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Finding the right teaser for Week 10

by Sam Panayotovich
Updated On: November 13, 2020, 9:58 am ET

Last week's teaser came through on the Bills and Dolphins, so obviously we need to fire another one this weekend. Those are the rules. 

If you're new around here, a teaser is a bet that allows you to adjust the point spread six points whichever way you choose. You must select a minimum of two bets, but you have to win all the bets in the teaser to cash the ticket. 

While some people like to maximize their payout and do four or five-team teasers, your chances of winning get increasingly more difficult with every extra team you add. I’ll stick with the standard two-teamer and tease through the most important numbers in football – 3 and 7.

Last week we teased against Seattle, this week we'll tease Seattle. The Seahawks have won nine of their last 10 games off a loss and they come into this game a smidge undervalued after losing at Buffalo as a public road favorite. While their defense is definitely suspect, they're also the highest scoring offense in the NFL at 34.3 points per game. 

Seattle is currently a 1.5-point underdog at the L.A. Rams this Sunday and while I definitely think they can win the game, I want more points. So let's tease!

Let's kick the Seahawks up from +1.5 through a slew of key numbers to make this a really advantageous proposition. We'll go through 3, 4, 6, and 7 to make them a 7.5-point underdog. That way we're protected by a full touchdown and we're pretty safe should the game go to overtime. Seattle is an underdog for only the second time this season and I'll pounce on the chance to make Russell Wilson this big of a dog. 

Those that have been tailing these teasers all season know that I prefer to tease underdogs up. But there's a favorite this weekend that I really like in a tease. The Ravens are a 7-point favorite at lowly New England. I know, I know. It's an extremely popular side. In fact, one Vegas bookmaker told me that his shop has over 90 percent of the betting tickets on Baltimore. 

I want absolutely no part of laying a full touchdown, so this is where we get funky. If we tease the Ravens down from -7 through the 6, 4, 3 all the way to -1, all they've got to do is win the game. This removes any possibility of getting backdoored by a late New England touchdown if they're down 10 or 13 points. 

Baltimore's running game should have a field day on the ground against a depleted and inexperienced Patriots front. Let's not forget that New England just allowed 27 points to an offensive attack led by Joe Flacco and Frank Gore in the year 2020. I'm not going to overthink this one. The books will be rooting for Justin Tucker to drill a game-winning field goal and that's totally cool with me. Just win, baby.

Tease the Seahawks +7.5 to the Ravens -1. 

Sam Panayotovich

Sam Panayotovich is a sports betting analyst from the South Side of Chicago. He'll probably pick against your favorite team a lot. Follow him @spshoot