (TE41)7%
JAX Devine Ozigbo2.3 (RB59)6%2.3 (RB50)6%
JAX Dare Ogunbowale2.2 (RB64)6%2.2 (RB54)6%
KC Travis Kelce9.7 (TE1)25%11.1 (TE1)26%
KC Tyreek Hill8.9 (WR9)23%11.4 (WR3)27%
KC Sammy Watkins5.5 (WR62)14%5.2 (WR65)12%
KC Clyde Edwards-Helaire4.2 (RB16)11%3.4 (RB26)8%
KC Mecole Hardman4.0 (WR102)10%4.4 (WR81)11%
KC Demarcus Robinson3.7 (WR108)10%3.6 (WR95)8%
KC Byron Pringle2.8 (WR131)7%NANA
KC Darrel Williams2.3 (RB56)6%3.0 (RB34)7%
KC Le'Veon Bell2.1 (RB68)5%2.0 (RB56)5%
KC Nick Keizer1.3 (TE79)3%NANA
KC Deon Yelder1.0 (TE85)3%1.0 (TE71)2%
LA Cooper Kupp8.3 (WR11)24%7.4 (WR27)20%
LA Robert Woods8.2 (WR12)23%9.9 (WR9)27%
LA Josh Reynolds5.1 (WR73)14%5.4 (WR60)15%
LA Tyler Higbee4.0 (TE25)11%4.4 (TE20)12%
LA Gerald Everett3.9 (TE29)11%3.9 (TE28)11%
LA Malcolm Brown2.4 (RB53)7%1.7 (RB71)5%
LA Darrell Henderson2.2 (RB63)6%1.8 (RB65)5%
LA Van Jefferson1.9 (WR152)5%1.8 (WR131)5%
LA Cam Akers1.7 (RB87)5%2.0 (RB61)5%
LAC Keenan Allen10.5 (WR3)27%10.3 (WR7)25%
LAC Hunter Henry6.6 (TE8)17%6.7 (TE8)16%
LAC Austin Ekeler6.4 (RB3)17%8.2 (RB2)20%
LAC Mike Williams5.9 (WR56)15%6.4 (WR43)15%
LAC Kalen Ballage4.5 (RB9)12%4.5 (RB8)11%
LAC Justin Jackson4.4 (RB11)11%NANA
LAC Ty Johnson4.0 (WR101)10%4.0 (WR89)10%
LAC Jalen Guyton3.4 (WR115)9%4.3 (WR83)10%
LAC Joshua Kelley2.6 (RB46)7%3 (RB31)7%
LAC K.J. Hill2.2 (WR141)6%1.7 (WR134)4%
LAC Donald Parham1.8 (TE64)5%2.2 (TE49)5%
LAC Virgil Green1.5 (TE75)4%NANA
LAC Gabe Nabers1.0 (RB109)3%1.0 (RB91)2%
LAC Tyron Johnson1.0 (WR173)3%NANA
LV Darren Waller9.1 (TE2)28%9.3 (TE2)28%
LV Nelson Agholor5.2 (WR71)16%7.0 (WR37)21%
LV Hunter Renfrow4.7 (WR86)14%4.5 (WR79)14%
LV Henry Ruggs3.3 (WR116)10%3.1 (WR105)10%
LV Josh Jacobs3.1 (RB34)10%2.7 (RB37)8%
LV Jalen Richard2.3 (RB57)7%1.8 (RB64)5%
LV Devontae Booker1.9 (RB75)6%2.2 (RB55)7%
LV Zay Jones1.9 (WR153)6%1.2 (WR143)4%
LV Alec Ingold1.7 (RB86)5%1.4 (RB83)4%
LV Jason Witten1.7 (TE68)5%2.0 (TE52)6%
LV Bryan Edwards1.6 (WR162)5%1.4 (WR139)4%
LV Foster Moreau1.3 (TE78)4%NANA
MIA DeVante Parker6.8 (WR39)21%7.8 (WR21)23%
MIA Mike Gesicki5.4 (TE15)16%6.1 (TE11)18%
MIA Myles Gaskin4.7 (RB6)14%NANA
MIA Isaiah Ford4.6 (WR87)14%NANA
MIA Preston Williams4.4 (WR93)13%NANA
