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Stanley Cup Final Predictions

by Michael Finewax
Updated On: May 27, 2019, 4:08 pm ET

And then there were two.

The Boston Bruins will meet the St. Louis Blues in the Stanley Cup Final which will get underway on Monday with Game 1 in Boston.

It is surprising that so many Rotoworld writers are going with the Blues to win the Stanley Cup but they have made believers of so many during their Cup run.

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With that, here is how everyone at Rotoworld.com did in the second round.

Michael Finewax – 1-1 Overall 6-8

Ryan Dadoun – 1-1 Overall 5-9

Daniel Dobish – 2-0 Overall 9-5

Brian Rosenbaum – 2-0 Overall 6-8

Joey Alfieri – 1-1 Overall 5-9

Corey Abbott - 2-0 Overall 9-5

Julian MacKenzie – 1-1 Overall 4-10

Jeffrey Alfieri – 2-0 Overall 5-9

Domenico D’Amato – 1-1 Overall 3-11

Gus Katsaros – 1-1 Overall 4-2

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Michael Finewax

Boston in five games.

The Bruins have had the luxury of playing only 10 games in the last two series including a four-game sweep over the Carolina Hurricanes in Round 3. While everyone has jumped on the St. Louis bandwagon, I have trouble seeing the Blues winning once and although I pick the Bruins in five, it would not surprise me at all if they sweep St. Louis. The Bruins played in the toughest division in the NHL this season and it took seven hard fought games to beat Toronto in Round 1. Boston lucked out in having the best team in the NHL, Tampa Bay, going out in Round 1 to Columbus and their road to the Stanley Cup has been relatively easy since then. Tuukka Rask has been out of this world and I expect rookie Jordan Binnington to falter in the Final. Boston may be rusty early on in Game 1 but look for them to eventually shut down the Blues and give the city of Boston their 12th World Championship this century.

Ryan Dadoun

St. Louis in six games.

St. Louis is a deep team that's been heavily tested in these playoffs and has worked through adversities and a variety of different challenges based on the opponents they've faced.  Obviously, the Bruins earned their spot in the Stanley Cup Final too and are an amazing team, but I do think St. Louis ended up having the tougher road and I've been impressed by how they've risen to the challenge.  Jordan Binnington has bounced back big when he's had to, the Blues have won without significant contributions from Vladimir Tarasenko when they've had to (though he heated up against San Jose), and the Blues shrugged off one of the most frustrating losses in recent memory against San Jose by winning its next three games.  I think the Blues are ready for the intense challenge that is the Boston Bruins.

Daniel Dobish

Boston in seven games.

This could be a tremendous Stanley Cup Finals to wrap up an outstanding playoff season. Jordan Binnington and Tuukka Rask will be the biggest stars in this series, and I just think Rask is on another plane right now. The Blues aren't as deep offensively as the Bruins, either. Look for the Bruins to bring home another title to New England.

Brian Rosenbaum

Boston in seven games.

This is going to be an incredibly close series that will likely be decided by a bit of luck in the seventh game. I've been a huge supporter of the Blues throughout the post-season as they have been gritty in each round with both their stars and their foot soldiers coming to play. That said, the Bruins are a little more experienced with battled-tested veterans such as Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand and David Krejci, and in a close series like this, that might tip the scales in the Bruins' favor. I would love it if St. Louis would win and exorcise their Bobby Orr demons of 49 years ago, but I just don't think it's going to happen despite the fact I think Jordan Binnington will continue to be excellent. 

Joey Alfieri

St. Louis in six games.

The Blues have made it to the Stanley Cup Final with less production from Ryan O'Reilly, Brayden Schenn and Vladimir Tarasenko. O'Reilly picked up three assists in the deciding game of the Western Conference Final, Schenn scored in that game as well, and Tarasenko seems to have finally hit his stride. That's a scary proposition for the Bruins. Boston's Tuukka Rask has been the best goalie in the playoffs, but Jordan Binnington has been terrific for his team, too. Overall, these teams are evenly matched, but it just seems like key members of the Blues are starting to produce at the right time. 

Julian McKenzie

St. Louis in seven games.

Both teams have had strong performances this postseason, but I think the Blues, who've beaten quality teams to get here, have the edge. They've had timely scoring from key contributors and aren't afraid to work in the trenches. Boston has Tuukka Rask, but Jordan Binnington has come through for the Blues in spades. One major key here, the Blues need to be disciplined or else the Bruins will make them pay on the power play. 

Corey Abbott

St. Louis in six games.

St. Louis and Boston both have deep rosters that have received contributions up and down the lineup during their runs to the Stanley Cup Final.  They have also had great goaltending, which should result in close games.  Tuukka Rask has been outstanding and Jordan Binnington has continued to impress during his rookie season.  I think the edge goes to the Blues in this series.  They have worn down the opposition in each round of the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs with physical play and pressure on the forecheck.  During the Western Conference Final against San Jose, St. Louis ended up winning the war of attrition and I can envision a similar situation playing out in the Stanley Cup Final with the Blues getting under the skin of the Bruins and grinding them down like they did to Winnipeg, Dallas and San Jose.  Of course, St. Louis will need to play disciplined because Boston's power play has been red hot in the postseason.  I also a bit concerned with the amount of rest that Boston has had going into the series.  The club hasn't played since May 16, giving them 10 days between games.  That could cool off Rask, hurt the power play and lead to some rust.  We have already seen what sweeping teams the previous round did to the New York Islanders in Round 2 against Carolina and what sweeping the Islanders did to Carolina versus the Bruins.  I like the Blues to finally capture the franchise's first Stanley Cup.      

Jeffrey Alfieri

St. Louis in six games. 

The Blues will cap off their season by going from last in the league in the New Year to Stanley Cup Champions. I really like St. Louis top to bottom and the only way I see them losing to the Bruins is if Tuukka Rask steals the series. The Blues just have an incredible amount of momentum heading into the series, with players like Brayden Schenn having much more to give before this is all said and done. 

Domenico D’Amato

St. Louis in seven games.

Both teams are highly talented, have gotten scoring from their depth players and are rolling with hot goaltenders. St. Louis has found ways to win games no matter their opponent. The keys to their success will be discipline and whether they could get in front of Rask enough to bother him and get him off his game. The Bruins looked really good in the Conference Finals, but a large portion of that could be attributed to the fact that the Hurricanes weren’t good at all. With that said, Boston hasn’t played a meaningful hockey game for a while, but is talented enough to still make this a lengthy series.

Gus Katsaros

St. Louis in six games.

Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand can change the series if they find their stride at 5v5 and Rask stays true to form. Vladimir Tarasenko has to generate more at 5v5 and the Blues have to find other ways to score at 5v4 to make my prediction come true. Both teams are hard forechecking clubs, the series will be won in the trenches, as long they can exhibit intelligent physicality and tweak styles when they run into roadblocks. It’s going to be a tactics heavy series.

Overall Picks

St. Louis 7 Boston 3

Enjoy the Stanley Cup Final!

Michael Finewax

Michael Finewax is entering his 16th season as the Senior Hockey Writer and Editor for NBC Sports Edge. You can follow him on Twitter @mfinewaxhockey.