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NBA Fantasy Trends

Fantasy Postseason Rankings

by Mike Gallagher
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

If you already miss playing fantasy basketball or if you’re bitter because all the DNP-ROAD, DNP-REST, DNP-KIDD or DNP-OLD things costing you a title, then you can join a postseason fantasy league. A handful of the Rotoworld guys are doing a draft later today on FanTrax, so check it out here and start your own league! Doctor A will have a column with the results, too. They’re a lot of fun and give you some extra rooting interest. Before we get into my rankings, let’s just go over the format and some thing you’ll want to remember.


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It’s basically a set-it-and-forget-it draft with no moves. So the team you draft is all you get. There is no bench either, so every player is “starting” for you. We’re drafting two forwards, two guards, one center and four flexes. The scoring format is as follows:
Point - 1 point
Rebounds - 2 points
Assists - 2.5 points
Threes - 3 points
Steals - 5 points
Blocks - 6 points
Free throws made - 1 point
Turnovers - -3 points
So it does slightly favor big men with the high turnover negative and two points per board. Also getting free throws made is big. Three points for a trey is huge because that’s basically six points on a make (three points for the actual points).
Of course, the most important thing is getting the most games out of your guys. Yes, it’s nice to have some of the favorites and get them to the Conference Finals. However, drafting a guy eliminated after the second round and playing in two seven-game series can be a difference maker. Those four vs. five matchups could be huge, especially in the Eastern Conference. Two seven-game series is 14 games while three sweeps in a row in 15. Of course, there are more games to follow a sweep, but you get my point.
One thing that is also popular is to stack guys on the same team. As Reese Bobby would say, “If you ain’t first, yer last.” If you draft five Spurs and they make it to the Finals, chances are you going to be finishing very high in the standings. On the other hand, if the Clippers beat them in 5-6 games, you’re dead money.
OK, so how about some odds? As much as we all like to think we know everything about the NBA, Vegas doesn’t mess around with their odds. Here they are:
Golden State Warriors              11/5
Cleveland Cavaliers                  11/5
San Antonio Spurs                   7/2
Atlanta Hawks                         12/1
Chicago Bulls                          12/1
Houston Rockets                     16/1
Los Angeles Clippers                18/1
Memphis Grizzlies                    28/1
Dallas Mavericks                      40/1
Portland Trailblazers                 40/1
Toronto Raptors                       50/1 
Washington Wizards                 75/1
Boston Celtics                         150/1
New Orleans Pelicans               150/1
Brooklyn Nets                          200/1
Milwaukee Bucks                      250/1
Obviously, you’re not going to want to draft any Bucks in the first few rounds. Personally, I’d be surprised if their series with the Bulls goes more than five games. Another cool thing to see if the Spurs are 7/2. Are they the best sixth seed ever?
One last thing: Don’t forget the playoff rotations are tighter. For example, last regular season Kawhi Leonard played 29.1 minutes per game, but that increased to 32.0 in the postseason. Oh and don’t forget, Stephen Curry probably won’t rest 19 fourth quarters. OK, so with that here’s my rankings for the fantasy playoffs:
Note: These rankings will be changing on the fly during a draft. For instance, if I take Kawhi Leonard in the first round, I'll be moving the Clippers all down because it's Spurs vs. Clippers to kick it off. That series is ridiculous, by the way. They're No. 2 and 3 in net rating! First round! Ah!
1. Stephen Curry
2. LeBron James
3. Draymond Green
4. Kawhi Leonard
5. Kyrie Irving
6. Klay Thompson
7. James Harden
8. Tim Duncan
9. Kevin Love
10. John Wall
11. Jeff Teague
12. Marc Gasol
13. Paul Millsap
14. Chris Paul
15. Al Horford
16. Tony Parker
17. Andrew Bogut

18. Dwight Howard
19. Jimmy Butler

20. Trevor Ariza
21. Harrison Barnes

22. DeAndre Jordan
23. Blake Griffin

24. Marcin Gortat
25. Zach Randolph
26. J.R. Smith
27. Pau Gasol
28. Andre Iguodala
29. Bradley Beal

30. Derrick Rose
31. Joakim Noah

32. Timofey Mozgov
33. Danny Green
34. DeMarre Carroll

35. Josh Smith
36. Terrence Jones

37. Kyle Lowry
38. Kyle Korver
39. Manu Ginobili

40. LaMarcus Aldridge
41. Damian Lillard

42. Boris Diaw
43. Jeff Green
44. Taj Gibson
45. Brook Lopez
46. Anthony Davis
47. Paul Pierce
48. DeMar DeRozan
49. Mike Conley
50. Monta Ellis
51. Nikola Mirotic
52. J.J. Redick
53. Marco Belinelli
54. Corey Brewer

55. Marreese Speights

56. Tyson Chandler
57. Dirk Nowitzki
58. Aaron Brooks
59. Chandler Parsons
60. Deron Williams
61. Nicolas Batum
62. Lou Williams
63. Tony Allen
64. Rajon Rondo
65.Mike Dunleavy
66. Nene
67. David Lee
68. Jamal Crawford
69. Isaiah Thomas
70. Aron Baynes
71. Matt Barnes
72. Tiago Splitter
73. Jason Terry
74. Kris Humphries
75. Jonas Valanciunas
76. Robin Lopez
77. C.J. McCollum
78. Tristan Thompson
79. Iman Shumpert
80. Pero Antic
81. Tyreke Evans
82. Eric Gordon
83. Khris Middleton
84. Dennis Schroder
85. Otto Porter
86. Jrue Holiday
87. Devin Harris
88. Joe Johnson
89. Mike Miller
90. Spencer Hawes
91. Thaddeus Young
92. Patrick Patterson
93. Evan Turner
94. Ryan Anderson
95. Shaun Livingston (might not get in rotation, but maybe garbage time)
96. Avery Bradley
97. Omer Asik
98. Marcus Smart

99. Jared Sullinger

100. Kelly Olynyk
101. Amir Johnson
102. Jarrett Jack
103. Mike Scott
104. Kent Bazemore
105. Meyers Leonard
106. Patty Mills
107. Vince Carter
108. Matthew Dellavedova

109. Michael Carter-Williams
110. Greivis Vasquez
111. Austin Rivers
112. James Johnson
113. Giannis Antetokounmpo

114. Drew Gooden
115. Zaza Pachulia 
116. Ersan Ilyasova
117. Tyler Zeller
118. Matt Bonner
119. Terrence Ross
120. Jae Crowder
121.Mason Plumlee
122. John Henson
123. Brandon Bass
124. Courtney Lee
125. Tony Snell
As you can probably tell, I have the Spurs over the Clippers, the Wizards over the Raptors with the Wizards having a decent chance over the Hawks, and Houston handling their business in the first round. I can't wait for tomorrow and still can't believe it's Spurs vs. Clippers.

Mike Gallagher
Mike Gallagher has covered fantasy hoops for eight years and this season is his second with Rotoworld. You can find him on Twitter talking about a player's shots at the rim.