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Live Blog: Week 17

by Chet Gresham
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:09 pm ET

Welcome to Week 17 of the National Football League, Fantasy Division. Hopefully you don’t have too much on the line this week, but if you do, that’s good too! That means you are still in it. So let’s get down to business.


As a last minute primer let Pat Daugherty answer your lineup questions with his Week 17 Rankings. And always be sure to read Evan Silva's look at every game in his Matchups column.


* Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman are out for today's contest against the Bills and the starters look like they will be pulled at some point in the game. DFS players might consider Tim Wright, but he could also see some bench time at some point. It's of course impossible to predict.


* Terrance West will start at running back as the Browns continue to go back and forth between West and Isaiah Crowell. The Ravens are in a must-win game, so I would avoid all Browns.


* Steven Jackson is out and Jacquizz Rodgers will get the start, but we'll see plenty of Devonta Freeman as well in this must win game.


* Percy Harvin is inactive. Eric Decker could see some extra looks.


* T.Y. Hilton is active. It appears the Colts will at least go all in for this game, but they don't have anything to gain other than continuity and momentum. If they play well in the first half and get a decent lead I don't know how they don't rest some starters, but if they continue their uneven play they could play the whole game.


* Dwayne Allen is out. Coby Fleener will get the majority of the work as long as he's in the game.


* Andre Williams and Rashad Jennings are both active. Hard to discern how that timeshare will play out.


* Jonas Gray is out and LeGarrette Blount is in. James White and Brandon Bolden will likely see a good amount of snaps.


* Joe Haden is active and the Browns will most likely have trouble scoring. The Ravens passing game most likely won't max out today.


* Julio Jones will play. He's not at 100%, but he put up good numbers at less than 100% last week.


* Ryan Mathews and Kennan Allen are out. Branden Oliver, Malcom Floyd and Eddie Royal get bumps.


* DeAngelo Williams will not play today. Jonathan Stewart will get the bulk of the work. 



Good Luck All! Let's play some Fake Football!


* Andre Williams gets the start at RB for the Giants.


* Sammy Watkins with a nice 43 yard gain.


* Rueben Randle also goes for a 43 yard gain and then another catch to the 2 yard line, which of course gives Andre Williams the goal line touch and a touchdown. 


* Robert Woods catches a 6 yard TD from Kyle Orton. 


* Chase Daniel starts off with a 3 yard pass to Jamaal Charles and then a 7 yard toss to Jason Avant. Should see a lot of dinking and dunking from him. 


* Bad exchange between the center and Connor Shaw and the Ravens recover.


* Tom Brady starts and Brandon Bolden gets the first attempt. 


* Matt Forte is going for Larry Center's RB reception record. Needs 6 more after getting 2 early. 


* Mark Sanchez hits Jordan Matthews for a 44 yard TD. 


* Case Keenum to Arian Foster who does most the work on a 10 yard touchdown. 


* Robert Griffin III hits DeSean Jackson who also does most of the work on a 69 yard TD. 


* Matt Asiata with 3 rushes for 25 yards. 


* Tony Romo hits Dez Bryant for a 65 yard TD. 


* Chris Owusu rushes for a 23 yard TD. He has looked good with his few chances. 


* Ravens get down to the one on a pass interference call and are stopped completely after going for it on 4th down. Browns ball deep in their own territory. 


* Andrew Luck hits Coby Fleener for a short 7 yard TD. 


* Mark Sanchez hits Brent Celek for a 1 yard TD on third down. This game has been all offense. 


* DeMarco Murray goes for a 32 yard gain and passes Emmitt Smith for the single season Cowboys' rushing record. 


* Case Keenum is pick-sixed. 


* Dez Bryant just made another incredible catch. It was called out in the endzone, but it appears he stayed in bounds and will have his second TD of the day. 


* Forte needs 5 more receptions for the record. 3 so far. 


* Andre William's middle name is Rashad. Rashad Jenning's middle name is Andre. 


If this stands, Chase Daniel has thrown the last 2 WR TDs, separated by over a year. This one was to Dwayne Bowe. 

* Welp, instead it's a Dwayne Bowe fumble and a Travis Kelce fumble recovery for a TD. So no WR TD or TD for Daniel. 

* Mike Evans with another TD, this one from 6 yards out. 

* Daniel Thomas goes in from one yard out. 

* Boobie Dixon scores a TD from the goal line. 

* Doug Martin has 9 carries for 77 yards. 

* Rivers hits Royal for a 44 yard pass down to the one and then Branden Oliver goes in for a goal line TD. 

* Arian Foster has a hamstring injury. Questionable to return, but appears more likely doubtful

* The Cowboys onside kick and recover. Garrett wanting to get up big and fast. Lead 20-7 now. 

* Geno Smith hits Chris Ivory wide open in the flat for a walk in 8 yard TD. 