MIA Lynn Bowden4.2 (WR97)13%4.8 (WR74)14%
MIA Jakeem Grant3.8 (WR107)12%5.0 (WR72)15%
MIA Mack Hollins3.0 (WR126)9%3 (WR108)9%
MIA Salvon Ahmed2.8 (RB39)8%2.8 (RB36)8%
MIA Durham Smythe2.3 (TE53)7%2.4 (TE45)7%
MIA Malcolm Perry2.0 (WR148)6%2.2 (WR120)7%
MIA Matt Breida2.0 (RB70)6%NANA
MIA Patrick Laird1.7 (RB85)5%1.8 (RB67)5%
MIA Adam Shaheen1.6 (TE73)5%1.6 (TE63)5%
MIN Justin Jefferson7.5 (WR24)25%9.1 (WR11)27%
MIN Adam Thielen7.4 (WR27)25%7.1 (WR32)21%
MIN Dalvin Cook3.9 (RB23)13%4.4 (RB9)13%
MIN Irv Smith3.6 (TE32)12%4.6 (TE18)14%
MIN Tyler Conklin3.3 (TE36)11%3.3 (TE35)10%
MIN Kyle Rudolph3.1 (TE40)10%4.4 (TE21)13%
MIN Chad Beebe3.0 (WR125)10%3.4 (WR99)10%
MIN Alexander Mattison2.4 (RB50)8%NANA
MIN Bisi Johnson2.4 (WR139)8%2.5 (WR116)8%
MIN C.J. Ham1.6 (RB91)5%1.5 (RB80)5%
MIN Ameer Abdullah1.2 (RB103)4%1.3 (RB87)4%
NE Jakobi Meyers6.7 (WR41)26%7.1 (WR34)30%
NE Julian Edelman6.5 (WR47)25%NANA
NE Damiere Byrd5.6 (WR59)22%5.9 (WR52)24%
NE N'Keal Harry4.7 (WR85)18%4.0 (WR88)17%
NE James White4.2 (RB17)16%3.8 (RB19)16%
NE Rex Burkhead4.1 (RB20)16%3.7 (RB20)15%
NE Ryan Izzo2.0 (TE56)8%1.7 (TE58)7%
NE Jakob Johnson1.5 (RB93)6%1.5 (RB81)6%
NE Damien Harris1.4 (RB96)5%1.7 (RB75)7%
NE Sony Michel1.2 (RB102)5%1.0 (RB89)4%
NO Michael Thomas7.9 (WR18)25%8.3 (WR16)29%
NO Alvin Kamara7.1 (RB2)22%5.1 (RB3)18%
NO Emmanuel Sanders5.3 (WR67)17%4.1 (WR86)14%
NO Marquez Callaway4.6 (WR90)14%NANA
NO Jared Cook3.9 (TE26)12%3.3 (TE37)11%
NO Tre'Quan Smith3.8 (WR104)12%3.0 (WR106)10%
NO Deonte Harris2.8 (WR130)9%2.0 (WR125)7%
NO Juwan Johnson2.3 (WR140)7%2.0 (WR126)7%
NO Latavius Murray1.9 (RB80)6%2.0 (RB59)7%
NO Adam Trautman1.7 (TE71)5%1.8 (TE54)6%
NO Taysom Hill1.3 (QB1)4%1.3 (QB1)5%
NO Josh Hill1.3 (WR168)4%NANA
NO Michael Burton1.0 (RB108)3%1.0 (RB90)3%
NYG Sterling Shepard7.3 (WR30)23%7.4 (WR29)24%
NYG Evan Engram7.0 (TE4)22%7.3 (TE4)24%
NYG Darius Slayton6.2 (WR50)20%5.1 (WR67)17%
NYG Golden Tate4.3 (WR94)14%4.6 (WR76)15%
NYG Wayne Gallman2.7 (RB42)9%3.0 (RB30)10%
NYG Dion Lewis2.6 (RB43)8%2.3 (RB49)7%
NYG Austin Mack2.5 (WR138)8%3.0 (WR110)10%
NYG Devonta Freeman2.5 (RB47)8%NANA
NYG Damion Ratley2.0 (WR145)6%NANA
