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Consensus Big Board 3.0

by Mark Lindquist
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Consensus Big Board 3.0


For reference's sake, I'm averaging the boards of CBS Sports' Rob Rang (March 16), ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. (March 24), Pro Football Focus (March 20) and Rotoworld's Josh Norris (March 24). In parenthesis to the right, I've included where these prospects ranked just after the NFL Scouting Combine.


1.FSU CB/S Jalen Ramsey, 6-foot-1, 202 pounds (Previous: 2

Much like when multiple presidential candidates duke it out and split votes to allow a reality TV star a clear path to the party nomination, Ramsey jumps to No. 1 on average despite never actually being ranked at No. 1 by any of our analysts. Rang and Kiper park him at No. 2 while PFF and Norris check him into their rankings at No. 3.


2. Ole Miss T Laremy Tunsil, 6-foot-5, 305 pounds (Previous: 1

Tunsil falls a spot as a clear division emerges between those who think he's a clear-cut first pick and those keeping their options open. Rang and Kiper both rank him at No. 1, while Norris and the PFF analysis team do not unveil his name until No's 4 and 5.

3. Ohio State DE Joey Bosa, 6-foot-5, 275 pounds (Previous: 3

Bosa holds steady at No. 3. It's unlikely he ever rises back to the lofty perch he held several months ago, when he was viewed as a potential No. 1 selection. In our latest handful of boards, PFF's is the kindest to Bosa's cause. They slot him in as their No. 1 overall prospect. Kiper follows them with Bosa at No. 3, while Rang (No. 4) and Norris (No. 5) close out the proceedings.

4. UCLA LB Myles Jack, 6-foot-1, 222 pounds (Previous: 4

Rotoworld's Norris has ridden long, cold hours in the dark trumpeting Jack as his No. 1 prospect in this draft. He continues to ring the midnight bell in Big Board 5.0, as Jack resides in his accustomed spot. Rang is next highest on the phenom and places him at No. 3, behind usual suspects Tunsil and Ramsey. Kiper and PFF's collective being are the most conservative here. They rank Jack at No. 5 and No. 6 respectively.

5. Oregon DE DeForest Buckner, 6-foot-7, 290 pounds (Previous: 7

Two true champions for Buckner buoy him to this spot. The Pro Football Focus team ranks him No. 2, just behind Bosa. Elsewhere on the Internet, Kiper tosses him up at No. 4. Rang isn't quite so bullish and waits until No. 7, while Norris has him outside the top-10 on his board, placing him at No. 11.

6. Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott, 6-foot, 225 pounds (Previous: 5

Zeke's seen a nice wave of momentum of late and holds steady at No. 5 here. Rotoworld's Norris ticks him off the board just after above friend Myles Jack. The rest of our analysts aren't quite so bold, with PFF and Rang both ranking him at No. 8 and Kiper holding off until No. 10.

7. Cal QB Jared Goff, 6-foot-4, 215 pounds (Previous: 8

Rang (No. 5) and Kiper (No. 6) are both keen on the Cal gunslinger, but Pro Football Focus takes the quarterbacking cake here by ranking Goff as their fourth overall prospect. You won't find Goff on Norris' board until No. 23.

8. Notre Dame OT Ronnie Stanley, 6-foot-6, 315 pounds (Previous: 6) 

Kiper leads the charge for Stanley when he ranks him at No. 7. All of our analysts are in the same general ballpark when it comes to the Irish standout. Norris and Rang both check him in at No. 9. Only Pro Football Focus strays a bit outside of the lines, as they pound the pavement for him at a still-respectable No. 15

9. North Dakota State QB Carson Wentz, 6-foot-5, 231 pounds (Previous: 14

As with his quarterbacking buddy Jared Goff, Wentz has the support of three of our four analysts as a top-10 selection. Rang leads the charge by ranking Wentz at No. 6, but PFF (No. 7) and Kiper (No. 8) are right behind in their accolades for this FCS golden arm. As has been the case throughout the pre-draft season, Norris remains relatively unsold on this quarterback class. Wentz doesn't crack his rankings until No. 24.

