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Week 5 Fantasy Blog

by Lauren Carpenter
Updated On: October 12, 2020, 1:31 am ET

It's Week 5 and despite changing schedules, football must go on. The Patriots-Broncos game has been postponed, so both teams will have their bye this week. The Titans have shut down their facility yet again after another staff member tested positive for COVID-19. Despite the positive test, the Titans-Bills game (rescheduled to Tuesday 10/13 at 7:00 pm EST) is still in the books as planned.

Let's take a look at all of the big plays, injury updates, and touchdowns during today's game. Good luck in your Week 5 matchups.

Notable Inactives

Julio Jones (WR - ATL)

Bryan Edwards (WR - LAV)

Breshad Perriman (WR - NYJ)

Jordan Akins (TE - HOU)

John Ross (WR - CIN)

Dede Westbrook (WR - JAX)

Jordan Howard (RB - MIA)


Dolphins 43 - 49ers 17

Colts 23 - Browns 32

Giants 34 - Cowboys 37

(7:40) Dalton delivers a long pass to WR Michael Gallup that sets up the Cowboys for a game winning victory. Greg "The Leg" Zuerlein's kick is good (barely) for the win.

(7:23) RB D'Ernest Johnson for the Browns breaks off a big run for a first down. Browns lead 29-23 at the two-minute warning.

Greg Zuerlein's 40-yard field goal attempt is good, bringing the game to a 34-34 tie at the two-minute warning.

Parkey avoids a repeat of the double-doink and instead makes his field goal for the Browns with only a single-doink.

INJURY UPDATE: Prescott to undergo surgery on his injured ankle tonight.

(7:10) After a fumble recovery for the Giants, Freeman pushes his way to the end zone for a touchdown. The two-point conversion is good. Giants go on top 34-31.

(7:05) Cowboys have Giants' pass-catchers covered, so Gano kicks another field goal. It's his fourth field goal of the game. Cowboys lead the Giants by only five points with 11:09 to play in the game.

Colts return the favor on the Browns and intercept Mayfield as he takes a big hit. His second big hit in as many plays. Mayfield heads to the medical tent. 

(7:02) Beathard is sacked and the Dolphins take back over on a Miami fumble recovery. Will Sanders kick a sixth field goal? No need. Dolphins close out with the win.

(7:00) Danny Dimes is living up to his name with an excellent pass to WR Darius Slayton with an equally impressive reception. Slayton is becoming the MVP for the Giants. He has over 100 yards on seven receptions at the beginning of the fourth quarter. 

(6:58) Guess what? Sanders kicked another field goal. He now is a perfect 5/5 and the Dolphins are ahead 43-17.

(6:49) Rivers is flagged for intentional grounding in the end zone which resulted in a safety for Cleveland. They extend their lead by additional two points. 

(6:46) If you are in a league with kickers, I hope you started Jason Sanders. He kicks in his fourth field goal of the day to bring the Dolphins ahead 40-17. Sanders has 18 points so far in this matchup.

(6:44) Elliot rushes in a touchdown after an excellent first down by Lamb. Lamb has over 100 yards and 18.4 points and Elliot has two touchdowns on the day with over 21 points.

INJURY UPDATE: Prescott suffers gruesome ankle injury. Fair warning. The play is very difficult to watch. Prescott is carted off the field and back up Andy Dalton takes over for the Cowboys.

(6:35) The Colts are hacking away at the Browns' early lead. Rodrigo Blankenship makes a 37-yard field goal to bring the score to 20-27.

(6:29) Offensive PI on the Giants put them out of field goal range, however, there were 12 men on the field for the Cowboys. This repeated 4th down and five yards closer to the end zone. Graham Gano makes a 54-yard field goal and the score is 23-24 Dallas.

(6:27) San Francisco kicks a field goal. They trail Miami by 20.

Giants get a second touchdown called back, this time on offensive pass interference. 

(6:17) Isaiah Rodgers returns the kick-off after the Browns pick-six for 101 yards and a touchdown. 

(6:11) Another trick play, this time in Miami with a fake punt. Miami converts for a first down. This led to yet another touchdown pass from Fitzpatrick, caught by WR Preston Williams. He has 21 completions on 27 attempts for 346 yards and three touchdowns for 27.54 points in the third quarter. Dolphins lead 37-14.

Cleveland defense comes up with a pick-six on QB Philip Rivers in an overtly telegraphed pass. 

(6:04) Beathard comes through for the 49ers with a touchdown pass to WR Kendrick Bourne making it a two-score game for the 49ers. 