NYG C.J. Board1.8 (WR157)6%1.3 (WR142)4%
NYG Kaden Smith1.7 (TE70)5%1.2 (TE69)4%
NYG Levine Toilolo1.3 (TE80)4%NANA
NYJ Jamison Crowder7.6 (WR21)27%5.4 (WR59)21%
NYJ Denzel Mims5.4 (WR64)19%5.5 (WR58)22%
NYJ Chris Hogan5.2 (WR69)18%NANA
NYJ Breshad Perriman4.9 (WR79)17%5.3 (WR62)21%
NYJ Jeff Smith4.6 (WR88)16%1.3 (WR140)5%
NYJ Braxton Berrios4.3 (WR95)15%2.8 (WR111)11%
NYJ Chris Herndon3.4 (TE34)12%3.0 (TE39)12%
NYJ Ty Johnson3.0 (RB36)10%4.0 (RB15)16%
NYJ Ryan Griffin2.4 (TE50)8%NANA
NYJ La'Mical Perine2.1 (RB67)7%1.7 (RB73)7%
NYJ Frank Gore1.9 (RB76)7%1.7 (RB74)7%
PHI Zach Ertz6.7 (TE6)19%5.5 (TE12)16%
PHI Travis Fulgham6.1 (WR53)17%3.8 (WR91)11%
PHI Dallas Goedert5.9 (TE12)17%6.6 (TE9)19%
PHI Jalen Reagor5.3 (WR68)15%5.6 (WR56)16%
PHI DeSean Jackson5.2 (WR70)15%NANA
PHI Greg Ward5.1 (WR74)14%4.4 (WR80)13%
PHI Miles Sanders4.3 (RB14)12%3.9 (RB16)11%
PHI Richard Rodgers3.9 (TE28)11%4.3 (TE23)13%
PHI John Hightower3.0 (WR122)8%NANA
PHI Boston Scott2.6 (RB45)7%2.3 (RB46)7%
PHI Alshon Jeffery1.7 (WR161)5%1.7 (WR133)5%
PHI JJ Arcega-Whiteside1.3 (WR167)4%NANA
PIT Diontae Johnson10.0 (WR5)25%12.0 (WR1)26%
PIT JuJu Smith-Schuster8.0 (WR15)20%8.8 (WR13)19%
PIT Chase Claypool6.5 (WR46)16%8.0 (WR19)18%
PIT Eric Ebron6.1 (TE11)15%6.8 (TE7)15%
PIT James Washington3.6 (WR110)9%3.3 (WR102)7%
PIT James Conner3.2 (RB33)8%3.0 (RB29)7%
PIT Jaylen Samuels2.3 (RB55)6%3.0 (RB33)7%
PIT Benny Snell2.3 (RB54)6%3.7 (RB21)8%
PIT Ray-Ray McCloud2.0 (WR150)5%2.2 (WR123)5%
PIT Vance McDonald1.8 (TE66)4%1.3 (TE65)3%
PIT Anthony McFarland1.3 (RB99)3%1.3 (RB84)3%
SEA DK Metcalf8.0 (WR16)24%7.6 (WR23)23%
SEA Tyler Lockett7.9 (WR17)23%6.9 (WR38)21%
SEA Chris Carson4.0 (RB22)12%3.8 (RB17)12%
SEA Greg Olsen3.4 (TE35)10%2.8 (TE40)8%
SEA Jacob Hollister3.1 (TE41)9%3.6 (TE31)11%
SEA David Moore3.1 (WR121)9%3.3 (WR103)10%
SEA DeeJay Dallas2.9 (RB37)8%2.5 (RB42)8%
SEA Carlos Hyde2.5 (RB48)7%2.6 (RB39)8%
SEA Will Dissly2.1 (TE54)6%2.3 (TE46)7%
SEA Travis Homer2.0 (RB71)6%NANA
SEA Freddie Swain1.8 (WR156)5%2.2 (WR122)7%
SF Brandon Aiyuk8.1 (WR13)23%10.8 (WR4)30%
SF George Kittle7.7 (TE3)22%NANA
SF Deebo Samuel7.3 (WR28)21%NANA
SF Richie James5.0 (WR77)14%5.0 (WR71)14%
