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The best teams to bet on this decade

by Covers.com
Updated On: January 21, 2020, 2:15 pm ET


ATS Best Bet - New England Patriots 93-62-5 (60 percent)
ATS Best Fade - Cleveland Browns 64-90-6 (41.6 percent)    

Best Over Bet - Philadelphia Eagles O/U 87-72-1 (54.7 percent)
Best Under Bet - Pittsburgh Steelers O/U 67-93 (41.9 percent)

It's not exactly a shocker that the Patriots dominated this decade (and the one before it) but to cover more than 60 percent of all regular season games is remarkable. It's also not a surprise that the Browns have been the worst team to bet on. 

It's a bit more surprising to see that the Steelers have been such a great Under bet. They've had some solid defenses in the 2010s but they haven't exactly been the Steel Curtain and the Antonio Brown/Ben Roethlisberger combo gave them one of the more explosive offenses in the league for years. 


College Football

ATS Best Bet - Temple 76-45-0 (62.8 percent)
ATS Best Fade - Connecticut 42-74-4 (36.2 percent)    

Best Over Bet - Indiana O/U 70-47-1 and Texas Tech O/U 70-47-2 (59.8 percent)    
Best Under Bet - Boston College O/U 43-72-3 (37.4 percent)   

Nope, it's not Alabama or Clemson that have been the most profitable program for bettors - although they've also covered the spread in more than 54 percent of their games. The Temple Owls lead the pack as the best ATS bet of the decade! 

The Red Raiders, thanks to their pass-happy Air Raid offense, have been the best Over bet. Although somewhat surprisingly, the Indiana Hoosiers are tied with them. And if you have been hitting the Under when Boston College takes to the field you'd have turned a nice little profit. 




ATS Best Bet - Dallas Mavericks 397-349-8 (53.2 percent)        
ATS Best Fade - Minnesota Timberwolves 344-401-9 (46.2 percent)    

Best Over Bet - Minnesota Timberwolves O/U 385-355-14 (52.0 percent)        
Best Under Bet - Chicago Bulls O/U 345-399-12 (46.4 percent)

Dallas hasn't advanced past the first round of the playoffs since 2011 so it's a bit surprising to see Dallas at the top of the list. However, with an ATS win percentage of just over 53 percent you wouldn't be banking a whole lot of money blindly betting on them anyway. 

The T-Wolves have been both the best team to fade and the best Over bet, which makes sense even if you just look at this year's version. They can score but simply don't like playing defense and not even Tom Thibodeau or Jimmy Butler were able to change that.

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College Basketball

ATS Best Bet - Virginia 155-100-4 (60.8 percent)    
ATS Best Fade - Cal Poly 100-143-6 (41.1percent)     

Best Over Bet - Buffalo 142-94-4 (60.2 percent)
Best Under Bet - Cincinnati 93-154-2 (37.6 percent)        

Technically there are a few programs which rank higher than the schools we named above, but many of those smaller schools don't often have odds available. We decided to only include teams which usually have betting lines, so that you're not scouring your sportsbook to find Stony Brook or Long Island University like a true degenerate. 

Virginia is coming off the first National Championship win in their program's history but they've been winning for bettors all decade. And the Cincinnati Bearcats have been an incredible Under bet thanks to a stingy defensive gameplan implemented by former coach Mick Cronin.



Best Money Bet - Texas Rangers +37.54 Units
Worst Money Bet - Seattle Mariners -103.42 Units

Best Over Bet -  New York Mets 790-741-89 (51.6 percent) 153,100
Best Under Bet - Baltimore Orioles 738-815-67 (47.5 percent)    

Oddsmakers know what they're doing and the house always wins. Nowhere are these mantras more evident than in the world of baseball betting.

The Rangers have been the best money bet of the 2010s, but they are one of only three teams this decade to return a profit of more than 15 units (the others being the Atlanta Braves and the Oakland A's). But blindly betting the Mariners in every game would have cost you more than 100 units, and they are one of 14 teams that are down more than 50 units this decade. 

And if you knew ten years ago that the Mets would be the best MLB Over bet of the decade and decided to place a unit on the Over for every game they played, congratulations you would have lost money!



Best Money Bet - Washington +37.7 units
Worst Money Bet - Edmonton -106.05 units

It's fitting that the Capitals are the best NHL money team of the 2010s considering that they opened the decade as the top regular season team and closed it the exact same way.

The Oilers just haven't been able to turn things around, making just one playoff appearance in the decade despite four 1st overall draft picks between 2010 and 2015. But maybe the 2020s will hold better luck for Edmonton and their bettors.