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Dose: Working Overtime

by James O'Brien
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Hey, Shane Doan, nice joke.

You do realize that “The Miracle on Ice” U.S. team was full of college kids beating maybe the greatest international team ever while Canada won its gold medals with All-Star teams of NHL players, right? Canada’s certainly made movies about other international successes … and I’d wager that we’ll see SOMETHING about Sidney Crosby’s “Golden Goal” someday.

(I’d watch it.)

Granted, Doan only played on the disastrous 1996 Canadian Olympic team, so maybe he’s simply not all that well-informed about such differences …

Anyway, I know Doan was only joking, BUT I STILL AWARD HIM ONLY LIMITED HUMOR POINTS.

/Bangs imaginary comedy court gavel

//Gets sentenced to parole for bad jokes himself

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PREDATORS 4, SHARKS 3 (TRIPLE-OT, series tied 2-2)

-- Look, I’m very much guilty of beating jokes into the ground. Sometimes to the center of the Earth.

Yet even *I* think that we should probably retire the Carrie Underwood jokes when it comes to Mike Fisher. At minimum, we should at least maybe consider working a little harder for the punchlines.

-- Wow, the first of Brent Burns’ two goals in this game deserved a theme from the late creator of Mr. Softee. Seems like we’ve gotten more odd-angle goals than usual lately … maybe that’s the latest “phase” of the 2016 postseason like I discussed in the last Dose?

-- This game went a little more than five-and-a-half periods, yet the two teams only combined for 87 SOG. Seems a touch low-event, right?

(I'd be embarrassed if I was one of the handful of players who didn't manage a SOG in this marathon.)

-- Roman Josi was the skater who logged the most ice time in this game with 49:42, slightly edging Shea Weber at 49:07. Brent Burns topped the more balanced Sharks defense with 47:35 TOI.

-- Martin Jones has been fine, but I still feel like James Reimer has the higher ceiling. Maybe losing these last two games will give the Sharks the excuse to give Reimer a shot?

(Probably not, but consider me in that camp.)

-- Wow, the Colin Wilson, Mike Fisher and James Neal line is really carrying the Predators' offense.

They accounted for all four goals with Fisher getting two (including the marathon-ender), Wilson leading the way with three points (1G, 2A) and James Neal scoring the tying tally and also grabbing an assist.

This game was the longest in the Predators’ franchise history, by the way.

-- Ryan Ellis and Mattias Ekholm might be the most underrated defensive pairing in the NHL. They're sound defensively and can keep up scoring-wise; each blueliner nabbed two assists in this game.

-- Brent Burns and Joe Thornton really do look ridiculously with their isolated-in-a-cabin beards. I do kinda wish they went clean shaven to begin the playoffs just so we could see how quickly those bad boys grow.

-- After going 2-for-5 in Game 3, the Predators' PP struggled again in going 0-for-5 in Game 4. The Sharks connected on one of their five tries.

-- If any series could have used a three-day gap instead of the typical two-day gap between games, it would have been in this case. Instead, these two teams play on Saturday night as the series shifts back to San Jose.

STARS 3, BLUES 2 (OT, series tied 2-2)

-- Cody Eakin's OTGWG was from a bit of an odd angle (again, maybe one of the phases of the playoffs along with other examples including the 1-0 goal Matt Murray gave up against Jay Beagle recently ...) but much like Beagle's goal, the shot placement was insanely impressive.

It's tougher for me to say "You gotta stop that" when a shot is so perfect, especially in the higher reaches of the net. I often giggle when people say "this guy has a bad glove hand" because, ideally, you'd always be able to shoot high ... players just normally don't have the time and space to do so, particularly during the playoffs.

-- Boy, the Stars were lucky that Vladimir Tarasenko hit the post on what could have been his second goal of the game. They made some unspeakable coverage errors, including allowing a Tarasenko breakaway goal EVEN WHEN THEY HAD SIX SKATERS ON THE ICE.

Kris Russell's accidental "shot" on Kari Lehtonen from a faceoff was really symbolic of how Dallas' defense has played at times in this series.

-- Good gravy, the Joel Edmundson turnover to a Radek Faksa goal was horrendous, too.

This postseason is rife with fresh faces, as even some of the more familiar teams (Penguins, Capitals, etc.) play a little or a lot differently than we're used to.

It feels like a more "human" playoffs with some of these botches, although that could be a matter of selective memory.

-- Impressive playoff play isn't really that new of a thing for Tarasenko (he was very productive for the Blues before), but it's still pretty cool to watch No. 91 ascend the star ladder in the NHL. He's a lot of fun to watch.

It's too bad the Stars' No. 91 (Tyler Seguin) may not play again until 2016-17, though.

-- Interesting to see both of Thursday's series go 2-2, as I now have no clue what to expect from either one now. Enormous win for the Stars.

(I mean, every playoff win is pretty much big, but this one felt fairly important for a non-elimination game.)

James O'Brien
James O'Brien is the Hockey Daily Dose's author and has been a contributor to NBC's Pro Hockey Talk for more than four years. Follow him on Twitter.