SF Kendrick Bourne4.8 (WR82)14%4.5 (WR78)13%
SF Jordan Reed4.6 (TE21)13%4.3 (TE24)12%
SF Jerick McKinnon3.8 (RB25)11%3.2 (RB27)9%
SF Trent Taylor2.9 (WR128)8%NANA
SF Raheem Mostert2.7 (RB41)8%2.3 (RB45)7%
SF Jeff Wilson2.6 (RB44)8%3.5 (RB25)10%
SF Ross Dwelley2.4 (TE48)7%2.2 (TE48)6%
SF Kyle Juszczyk1.8 (RB82)5%1.9 (RB63)5%
SF JaMycal Hasty1.3 (RB98)4%NANA
TB Chris Godwin7.0 (WR35)18%6.9 (WR39)18%
TB Mike Evans7.0 (WR36)18%8.4 (WR14)22%
TB Antonio Brown6.7 (WR42)18%6.7 (WR40)17%
TB Rob Gronkowski4.9 (TE18)13%4.7 (TE15)12%
TB O.J. Howard4.8 (TE20)13%NANA
TB Leonard Fournette4.1 (RB21)11%4.0 (RB13)10%
TB Scotty Miller3.8 (WR105)10%2.0 (WR124)5%
TB Ronald Jones3.2 (RB32)9%2.2 (RB51)6%
TB Cameron Brate2.7 (TE45)7%3.3 (TE36)9%
TB LeSean McCoy2.4 (RB52)6%1.7 (RB72)4%
TB Ke'Shawn Vaughn2.0 (RB72)5%NANA
TB Tyler Johnson1.8 (WR158)5%1.0 (WR145)3%
TB Tanner Hudson1.8 (TE65)5%NANA
TEN A.J. Brown7.3 (WR29)25%7.0 (WR36)26%
TEN Corey Davis6.2 (WR49)21%5.3 (WR63)19%
TEN Adam Humphries5.0 (WR75)17%NANA
TEN Jonnu Smith4.8 (TE19)16%4.7 (TE16)17%
TEN Anthony Firkser3.6 (TE31)12%3.3 (TE38)12%
TEN Derrick Henry2.4 (RB51)8%2.2 (RB53)8%
TEN Geoff Swaim2.0 (TE57)7%2.0 (TE50)7%
TEN Kalif Raymond1.9 (WR154)6%1.0 (WR144)4%
TEN Cameron Batson1.6 (WR163)6%1.2 (WR136)6%
TEN MyCole Pruitt1.6 (TE72)5%NANA
TEN Jeremy McNichols1.4 (RB95)5%1.4 (RB82)5%
TEN Nick Westbrook1.0 (WR174)3%1.0 (WR146)4%
TEN Khari Blasingame1.0 (RB107)3%NANA
WAS Terry McLaurin9.0 (WR8)25%8.1 (WR17)21%
WAS J.D. McKissic7.3 (RB1)20%8.6 (RB1)22%
WAS Logan Thomas6.9 (TE5)19%8.0 (TE3)21%
WAS Cam Sims4.3 (WR96)12%5.6 (WR57)14%
WAS Dontrelle Inman4.0 (WR99)11%NANA
WAS Steven Sims3.6 (WR111)10%3.5 (WR96)9%
WAS Antonio Gibson3.6 (RB27)10%4.0 (RB14)10%
WAS Isaiah Wright3.2 (WR119)9%2.6 (WR115)7%
WAS Antonio Gandy-Golden1.8 (WR159)5%NANA
WAS Peyton Barber1.4 (RB97)4%1.7 (RB76)4%


Specialty Targets

These types of targets are more valuable than the average target. "Red Zone" are red zone targets per game on the season (Weeks 1-16), "Middle %" are percentage of targets that came over the middle (higher the better), and "Deep %" are percentage of targets that traveled more than 20 yards downfield.

