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Rotoworld PL Cup

The 2015 Rotoworld PL Cup

by Nik Argiropoulos
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:09 pm ET

The 2015 Rotoworld PL Cup is here ...


1800 teams, seven rounds, ONE winner!


So what is it? Well, at set points throughout the season we will have game-weeks where the top weekly scores from our ten Rotoworld PL Private Leagues (in the Yahoo Fantasy Premier League game) go through to the "next round". It's a knock-out, so once you're out, you're out.


All teams spread across our ten Rotoworld PL Private Leagues (currently 1,800)  have a place in this competition, which starts in Week 17.


@Rotoworld_PL League 1
League ID: 5635
Password: broai


If you want to take part, please join the above league asap. Once Week 17 has passed, competition entry is closed. Even if you find a way of joining one of the Private Leagues after Week 17, you will not be included in the Cup.


I've outlined The 2015 Rotoworld PL Cup schedule below:


1st Round - Week 17 (this week) - From the 1800 entrants (possibly more if we have some late joiners) the top 1400 teams based on weekly scores across all ten Rotoworld PL Private Leagues go through to the 2nd round. 400 teams go out.


2nd Round - Week 20 - The top 1000 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 1400 teams go through to the 3rd round. 400 teams go out.


3rd Round - Week 24 - The top 750 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 1000 teams go through to the 4th round. 250 teams go out.


4th Round - Week 28 - The top 500 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 750 teams go through to the quarter final. 250 teams go out.

Quarter Final - Week 32- The top 250 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 500 teams go through to the semi final. 250 teams go out.


Semi Final - Week 35 - The top 100 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 250 teams go through to final. 150 teams go out.


Final - Week 37 - The manager with the top weekly score from the 100 finalists wins the Rotoworld Cup. If we have a tie on the top weekly score then we will have a play-off in Week 38.

The results of each round will be posted here on Rotoworld within 5 days of a round's conclusion. 




The winner of The 2015 Rotoworld PL Cup will of course win the respect of his fellow fantasy managers, but we have some additional prizes on offer thanks to Rotoworld. Details below ...


The winner gets both Draft Guide AND Season Pass (Rotoworld premium products) access to all four sports (NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA) for the next upcoming season.


The runner-up gets a combination of two Rotoworld premium products for the next upcoming season. For example, you could chose NFL Draft Guide AND NFL Season Pass, or NFL Draft Guide AND MLB Season Pass. It's your choice how you mix it up.


The manager with the highest weekly total in each of the first six rounds gets one Rotoworld premium product of their choice for the next upcoming season.

It is always the Top 1400 / 1000 / 750 / / 500 / 250/ 100 teams to go through to the next round, with one exception. In the event of teams being tied on weekly points at the cut-off (e.g. Round 1 - if the 1400th, 1401st and 1402nd teams are all tied on the same weekly total) then all tied teams would go through to the next round.


Those who follow Never Manager Alone and followed my old AM blog will know the Cup competitions have always worked really well in the past, so I hope people are looking forward to taking part on Rotoworld this year. We think it makes things interesting as it's nothing to do with Overall Position, it's purely based on your weekly score for the selected week, so it gives fantasy managers who are not doing too well the chance to have one-off weekends where they score big, whilst a top manager has a bad week ... it's fantasy giant killing!


I'll make it clear on the lead up to each round whether it's a "Cup weekend" to remind you of the extra importance.


Round 1 is Week 17, THIS WEEKEND. The teams with the top 1400 weekly scores in the Rotoworld PL Private Leagues will go through to Round 2. Everyone else will be knocked out.


Join the leagues quickly if you want to take part ... and good luck to all!

Nik Argiropoulos

Nik Argiropoulos is a London-based soccer writer for NBC Sports Edge and co-founder of Never Manage Alone. You can find him on Twitter @nikarg.