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MLB Daily Plays: Tuesday

by Stevie "stevietpfl Young
Updated On: June 25, 2019, 11:02 am ET

Tonight we have a massive 15-game slate, with a lot of great places to look for offense, along with multiple pitchers at each price range to look at.

As always, make sure to also check MLB lineups and MLB weather before lineup lock. Now, let’s get into some of my top DFS plays for FanDuel and DraftKings.


Max Scherzer @ Miami Marlins

This will be the third time this season Scherzer has faced the Marlins, and maybe the third time is the charm. The ace has a .244 wOBA with a .127 ISO and a 38.9 percent strikeout rate against right-handed hitters this season; he's done a great job generating soft contact and comes into this game with a 7.9 percent hard-to-soft contact ratio against righties. This Miami lineup has seven right-handed hitters, and it has a .130 ISO with a .322 wOBA against right-handed pitching this season. I will always play Scherzer as a top option in this matchup, and I'm not too concerned with how his first two meetings with this team went.

Madison Bumgarner vs. Colorado Rockies

Bumgarner is nothing like he was four to five years ago, but this Rockies team has really struggled with left-handed pitching. The Rockies are seventh in team wOBA against lefties, but they're striking out at a 25.3 percent clip, which is the seventh most. They're middle of the road in wRC+ as well. This is a massive ballpark downgrade for the Rockies too, and outside of the top three hitters, I'm not too worried about the rest of this lineup. Bumgarner has allowed a .357 wOBA with a .201 ISO against right-handed hitters so far -- I'm hoping these numbers keep people off him, as I like the upside for him in this situation.


Will Smith @ Arizona Diamondbacks

I like to spend down at catcher in general, but if Smith isn't in the lineup, I think Realmuto is in a good spot against Lockett. Robbie Ray is always hit or miss, but with the roof open in Arizona, I don't mind targeting right-handed bats against him. Ray has a 40.4 percent hard-hit rate against right-handed hitters this season. Smith is 7-for-23 so far in the majors with four extra base hits, and he had a .318 ISO with a .412 wOBA and a 140 wRC+ in AAA this season.

First Base

Rhys Hoskins vs. New York Mets

I liked the Phillies on Monday, and I'm going right back to the well in this spot. Walker Lockett has a 7.4 percent swinging strike rate with an 8.9 percent strikeout rate in AAA this season, though he did show a little more strikeout ability in AAA with the Padres in 2018. Hoskins has shown strong upside against right-handed pitching this season, as he has a .249 ISO with a 47.5 percent hard-hit rate. He also has a nice fly ball rate, and don't forget this is a good ballpark for home runs.

Second Base

Jason Kipnis vs. Kansas City Royals

After a slow start to the season, Kipnis has come on strong recently. He's 16 for his last 39 at the plate with six extra base hits. His line drive rate is up, his fly ball rate is down, and his CXwOBA is .408 over the last 30 days. Sparkman has struggled with left-handed hitters this season, as he has a .358 wOBA with a .253 ISO and a 47.1 percent hard-hit rate. This is a high-upside spot for the Indians, who are still priced right across the industry.

Third Base

Kris Bryant vs. Atlanta Braves

We have another wind game in Wrigley tonight, and even though it didn't work out on Monday, I think it's going to be a good spot to look for bats. Max Fried is a good young pitcher and does a great job at generating ground balls. With that said, he's struggling with right-handed hitters, as he has a .341 wOBA with a .175 ISO and a 38.4 percent hard-hit rate against righties. Meanwhile, Bryant has a .453 ISO with a .478 wOBA against lefties, but more importantly he has a 46.5 percent flyball rate. I'll gladly target the high flyball rate against a groundball pitcher with the wind blowing out to center.


Javier Baez vs. Atlanta Braves

Like Kris Bryant, Baez has excelled against left-handed pitching this season, as he has a .404 ISO with a .460 wOBA. He also has a 44.1 percent fly ball rate against lefties, which should help against a groundball pitcher. I can certainly see staying away from a full stack of the Cubs, but I like the power upside bats in this spot. I do expect them to be popular though, so a game theory fade is always in play on a 15-game slate.


Yordan Alvarez vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Alvarez has been crushing the ball since being called up, and he's quickly becoming one of my favorite fantasy players. He has a .472 ISO with a .501 wOBA and a 58.2 percent hard-hit rate against right-handed pitchers in 41 PAs, and he has seven home runs in 48 at-bats in the majors. Williams has a .340 wOBA against lefties, but he's been able to limit the power with only a .140 ISO. The thing that stands out to me in this matchup is his 13.7 percent strikeout rate against left-handed hitters. With Alvarez's massive power, I like his chances of another big game against a low-strikeout pitcher.

Joey Gallo @ Detroit Tigers

Gallo is going to be activated for tonight's game and draws an amazing matchup against Jordan Zimmermann, who has a .388 wOBA with a .259 ISO and a 17.9 percent strikeout rate against left-handed hitters this season. He struggled with left-handed hitters last season as well. Before getting hurt, Gallo was crushing the ball, and he hit two home runs in his four rehab games. He has a .378 ISO with a .444 wOBA and a 59.4 percent hard-hit rate against righties this season. I really like the Texas lefties in this spot.

Stevie "stevietpfl Young
Stevie "stevietpfl" Young is a top-ranked DFS player and GrindersLive host who specializes in NFL, MLB and NASCAR. He provides both written content and media work for RotoGrinders.