PlayerRed ZoneMiddle %Deep %
ARI DeAndre Hopkins1.1316%9%
ARI Christian Kirk1.0014%24%
ARI Larry Fitzgerald0.5431%7%
ARI Chase Edmonds0.7323%2%
ARI Dan Arnold0.3838%26%
ARI Andy Isabella0.2723%23%
ARI KeeSean Johnson0.2924%19%
ARI Kenyan Drake0.1521%0%
ARI Maxx Williams0.500%10%
ARI Darrell Daniels0.0018%9%
ATL Calvin Ridley1.4315%30%
ATL Julio Jones1.1125%18%
ATL Russell Gage1.0723%9%
ATL Hayden Hurst0.8016%5%
ATL Olamide Zaccheaus0.2528%25%
ATL Todd Gurley0.0033%3%
ATL Christian Blake0.1417%6%
ATL Ito Smith0.7027%0%
ATL Brian Hill0.0833%0%
ATL Brandon Powell0.566%0%
ATL Keith Smith0.100%0%
ATL Jaedan Graham0.0040%0%
ATL Luke Stocker0.1330%0%
BAL Mark Andrews1.2350%10%
BAL Marquise Brown0.5342%26%
BAL Willie Snead0.6256%13%
BAL Dez Bryant0.5027%0%
BAL Miles Boykin0.4229%13%
BAL J.K. Dobbins0.0942%0%
BAL Devin Duvernay0.1736%8%
BAL Nick Boyle0.3353%0%
BAL Gus Edwards0.1415%8%
BAL Mark Ingram0.4050%0%
BAL Patrick Ricard0.5033%0%
BAL Justice Hill0.5020%0%
BUF Stefon Diggs1.0716%10%
BUF Cole Beasley0.6731%11%
BUF John Brown0.8813%19%
BUF Gabriel Davis0.8023%25%
BUF Dawson Knox1.0020%6%
BUF Devin Singletary0.4712%4%
BUF Tyler Kroft0.8331%13%
BUF Isaiah McKenzie0.3148%4%
BUF Zack Moss0.2212%0%
BUF Lee Smith0.6033%0%
CAR Robby Anderson0.8721%15%
CAR D.J. Moore0.5723%21%
CAR Curtis Samuel0.8622%12%
CAR Mike Davis0.8516%0%
CAR Ian Thomas0.2511%7%
CAR Rodney Smith0.2020%0%
CAR Pharoh Cooper0.0050%0%
CAR Alex Armah0.430%0%
CAR Chris Manhertz0.0013%0%
CHI Allen Robinson1.2032%14%
CHI Darnell Mooney0.5311%26%
CHI Jimmy Graham1.2720%5%
CHI Anthony Miller0.6739%12%
CHI David Montgomery0.7125%2%
CHI Cole Kmet0.4236%8%
CHI Cordarrelle Patterson0.2520%8%
CHI Demetrius Harris0.4321%7%
CHI Ryan Nall0.4022%0%
CHI Javon Wims0.1410%20%
CIN Tyler Boyd1.0746%7%
CIN Tee Higgins0.7930%24%
CIN A.J. Green0.5329%24%
CIN Joe Mixon0.5015%0%
CIN Giovani Bernard0.799%2%
CIN Drew Sample0.7328%0%
CIN Auden Tate0.505%5%
CIN Mike Thomas0.1010%10%
CIN Alex Erickson0.1450%14%
CIN Samaje Perine0.710%0%
CIN Cethan Carter0.200%0%
CLE Odell Beckham1.0031%19%
CLE Jarvis Landry1.1422%11%
CLE Austin Hooper0.6718%6%
CLE Rashard Higgins0.7316%20%
CLE Kareem Hunt0.6420%6%
CLE Harrison Bryant0.4224%11%
CLE Donovan Peoples-Jones0.1724%35%
CLE KhaDarel Hodge0.1720%27%
CLE David Njoku0.3021%13%
CLE Nick Chubb0.2224%0%
CLE D'Ernest Johnson0.250%0%
CLE Andy Janovich0.0020%0%
DAL Amari Cooper1.0018%12%
DAL CeeDee Lamb0.6035%18%
DAL Michael Gallup0.8716%17%
DAL Dalton Schultz0.8028%6%
DAL Ezekiel Elliott0.5019%0%