10. Louisville DT Sheldon Rankins, 6-foot-2, 304 pounds (Previous: 16

Norris and PFF are more/less in lockstep when it comes to Rankins, with Rotoworld's draft guru placing him at No. 8 and the collective entity of PFF slotting him at No. 9. Our most conservative analyst in this case would be Rang, who waits until No. 21 to unleash the Louisville DT into Big Board existence. Kiper's splits the middle between Rang's and our other two boards, inviting Rankins to the party at No. 14.

11. Florida CB Vernon Hargreaves III, 5-foot-11, 198 pounds (Previous: 11)

Kiper is the only one of our intrepid crew to rank Hargreaves within the top-10, dredging the swamp for the smooth Gator corner at No. 9. Meanwhile, Norris and Rang peek at each other's sheets to write in Hargreaves at lucky No. 13 while the teacher is dusting off the chalkboard. PFF turns Hargreaves home at No. 19 after the bell rings.

12. Ole Miss WR Laquon Treadwell, 6-foot-2, 212 pounds (Previous: 10)

Rotoworld's Norris and CBS Sports' Rang both hand Treadwell a spot in their respective top-10. Norris' placement at No. 7 is more secure, but Rang's at No. 10 will suffice as well. Kiper fails to rank him quite that high, though he's not far behind in measuring up the Ole Miss star as his No. 12 prospect in this class. Pro Football Focus' machine, on the other hand, is far behind. They wait until 24 other names have passed by the wayside before declaring Treadwell their No. 25 prospect in the pool.

13. Clemson DE Shaq Lawson, 6-foot-3, 275 pounds (Previous: 13)

Rang and the Pro Football Focus collective say howdy in slotting in Lawson at No's 11 and 12, respectively. Kiper and Norris are neighbors on this one, too, though their neighborhood is located a bit south. They uncage the Tiger terror at No's 16 and No. 17, respectively.

14. Baylor WR Corey Coleman, 5-10, 190 pounds (Previous: 23)

Coleman doesn't make the cut on Kiper's 25-man board, so we've taken the average of the three others here. The Bear standout remains Norris' favorite receiver in this class, earning a lofty standing of No. 6. That ranks just a smidge ahead of Laquon Treadwell (No. 7). Pro Football Focus likewise tags Coleman as their top wideout. They write him up at No. 10. Rang keeps the volume a bit lower and waits until No. 29 to debut the human highlight reel.

15. Baylor DT Andrew Billings, 6-foot-1, 300 pounds (Previous: 21)

Once again, Mel Kiper Jr. hatin' on Baylor. As with Coleman, Billings fails to crack his top-25. His complete omission makes Josh Norris' No. 10 ranking seem like it comes on wings of gold. Rang and Pro Football Focus are unwilling to venture into the top-10 range, but place Billings at No. 20 and No. 22, respectively.

16. Clemson CB Mackenzie Alexander, 5-foot-10, 195 pounds (Previous: 18)

Kiper doesn't rank Alexander, either, the peril that comes with winnowing your Big Board to just 25 names being that you leave out players you would like on a larger board. We'll take our three-outlet average instead. Alexander first graces the board of CBS Sports' Rang, then further graces the boards of PFF (No. 18) and Rotoworld's Norris (No. 25)

17. TCU WR Josh Doctson, 6-foot-4, 190 pounds (Previous: 26)

Doctson doesn't quite glide into the top-10 on the Pro Football Focus board, but No. 11 will do. Norris and Kiper are seeing eye-to-eye here (more or less), ranking the TCU standout at No. 14 and No. 17, respectively. Rang plays Debbie Downer here, not only failing to rank Doctson as a top-20 player in this pool, he leaves him out of the top-32 altogether. You won't find his name on Rang's rundown until No. 36.

18. Alabama DL Jarran Reed 6-foot-3, 313 pounds (Previous: 20)

Rang is the highest on Reed by a fair margin and ranks the Tide defender at No. 12. None of our other analysts place him in the top-20. PFF is next in line with Reed at No. 21, while Norris follows him up at No. 29. Kiper does not view Reed as one of the top-25 players in this class, though, and thus he does not grace the ESPN maven's rankings.

