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Gronkowski's 2020 NFL player prop odds hit the board

by Covers.com
Updated On: April 25, 2020, 6:01 pm ET

How many receiving yards will Gronkowski have this season?

Rob Gronkowski Total Recieving Yards in 2020 Odds
Over 675.5 -110
Under 675.5 -110

Sportsbooks seem undecided on this number. We’ve seen it as low as 599.5 and as high as high as 750.5. So, as always it pays to shop around for the best number. If you’re in the “think Gronk is over the hill” camp, find the number as high as you can and take the Under. But if you’re head banging along with the Gronk comeback train, hammer the Over on the lowest number available. And hey, if you think the result will be somewhere in between this creates an interesting middling opportunity.

Really, this mentality can be taken with all of Gronk’s player props this year, but the yards just seem to have to most variance.


It should be noted that Gronk’s new head coach Bruce Arians isn’t really known for using tight ends. O.J. Howard was only targeted 53 times for 34 catches, including just one TD in 2019, but don’t be surprised if that changes a little in 2020 with Brady in his ear.

As for Gronk, he still managed 682 yards in 13 regular season games, in which he we clearly battling various injuries for much of the year. If Gronk is healthy, he should challenge even the highest of these numbers.



How many receiving touchdowns will Gronkowski have this season?

Rob Gronkowski Total Recieving Touchdowns in 2020 Odds
Over 5.5 -115
Under 5.5 -115

This number projects a pretty productive season for Gronk. In that last injury riddled campaign, Gronk hauled in a career-low three touchdowns. And he’s only gone over this number of touchdowns once since 2016. Peak Rob Gronkowski clearly spikes this number. But can you really expect that from him anymore? Gronk has played 16 games just once in his career, so when it comes to how many games he will miss, the question is not if, but when, and how many. That has to be factored in when betting any Gronk prop.


Who is the favorite to catch Tom Brady's first touchdown pass this season?

Reciever of Tom Brady's First Touchdown Pass in 2020 Odds
Chris Godwin +200
Mike Evans +200
Rob Gronkowski +300
Cameron Brate +700
Ronald Jones +1,000

Well, we all know who the fan favorite is. While Gronk may not be able to rumble down the field and bowl over defenders like he used to, you know Tampa Bay has plans for him to be a target in the red zone. The only problem for Gronk bettors, is a good thing for Bucs fans, and that is, all the options Brady has in Tampa Bay. Chris Godwin broke out last year and can score from anywhere on the field, while Mike Evans can still be a TD machine. And you know Brady loves his pass catching backs and Ronald Jones fits the bill (or maybe another back selected in this year’s NFL draft). So, Gronk getting Brady’s first TD in Tampa is clearly the best story, with all those weapons, its tough to predict.