(5:55) Lamb comes up with a big catch while being crushed, which draws a penalty. Cowboys pull a trick play and WR Cedric Wilson pulls a Philly Special with a touchdown pass to Prescott. There's more than one way to get it done.

(5:51) Cody Parkey kicks another field goal for the Browns who enter into half time with a 20-10 lead. 

49ers have decided to pull Garoppolo and C.J. Beathard will be the QB in the second half for the 49ers.

(5:45) Trick play by the Giants catches the Cowboys sleeping and Engram scores a touchdown. However, an offensive illegal shift penalty negates the score. The Giants settle for a field goal and lead 20-17 with under a minute to play in the half.

(5:35) Since more than one minute has passed, Miami has scored again. Another field goal by Jason Sanders makes it a 30-7 lead over the 49ers. 

(5:30) Cowboys have some new life on defense as QB Daniel Jones is sacked and fumbles the football. Dallas scoops and scores to tie the game at 17-17. 

(5:25) Mayfield isn't scared to throw the football on the Colts and Beckham comes up with a long, acrobatic catch but HC Frank Reich challenged the play. Reich is now out of challenges, regardless of the outcome. He lost and the play resulted in a Beckham reception. WR Rashard Higgins finished the drive with a touchdown for the Browns. 

As the drama continues in San Francisco, the Dolphins pick off QB Jimmy Garoppolo and the Dolphins take over near midfield. At this point, I would be afraid of Fitzpatrick were I a 49ers fan. Dolphins could not come away with a touchdown but the field goal try is good. Score is now 27-7 in favor of Miami.

(5:23) Giants finally find the end zone with Elliot rushing in a touchdown on short yardage. They still trail the Giants by a touchdown. Extra point is good.

(5:15) Craziness in San Fran - Fitzpatrick throws another deep connection to TE Mike Gesicki (what is happening right now?) he has over 200 yards passing and it's not even half time. A field goal for Miami brings the score to 24-7.

(5:08) Giants extend their lead 17-3 with a field goal. 

Touchdown RB Kareem Hunt on a scramble play from Mayfield who had to buy time as the pocket collapsed.

(5:01) Miami's QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is doing Fitzmagical things against San Francisco. He has 11.54 points with a few minutes spent in the second quarter. WR DeVante Parker catches a touchdown for the Dolphins for their third TD so far. Fitzpatrick now has over 16 points. 

Despite some big plays by on offense, including some long receptions by Landry, Browns could not convert on third down and opt to go for it on fourth down. WR Odell Beckham, Jr. converts for a first down and goal. 

(4:56) This isn't exactly breaking news, but the Cowboys look bad. Unlike normal defensive woes, the offense is likewise struggling.

(4:50) Prescott targets RB Ezekiel Elliott but the Giants' defense picked him off to score a touchdown. The Cowboys are now down at home with the ball back losing 14-3 to the Giants in the first quarter.

49ers Kyle Juszczyk (yes, I had to look that spelling up twice - per usual) scores against Miami, narrowing the margin to one touchdown. 

Rookie RB Jonathon Taylor runs in a touchdown for the Colts.

(4:43) Giants' RB Devonta Freeman making a big impact, including a long run down to the 10-yard line. The run set up the end-around play to TE Evan Engram for a Giants' touchdown. This will be a battle of bad defenses on both sides and we should see plenty of scoring as the game continues. 

(4:40) Browns' drive result in a field goal by Cody Parkey.

(4:33) Cowboys settle for a field goal against the Giants after a near miss in the end zone to WR CeeDee Lamb

Huge pass from QB Baker Mayfield to WR Jarvis Landry bring the Browns to near the 30-yard line against the Colts' superb defense.

Dolphins' RB Myles Gaskin as a one-yard rush for another Miami touchdown. They lead 49ers 14-0.

(4:14) Former Bears Adam Shaheen for Miami scores the first touchdown of the game.


Jaguars 14 - Texans 30

Bengals  3 - Ravens 27

Panthers 23 - Falcons 16

Raiders 40 - Chiefs 32

Cardinals 30 - Jets 10

Eagles 29 - Steelers 38

Rams 30 - Washington 10

(4:30) Las Vegas Raiders end the Kansas City Chiefs' 13 game winning streak in a striking upset. 

(4:17) Chiefs make a push with a touchdown to TE Travis Kelce. Chiefs go for a two-point conversion, successfully caught by RB Darrel Williams. Chiefs are now trailing by 32-40.

(4:05) Raiders HUGE interception on Mahomes and Raiders are now in the red zone. Jacobs comes through with a touchdown, pulling away from the Chiefs 40-24.

CLAYPOOL! His FOURTH touchdown of the game. Unbelievable. 

