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NFL Weekend Weather

Wild Card Weekend Weather Forecasts

by Connor Allen
Updated On: January 3, 2020, 9:34 pm ET

As I’ve talked about at length in this column, weather can have a big impact on the game under certain circumstances. Before I break down the forecasts from wild card weekend be sure to check out some of our other content which dives into different aspects of the games. John Daigle noted his top-50 rankings for playoff leagues, Hayden Winks continued with his outstanding fantasy forecast, and Ian Hartitz broke down Wild Card weekend from a DFS perspective.


Winter Storm Henry

Tennessee at New England (8:15 PM, Saturday): This isn’t just a joke about Derrick Henry, there’s actually expected to be a substantial storm in the New England area. It’s expected to hit at some point on Saturday and potentially during the game. The current forecast calls for rain and 40-degree temperatures but the low is 32-degrees meaning that rain could very well turn to snow. This is something to keep an eye on all day Saturday. A snowstorm would likely benefit the Titans as they’d be able to grind their behemoth of a running back in Derrick Henry. For the time being, winds are expected to be tame but things can change very quickly if they get hit hard with the storm. If wind speeds increase above 15 MPH downgrade passing games slightly and if they are above 20 MPH downgrade them significantly. Pass-catchers with a higher average depth of target would be most affected. All of the hullabaloo over this storm could wind up being nothing but it could also end up making a massive impact on the game.


Wind Warning

Seattle at Philadelphia (4:40 PM ET): The final game of wildcard weekend is between the Eagles and Seahawks. 43-degree temperatures and clear skies won’t cause any issues but high wind speeds might. 12 MPH winds are expected which is below the threshold of making a difference (15+) but it’s close. That means we need to pay attention to it leading up to game time. If wind speeds climb above the threshold I would slightly downgrade both passing games.


Home Teams are Dome Teams

The Saints and Vikings are the only teams playing in a true dome while the Texans stadium has a retractable roof. There’s a chance the roof won’t be used as 68-degree temperatures, seven MPH winds and clear skies are expected.

Buffalo at Houston (4:35 PM ET, Saturday)

Minnesota at New Orleans (1:05 PM ET, Sunday)


I’ll be back each of the next few weeks breaking down the weather!