19. Georgia OLB Leonard Floyd, 6-foot-3, 232 pounds (Previous: 31)

We have a nice general consensus on Floyd from three of four boards, with only Kiper's refusing to cooperate when you search for “Floyd” in the browser. While he doesn't rank the Bulldog bruiser, Pro Football Focus (No. 20) and Norris (No. 21) are right in lockstep. You won't have to look much further than that on Rang's board, either, as he places Floyd at No. 26.

20. Michigan State OT Jack Conklin, 6-foot-6, 318 pounds (Previous: 19)

Conklin generally lurks around No. 20 on most boards we've seen, but there is a bit of variation in the four we're looking at today. Kiper and Pro Football Focus are absolutely enamored with the big Spartan, with the ESPN analyst ticking his name off the list at No. 11. PFF isn't far off that at No. 14. While Rang sits him down at No. 19, Norris brings up the rear. He doesn't toss Conklin's name into the ring until No. 50.

21. Eastern Kentucky Edge Noah Spence, 6-foot-3, 254 pounds (Previous: NR)

Spence makes his way back into the good graces of the Consensus Board with our most recent set of analysts. PFF's analysis collective is most pessimistic on the former Buckeye. They wait until No. 34 to let him join the (non-drug filled, very polite) party. Rang, too, opts for a cautious appraisal with his No. 30 ranking. Norris and Kiper fear nothing, though, and let Spence into the proceedings at No. 16 and No. 15, respectively.

22. Alabama ILB Reggie Ragland, 6-2, 259 pounds (Previous: 12)

Kiper's No. 13 ranking for Ragland outpaces the field by a fair margin. The next closest are Rang and PFF at No's 27 and 28, respectively. Norris scoffs at such optimism and holds out until No. 39.

23. Louisiana Tech DT Vernon Butler, 6-foot-4, 325 pounds (Previous: 22)

Norris runs out ahead of everybody else to toss Butler onto a board. Rotoworld's draft expert ranks him at No. 12. You won't find such a high ranking elsewhere in our merry club. Rang waits until No. 30 to call for Butler, while Pro Football Focus waits even longer, until No. 39. ESPN's Kiper does not rank Butler within his top-25.

24. Ole Miss DT Robert Nkemdiche, 6-foot-4, 296 pounds (Previous: 17)

For the extensive criticism out there on all things Robert Nkemdiche, draft analysts just refuse to drop him off their boards. He's getting a bit closer to the edge, though. Only one of our four analysts (Rang) ranked Nkemdiche in the top-20 (he did so at No. 17). Kiper comes close to leaving the Ole Miss riddle-wrapped-in-an-enigma off his board altogether, but ultimately tapped his name out at No. 25, the last spot on the Worldwide Leader's lead draft analyst's somewhat truncated Big Board. PFF follows closely behind in ranking Nkemdiche at No. 26. You won't find the defensive tackle on Josh Norris' board until No. 41.

25. Florida DE Jonathan Bullard, 6-foot-3, 283 pounds (Previous: 33)

Norris fires first in ranking Bullard at No. 22. Rang slots him a few spaces back at No. 28 while Pro Football Focus has him juuuuuuust outside the top-32 at No. 33. Kiper doesn't rank Bullard among his top-25 names for this draft class.

26. Houston CB William Jackson III, 6-foot, 189 pounds (Previous: 28)

Pro Football Focus likes Jackson the most of our four analysts, to the point where he almost makes it into their top-15. Almost, but not quite. He'll have to settle for No. 16 here. Meanwhile, Norris and Rang both view Jackson as a potential back-of-the-first-round option and rank him at No's 35 and 32, respectively. Kiper doesn't find room for the Cougar in his top-25.

27. Kansas State OG Cody Whitehair, 6-foot-4, 309 pounds (Previous: 35)

Pro Football Focus leads the Whitehair charge among our four outlets, ranking him at No. 17. Rotoworld's Norris waits it out until No. 33, while Rang lands him at No. 41. There's no room for the Kansas State lineman on Kiper's 25-man board.