(3:54) Carr is carr-ving up the Chiefs secondary with another bomb to a wide open Hunter Renfrow. He has 290 passing yards and three touchdowns with less than nine minutes to go in the game. Raiders settle for a field goal and are ahead of Kansas City 33-24.

Meanwhile, Atlanta kicks a field goal down by ten. They need a successful on-side kick and a lot of luck to pull out a win with no timeouts. On-side kick was unsuccessful and the Falcons fall to 0-5.

Houston pulls off their first win of the season.

(3:52) Murray touchdown pass to elite WR De'Andre Hopkins. Cardinals lead the Jets 30-10.

(3:40) Two big plays on defense. Baltimore scoops and scores to extend the lead 27-0, while Houston strips Minshew to give the ball back to the Texans. 

(3:39) Raiders RB Josh Jacobs crushes his way through the Chiefs' defense for a touchdown after disappearing for a bit. Raiders lead 30-24, PAT was no good for Las Vegas.

Henderson gets into the end zone again for another Los Angeles Rams touchdown. The passing game has had a rough go today while it pours down rain in Washington.

Cooks catches a touchdown for the Texans. They lead 30-14 over the Jaguars. 

(3:33) Jalen Hurts sighting! He comes in for one play, catching the Steelers off-guard. He connects with TE Richard Rodgers for a first down. Later at the 15-yard line, Wentz passes to Ward to make it to the 5-yard line, bring on second down. Fulgham tacks on more fantasy points with a touchdown. He and Claypool look like the leading waiver wire darlings for Week 6. Eagles are coming back on the Steelers 29-31.

(3:27) Gurley is having himself a fine day with over 100 yards and 16 touches so far with under 10 minutes to play in the fourth quarter. Despite driving to nearly ten yards, QB Matt Ryan throws a pick in the end zone, bringing the drive to halt.

Speaking of having a fine day, Fulgham for the Eagles is stepping up with the copious injuries in Philadelphia. He has eight receptions for for over 100 yards in the third quarter, helping the Eagles to drive down the field on the Steelers.

(3:25) Drake finally gets into the end zone for the Cardinals. Fantasy players rejoice! It wasn't Chase Edmunds. 

(3:15) Flacco connects with WR Jamison Crowder for a J-E-T-S' touchdown. Their first of the day. It is now a one-score game against the Cardinals. 

Ravens' Justin Tucker kicks another field goal. Ravens lead 20-0 against the Bengals.

Jacksonville is on their third attempt in the red zone with two previous incompletions by Minshew. The last attempt going for it on fourth down resulted in a Robinson fumble on an option play. RB Chris Thompson is in on their fourth down attempt in place of Robinson but it's rookie WR Colin Johnson who comes up with the touchdown for the Jaguars.

(3:12) Wentz comes through on their ensuing drive after the Steelers' touchdown. He connects with WR Greg Ward for a touchdown. John Hightower catches the two-point conversion to bring the score to 22-31. 

(3:08) Houston takes a commanding lead against the Jaguars with a Will Fuller touchdown. The Texans lead 20-7.

(3:00) Offensive pass interference gives the Steelers another set of downs and RB James Conner runs in a touchdown for the Steelers' fourth touchdown of the day. The Eagles are now in a big hole down 14-31.

Goff is nearly picked off in the red zone. The Rams settle for a field goal against Washington. 

(2:57) Jacksonville's RB James Robinson fumbles the football in the red zone and the Jaguars lose possession.

Interceptions and turnovers appears to be contagious as Wentz throws a bad INT to turn the ball over to the Steelers near red zone.

(2:52) Claypool again! His third touchdown of the game. Steelers lead 24-10 over the Eagles. 

Watson is picked off and Jacksonville runs it all the way back to the red zone.

(2:39) Jacksonville's Josh Jones was ejected for a helmet-to-helmet hit on WR Brandin Cooks for the Texans. Ka'imi Fairbairn's kick is good for the Texans over the Jaguars 13-7. 

A Clyde Edwards-Helaire touchdown is called back on an offensive penalty with 47 seconds before half. With Mahomes at the wheel, anything is possible, but the Chiefs have to settle for a field goal on fourth down. They are tied 24-24. 

(2:16) WR Henry Ruggs scores a whopping 72-yard touchdown for the Raiders to take the lead from Kansas City with 2:39 seconds left to the play in the half. This just in... Ruggs is very fast.

Washington picks off QB Jared Goff with under 50 seconds to play in the half.