DAL Cedrick Wilson0.8619%19%
DAL Noah Brown0.2522%13%
DAL Tony Pollard0.5023%0%
DAL Blake Bell0.2727%7%
DEN Jerry Jeudy0.5323%23%
DEN Noah Fant0.8529%8%
DEN KJ Hamler0.4034%14%
DEN Tim Patrick0.6421%27%
DEN Albert Okwuegbunam1.0013%13%
DEN Melvin Gordon0.2716%0%
DEN DaeSean Hamilton0.4521%21%
DEN Phillip Lindsay0.147%0%
DEN Troy Fumagalli0.678%17%
DEN Nick Vannett0.2710%5%
DEN Royce Freeman0.578%0%
DEN Tyrie Cleveland0.000%25%
DET Marvin Jones0.8731%20%
DET T.J. Hockenson1.1329%5%
DET Kenny Golladay1.0034%22%
DET Danny Amendola0.4630%7%
DET D'Andre Swift0.7519%0%
DET Mohamed Sanu0.2047%6%
DET Quintez Cephus0.3031%16%
DET Marvin Hall0.2030%27%
DET Kerryon Johnson0.1824%0%
DET Jesse James0.6410%5%
DET Jamal Agnew0.2715%10%
DET Adrian Peterson0.0922%0%
GB Davante Adams1.9220%14%
GB Allen Lazard0.5619%14%
GB Marquez Valdes-Scantling0.4615%37%
GB Aaron Jones0.777%7%
GB Robert Tonyan0.7116%14%
GB Jamaal Williams0.3020%3%
GB Tyler Ervin0.1413%0%
GB Jace Sternberger0.387%27%
GB Marcedes Lewis0.446%6%
GB Equanimeous St. Brown0.0033%25%
GB Darrius Shepard0.1725%25%
GB Malik Taylor0.2050%17%
HOU Will Fuller0.8027%19%
HOU Brandin Cooks0.5030%17%
HOU Chad Hansen0.0040%20%
HOU Randall Cobb0.7033%6%
HOU Keke Coutee1.1424%6%
HOU Jordan Akins0.5828%4%
HOU Duke Johnson1.0912%5%
HOU David Johnson0.6719%4%
HOU Kenny Stills0.1416%16%
HOU Darren Fells0.3324%0%
HOU Kahale Warring0.5029%0%
HOU Pharaoh Brown0.2918%9%
HOU C.J. Prosise0.250%0%
IND T.Y. Hilton0.6412%17%
IND Michael Pittman0.7529%12%
IND Nyheim Hines0.6716%1%
IND Zach Pascal0.9336%16%
IND Trey Burton0.8236%2%
IND Marcus Johnson0.1325%32%
IND Jonathan Taylor0.438%0%
IND Mo Alie-Cox0.3634%5%
IND Jack Doyle0.6733%0%
IND De'Michael Harris0.2010%0%
IND Jordan Wilkins0.206%0%
IND Ashton Dulin0.0060%20%
JAX D.J. Chark0.9220%28%
JAX Laviska Shenault0.6224%6%
JAX Keelan Cole0.6731%19%
JAX Tyler Eifert0.8534%10%
JAX James Robinson0.4313%0%
JAX Chris Conley0.469%17%
JAX Chris Thompson0.6713%0%
JAX Collin Johnson0.5029%13%
JAX James O'Shaughnessy0.1435%8%
JAX Devine Ozigbo0.2511%0%
JAX Dare Ogunbowale0.1723%0%
KC Travis Kelce1.4727%8%
KC Tyreek Hill1.2019%24%
KC Sammy Watkins0.9027%4%
KC Clyde Edwards-Helaire0.469%0%
KC Mecole Hardman0.2027%18%
KC Demarcus Robinson0.4317%15%
KC Byron Pringle0.2527%27%
KC Darrel Williams0.1721%0%
KC Le'Veon Bell0.636%0%
KC Nick Keizer0.0022%22%
KC Deon Yelder0.200%0%
LA Cooper Kupp0.8731%7%
LA Robert Woods0.7312%10%
LA Josh Reynolds0.4021%18%
LA Tyler Higbee0.3620%13%