28. Alabama DT A'Shawn Robinson 6-foot-3, 312 pounds (Previous: 11)

Two clear camps duking it out here. Both Kiper and Rang are gung-ho in regards to the Tide run-destroying terror. They rank him at No. 15 and No. 18, respectively. Things go haywire when you jump over to the boards of Norris and Pro Football Focus. Not only do they leave him outside their respective top-20's, they leave him outside of their respective top-40's. PFF is theoretically more optimistic in ranking Robinson at No. 45, though Norris is basically right there at No. 47.

29. Mississippi State DT Chris Jones, 6-foot-6, 310 pounds (Previous: NR)

A large portion of Jones' pump here comes from Pro Football Focus. They have been consistently high on the Bulldog defender and in this case, rank him at No. 13. Rotoworld's Norris is next up to bat, but there's a long, long delay before he slides him in at No. 36. On a board of 50, Rang just does include Jones – at No. 49. Kiper gives us nothing to work with here, at least not on his current 25-man cheat sheet.

30. UCLA DT Kenny Clark, 6-foot-3, 308 pounds (Previous: 30)

Rang is the first to register Clark's name on the Big Board ballot, punching his ticket at No. 24. Next up is Norris, who sees him home at No. 31. The Pro Football Focus collective withholds him from the top-32, though, instead placing him at No. 50. Mel Kiper Jr. omits him from his more exclusive guest list.

31. Memphis QB Paxton Lynch, 6-foot-6, 225 pounds (Previous: 29)

Lynch seems to be constantly on the verge of plummeting out of any given 32-man Big Board, but in this case, he is saved by the virtue of Mel Kiper Jr. No. 23 ranking. Both Norris (No. 66) and PFF (No. 79) are less-than-enthused. Rang is so unenthused that he omits him entirely.

32. Ohio State OLB Darron Lee, 6-foot-1, 234 pounds (Previous: 15)

We actually have a decent consensus among three of our four sources that would have secured Lee an earlier spot, but Pro Football laughed at that notion and their No. 88 ranking largely helped to drop the Buckeye dynamo down to No. 32. Among our other analysts, both Kiper and Norris rank Lee at No. 20, while Rang bests that in placing the linebacker at No. 18.

So close, yet so far—just missing the top-32 cut

33. Ohio State CB Eli Apple, 6-foot-1, 200 pounds (Kiper 21, Rang 22, PFF 35, Norris 71)

34. Notre Dame WR Will Fuller, 6-foot, 186 pounds (Norris 30, Rang 33, PFF 54, Kiper NR)

35. Ohio State OT Taylor Decker, 6-foot-7, 317 pounds (Kiper 24, Rang 25, Norris 34, PFF 81)

Lone Soldiers—names that crack the top-32 on just one Big Board

Michigan State DE/OLB Shilique Calhoun, 6-foot-4, 251 pounds (PFF, 23)

Notre Dame DL Sheldon Day, 6-foot-1, 293 pounds (PFF 30)

Arkansas TE Hunter Henry, 6-foot-5, 250 pounds (PFF, 32)

Alabama RB Derrick Henry, 6-foot-2, 242 pounds (Norris, 27)

Louisiana Tech RB Kenneth Dixon, 5-foot-10, 215 pounds (Norris, 28)

South Carolina State DL Javon Hargrave, 6-foot-1, 309 pounds (Norris, 32)

Rutgers WR Leonte Carroo, 6-foot, 211 pounds (PFF, 29)

Ohio State S Vonn Bell, 5-foot-11, 199 pounds (Kiper, 22)

Oklahoma State DE Emmanuel Ogbah, 6-foot-4, 273 pounds (Rang, 16)

Indiana T Jason Spriggs, 6-foot-6, 301 pounds (Rang, 23)

Mark Lindquist
Mark Lindquist holds a master's degree from the University of Iowa and writes baseball and college football for Rotoworld.com. He's currently working on a memoir about life, death, rock 'n' roll and his year teaching at a Chinese university. You can reach him on Twitter @markrlindquist.