Backup QB Alex Smith is on the field after Allen took a helmet-to-helmet big hit from Jalen Ramsey. This is the first time Smith has been on the field since his horrific leg injury in 2018. Keep in mind that Haskins is also dealing with a non-COVID related illness and is not at the game. 

For Panthers, in possibly his last fantasy-relevant game, RB Mike Davis scores a receiving touchdown.

Injury Update: Chiefs' Watkins is on the bench with a hamstring injury. 

(2:10) After a long pass to WR Christian Kirk, the Cardinals face the red zone with a new set of downs on a defensive holding penalty. Murray takes it in himself for an Arizona touchdown before half time. Cardinals lead 14 - 3. 

Raiders' TE Darren Waller catches his first TD pass of the game. Meanwhile Carr spread the ball around to various patchers including fullback Alec Ingold and a big run by RB Devonte Booker. 

(2:00) WR D.J. Moore scored a touchdown for the Panthers. Fantasy GMs can breathe a sigh of relief for sticking with Moore. 

Forty-yard pass to Hill will count this time for the Chiefs, but head coach Jon Gruden challenged the play. Hill's toe looks dangerously close to being out of bounds, but they play stands. WR Sammy Watkins finds the end zone in the ensuing drive. Chiefs lead 21-10.

Eagles' Sanders punches his way into the end zone for his second touchdown after WR Travis Fulgham brought them into scoring position. They are tied with Pittsburgh 14-14 as the second half winds down.

(1:54) Raiders' WR Nelson Agholor isn't haven't a problem catching the football as a Raider as he finds the end zone on a long pass from Carr. They trail the Chiefs 10-14.

Houston's TE Darren Fells scores a long TD against the Jaguars' notoriously poor defense against tight ends.

Burrow takes a hard hit trying to scramble and turns the ball over, again, to the Ravens.

Cardinals' QB Kyler Murray's pass is tipped, Jets intercept and take over on offense. Back up QB Joe Flacco is starting under center for an injured Sam Darnold. The Jets finish the drive with a successful field goal attempt by Sam Ficken.

(1:48) Claypool continues to light it up for Pittsburgh with another touchdown. Injury Update: WR Diontae Johnson is questionable to return with a back injury. 

The Ravens are on fire. Jackson connects with WR Marquise Brown for another Baltimore touchdown. They lead the Bengals 17-0.

Jaguars' QB Gardner Minshew targeted WR Keelan Cole for a Jacksonville touchdown. Cole showed excellent focus coming down in-bounds for the score.

(1:38) Touchdown Robert Woods (affectionately knowns as Bobby Trees) for the Rams for their second touchdown of the day for Los Angeles. 

After Andrews scored a touchdown for the Ravens, Bengals' QB Joe Burrow threw an interception, turning the ball back over to Baltimore. Jackson takes it to the house himself for a touchdown.

Welcome to the end zone Miles Sanders for the Philadelphia. The Eagles and the Steelers are tied 7-7 after WR Chase Claypool for the Steelers rushed in a touchdown on a two-yard run.

(1:30) Ravens' TE Mark Andrews goes airborne for a first down. QB Lamar Jackson keeps targeting Andrews to move the chains, and comes down with a Ravens touchdown.

Houston starts its 15th play of the drive as Watson scrambles for a first down, bringing the Texans into the red zone. Perhaps firing head coach and general manager, Bill O'Brien, has infused some much needed life into the team. 

Chiefs' TE Travis Kelce brings Kansas City into the red zone for a Mahomes touchdown.

(1:25) Washington's QB Kyle Allen (starting in place of Dwayne Haskins who was moved to the third-string) scrambles out of the pocket for a Washington touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams.

(1:22) Twenty-nine yard touchdown run for RB Chase Edmonds for the Cardinals against the New York Jets. Apologies to all fantasy GMs with Kenyan Drake in the starting lineup. 

Las Vegas Raiders drive down the field against the Kansas City Chiefs, running Josh Jacobs and QB Derek Carr connecting for a 46-yard gain. The drive finished with a successful field goal. 

(1:16) Falcons' RB Todd Gurley busts off a long run against the Carolina Panthers for an Atlanta touchdown, his fifth of the year.

Ravens field goal by Justin Kicker against the Bengals is good. They lead 0-3 in Baltimore.

(1:10) Houston starts under interim head coach, Romeo Crennel, with QB Deshaun Watson connecting with WR Brandin Cooks but they could not finish the drive with a score.

Rams' RB Darrell Henderson rushes in a touchdown on the one-yard line. Extra point is no good. 

(1:06) QB Patrick Mahomes fires a bomb downfield to WR Tyreek Hill in the end zone, but an offensive holding penalty called the play back. Hill looks a little banged up after the play.

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