LA Gerald Everett0.2120%2%
LA Malcolm Brown0.2915%0%
LA Darrell Henderson0.3613%8%
LA Van Jefferson0.1722%13%
LA Cam Akers0.1710%10%
LAC Keenan Allen1.2120%7%
LAC Hunter Henry1.0032%5%
LAC Austin Ekeler0.7819%0%
LAC Mike Williams0.8516%27%
LAC Kalen Ballage0.6711%0%
LAC Justin Jackson0.209%0%
LAC Ty Johnson0.2020%30%
LAC Jalen Guyton0.3320%31%
LAC Joshua Kelley0.2230%0%
LAC K.J. Hill0.4036%9%
LAC Donald Parham0.566%6%
LAC Virgil Green0.0033%33%
LAC Gabe Nabers0.500%0%
LAC Tyron Johnson0.000%100%
LV Darren Waller1.4724%11%
LV Nelson Agholor0.8029%26%
LV Hunter Renfrow0.5321%11%
LV Henry Ruggs0.1720%35%
LV Josh Jacobs0.2130%0%
LV Jalen Richard0.4030%0%
LV Devontae Booker0.2714%0%
LV Zay Jones0.1124%0%
LV Alec Ingold0.300%12%
LV Jason Witten0.7018%0%
LV Bryan Edwards0.1331%0%
LV Foster Moreau0.1713%50%
MIA DeVante Parker0.7719%7%
MIA Mike Gesicki1.0037%16%
MIA Myles Gaskin0.7821%2%
MIA Isaiah Ford0.6343%0%
MIA Preston Williams0.7520%29%
MIA Lynn Bowden0.1732%8%
MIA Jakeem Grant0.2930%15%
MIA Mack Hollins0.2517%13%
MIA Salvon Ahmed0.2527%0%
MIA Durham Smythe0.5026%0%
MIA Malcolm Perry0.0017%8%
MIA Matt Breida0.0030%0%
MIA Patrick Laird0.1425%0%
MIA Adam Shaheen0.5026%5%
MIN Justin Jefferson0.7318%19%
MIN Adam Thielen1.3613%18%
MIN Dalvin Cook0.1420%0%
MIN Irv Smith1.0920%13%
MIN Tyler Conklin0.1730%5%
MIN Kyle Rudolph0.4246%3%
MIN Chad Beebe0.4433%0%
MIN Alexander Mattison0.0050%8%
MIN Bisi Johnson0.000%11%
MIN C.J. Ham0.299%0%
MIN Ameer Abdullah0.4033%0%
NE Jakobi Meyers0.4538%12%
NE Julian Edelman0.6741%13%
NE Damiere Byrd0.1522%14%
NE N'Keal Harry0.8327%7%
NE James White0.3815%0%
NE Rex Burkhead0.7521%6%
NE Ryan Izzo0.1020%10%
NE Jakob Johnson0.2517%0%
NE Damien Harris0.2029%0%
NE Sony Michel0.0017%0%
NO Michael Thomas1.5725%4%
NO Alvin Kamara1.1316%3%
NO Emmanuel Sanders0.9222%9%
NO Marquez Callaway0.6026%4%
NO Jared Cook0.9335%13%
NO Tre'Quan Smith0.5432%6%
NO Deonte Harris0.3324%0%
NO Juwan Johnson0.2522%11%
NO Latavius Murray0.3627%0%
NO Adam Trautman0.3320%0%
NO Taysom Hill0.2217%8%
NO Josh Hill0.1320%10%
NO Michael Burton0.2550%0%
NYG Sterling Shepard0.9130%10%
NYG Evan Engram0.8731%8%
NYG Darius Slayton0.6719%18%
NYG Golden Tate0.4237%12%
NYG Wayne Gallman0.5030%0%
NYG Dion Lewis0.4528%0%
NYG Austin Mack0.7530%10%
NYG Devonta Freeman0.7520%0%
NYG Damion Ratley0.8030%10%
NYG C.J. Board0.0038%6%
NYG Kaden Smith0.3330%0%
NYG Levine Toilolo0.000%0%
NYJ Jamison Crowder0.8226%7%
NYJ Denzel Mims0.5023%28%
NYJ Chris Hogan0.800%12%
NYJ Breshad Perriman0.4513%28%