* Orton is sacked and fumbles, the Patriots recover. 

* Khiry Robinson goes in for a goal line TD. 

* Reggie Wayne catches a 97 yard pass and is caught at the one yard line. Then Luck hits Jack Doyle for a one yard TD. 

* Andrew Luck hits 40 TD passes and breaks Manning's Colts single season yardage record. 

* Alfred Blue gets in from one yard out. 

Reggie Wayne has a groin injury, return is questionable.

* Beckham and Randle both over 70 yards and in the red zone. 

* Whitehurst to Wright TD. 

* Charles Sims rushes for an 8 yard TD. 

* Odell Beckham with 11 targets already

* Drew Brees intercepted. Just not his year. 

* Travis Kelce and Chase Daniel getting together a lot. 

* Tannehill hits Charles Clay for a 23 yard TD. 

* Rivers picked off with seconds left in the half. 

* Beckham up to 13 targets. Randle with better stats as he's up to 134 yards already. 

* Bridgewater intercepted after the ball goes off Patterson. Could be a pick six, but waiting on the call. 

* No pick six. Bears ball at the Vikings 9.

* Lamar Miller goes 97 yards for a TD. Wow.

* Bridgewater hits Thielen for a 44 yard TD. 

* Brees picked off in the end zone. 

* Garoppolo in for Brady. 

* Andrew Luck's day is over. He went 10-of-16 for 160 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs.

* Justin Houston has 21 sacks on the season. 3 for today. Needs 1.5 for the record. 

* Geno Smith hits Eric Decker for a 74 yard TD. 

* Julio Jones is officially active. 

* Matt Forte up to 6 receptions. 

* Cleveland goes up 10-3 on the Ravens with a Terrance West TD run of 2 yards. 

* Eagles block a punt for a TD. Amazing job their special teams have done this season. 

Odell Beckham and Michael Irvin now the only two players in NFL history with nine straight games of 90-plus receiving yards.

* Brees intercepted for the third time. 

* Vinatieri misses for the first time this season. 

* Geno Smith hits Decker for a 50 yarder. Decker up to 170 yards. 

* Matt Forte up to 100 receptions. That's only the third RB with 100 total receptions in a season. He needs 2 more to break the record. Here are your top RB receptions ever.

* Cecil Shorts takes the lateral pass and throws it to Todman for a TD. Houston losing 17-14. If they win they still have a shot at the playoffs. 

* RG3 intercepted. 

* Eli hits 300 yards passing, but still no TD with a Randle TD called back on holding. 

* Mark Ingram goes in from one yard out for the TD. Bucs fans need the Saints to rally here so they can get the #1 pick. 

* Andre Johnson having a nice game with 9 receptions for 126 yards. 

* Keenum hits Andre Johnson for an 8 yard TD and take back the lead 21-17 and their playoff hopes still live. 

* Romo picked and then RG3 picked. Pick. Pick. 

* Beckham now with 19 targets, 10 receptions for 118 yards. 

Mike Wallace has been out most of second half, but no reason given. 

* Eddie Royal catches a TD from Rivers for 3 yards and the Chargers pull back within 5. 

* Flacco to Torrey Smith for 50+ and then back to Smith for a 16 yard TD and a 13-10 lead. 

* Chris Polk goes in for the 1 yard TD. 

* The Eddie Royal TD is called back and then Royal drops the next one as well. 4th down. KC's ball after Rivers can't connect with Gates. 

* Jordan Reed catches the ball and has his helmet ripped off. He would have scored, but they stopped the play when his helmet came off. 

* Brees hits Colston for a 36 yard TD catch and run. Bucs losing = winning. 

* Odell Beckham takes his 21st target in for a 36 yard TD. 

* JJ Watt gets his 20th sack and safety. That's his second 20 sack season. 

* RG3 rushes in for a TD. 

* Hasselbeck throws an 8 yard TD to Coby Fleener. 

* Flacco throws a TD to Aiken, up 20-10 now. 

* Matt Forte catches his 8th reception on the day and has now passed Larry Centers with 102 receptions on the season. 

* New Orleans wins and the Buccaneers get the #1 pick. 

* Geno Smith hits Cumberland for a 23 yard TD. Geno is 20 for 25 for 358 yards and 3 TDs. 

* Justin Houston with 4 sacks and 22 on the year. 

* Ravens win and Chargers lose. The Ravens get into the playoffs as a 6th seed. 

* Kansas City wins, but needed Baltimore to lose, so KC is out of the playoffs. 

* Texans win, but didn't have the cards fall their way to get into the playoffs. 

* Joseph Randle rushes up the gut for a 64 yard TD. 

* LeSean McCoy is hurt and out of the game. 

* Ryan Lindley throws his first TD ever, a 20 yarder to Michael Floyd. 

* I hope all your teams made it into the playoffs and you win every championship and DFS game ever!