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Public bettors love the Bears on Monday night

by Sam Panayotovich
Updated On: October 26, 2020, 9:07 pm ET

For the sixth time in seven games this season, the Chicago Bears are an underdog. 

The Bears meet the Los Angeles Rams Monday night at SoFi Stadium. The Rams opened as a 7-point favorite and PointsBet Sportsbook is now dealing Rams -6 with a total of 44.5. Six points is the most that the Bears have been spotted in any game so far this year. 

And oh boy, are bettors loading up.

"This is a rare situation where we're rooting for the primetime favorite," PointsBet senior sports analyst Andrew Mannino told NBC Sports. "Both the bet count and handle are very high on the Chicago side. We've taken 82% of our spread bets on the Bears and similiar numbers on the moneyline. People are also betting on the Under, so we'll need the Over."

Over 80% of bets on a public primetime underdog is usually bad news for the pup. It's just tough for bettors to pass up a chance to take a first place team catching almost a touchdown. 

"[The market] just doesn't seem to believe in Chicago," Mannino said, sounding like a broken record. "It's hard to see them keeping this up. We've got the Packers and Cardinals ahead of them on the outright sheet. You can still get the Bears at 33-to-1 on a futures bet if you trust them."

Bookmakers definitely respect Chicago's defense, but they're still rolling out the red carpet for you to bet the Bears in the future markets. And if you've paid any attention to the quarterback position, you're probably out on them long term. 

After we discussed Bears-Rams, I quickly pivoted to NFL Sunday. Many sportsbooks around the country reported a tough day for the bottom line with lots of the public favorites covering. Green Bay, Kansas City and Tampa Bay all took care of business.

"It was a tough day for us," Mannino reported. "The Packers and Bucs really hurt us. The Jets and Football team were our best results. And then the Cardinals helped us a lot. It could have been a whole lot worse if Arizona didn't pull off the upset. It wasn't a good one."

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Sam Panayotovich

Sam Panayotovich is a sports betting analyst from the South Side of Chicago. He'll probably pick against your favorite team a lot. Follow him @spshoot