NYJ Jeff Smith0.2511%24%
NYJ Braxton Berrios0.4221%13%
NYJ Chris Herndon0.3627%5%
NYJ Ty Johnson0.176%6%
NYJ Ryan Griffin0.008%8%
NYJ Lamical Perine0.1427%7%
NYJ Frank Gore0.2037%0%
PHI Zach Ertz0.6037%6%
PHI Travis Fulgham0.8216%12%
PHI Dallas Goedert0.5529%14%
PHI Jalen Reagor0.7021%26%
PHI DeSean Jackson0.4012%31%
PHI Greg Ward0.4725%4%
PHI Miles Sanders0.0812%6%
PHI Richard Rodgers0.3823%13%
PHI John Hightower0.3333%37%
PHI Boston Scott0.423%0%
PHI Alshon Jeffery0.1417%17%
PHI JJ Arcega-Whiteside0.2520%40%
PIT Diontae Johnson0.7919%11%
PIT JuJu Smith-Schuster1.2036%6%
PIT Chase Claypool0.8719%26%
PIT Eric Ebron1.2740%7%
PIT James Washington0.4722%24%
PIT James Conner0.4534%0%
PIT Jaylen Samuels0.0036%0%
PIT Benny Snell0.5036%0%
PIT Ray-Ray McCloud0.0040%0%
PIT Vance McDonald0.1329%0%
PIT Anthony McFarland0.0033%0%
SEA DK Metcalf0.8724%23%
SEA Tyler Lockett0.8025%13%
SEA Chris Carson0.5523%2%
SEA Greg Olsen0.8224%3%
SEA Jacob Hollister0.7516%3%
SEA David Moore0.8717%13%
SEA DeeJay Dallas0.4335%0%
SEA Carlos Hyde0.0010%5%
SEA Will Dissly0.3126%4%
SEA Travis Homer0.2040%0%
SEA Freddie Swain0.3625%15%
SF Brandon Aiyuk1.1729%12%
SF George Kittle0.5737%7%
SF Deebo Samuel0.3332%2%
SF Richie James0.5040%23%
SF Kendrick Bourne0.6424%6%
SF Jordan Reed0.8043%7%
SF Jerick McKinnon0.5013%7%
SF Trent Taylor1.0035%0%
SF Raheem Mostert0.0026%0%
SF Jeff Wilson0.3829%0%
SF Ross Dwelley0.3332%5%
SF Kyle Juszczyk0.6019%7%
SF JaMycal Hasty0.0025%0%
TB Chris Godwin0.7339%13%
TB Mike Evans1.2015%20%
TB Antonio Brown0.5717%13%
TB Rob Gronkowski1.0730%21%
TB O.J. Howard0.7516%21%
TB Leonard Fournette0.7316%0%
TB Scotty Miller0.318%34%
TB Ronald Jones0.3114%0%
TB Cameron Brate0.2541%9%
TB LeSean McCoy0.5026%0%
TB Ke'Shawn Vaughn0.4040%0%
TB Tyler Johnson0.4450%13%
TB Tanner Hudson0.2557%29%
TEN A.J. Brown0.8528%11%
TEN Corey Davis0.6220%10%
TEN Adam Humphries0.8620%6%
TEN Jonnu Smith1.2332%3%
TEN Anthony Firkser0.5051%2%
TEN Derrick Henry0.0813%0%
TEN Geoff Swaim0.5025%0%
TEN Kalif Raymond0.0033%33%
TEN Cameron Batson0.1315%8%
TEN MyCole Pruitt0.4025%13%
TEN Jeremy McNichols0.5053%0%
TEN Nick Westbrook0.250%0%
TEN Khari Blasingame0.0020%0%
WAS Terry McLaurin0.8625%16%
WAS J.D. McKissic0.7927%3%
WAS Logan Thomas1.0736%10%
WAS Cam Sims0.2030%28%
WAS Dontrelle Inman0.2932%7%
WAS Steven Sims0.2022%14%
WAS Antonio Gibson0.2514%0%
WAS Isaiah Wright0.3623%6%
WAS Antonio Gandy-Golden0.0029%14%
WAS Peyton Barber0.0043%0%



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