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Weekend Weather

Weather: Week 15 Forecasts

by Jeff Brubach
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Week 15 brings a wide array of weather across the United States, with temperatures ranging from warm and comfortable in the Southeast to wet and cold in the Northwest. Precipitation will be found mainly on the West coast this week, with San Diego the only hosting West coast city with a dry Sunday forecast. The vast majority of the Week 15 slate will be played on the East coast, leaving the fantasy world primarily worry-free this weekend as the fantasy playoffs continue. Grab an umbrella and bundle up as we check out what Mother Nature has in store for the NFL this weekend.



Wet Weather Watch



The West coast will experience heavy precipitation on Sunday from the Bay Area up through the Pacific Northwest. This will impact the following three games on the Week 15 schedule:


Cleveland at Seattle (4:05 PM): Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks will look to continue their offensive eruption this week at home, as they host the Cleveland Browns. Morning rain will be found in Seattle on Sunday, with overcast skies present at kickoff. Winds will be relatively high but manageable in this game at 16 mph, with temperatures around 45 degrees. Rain showers in the forecast are expected to appear “occasionally,” which eliminates most of the cause for concern for both passing games in this contest. Most Cleveland fantasy options are not worth starting anyhow, but the Seattle passing and kicking games should be fine to trust as intermittent showers won’t derail the Seattle locomotive.


Green Bay at Oakland (4:05 PM): Temperatures will be at 57 degrees when the Oakland Raiders host the Green Bay Packers this week, with rain showers expected to creep into the area late in the afternoon. This game kicks off at 1:05 PM local time, meaning the rain could very well hold off throughout this contest, but the second half could potentially see soggy conditions if wet weather moves in early. Wind at 13 mph won’t create any major issues, so no significant fantasy lineup adjustments are required in this game although rain could make an appearance.


Cincinnati at San Francisco (4:25 PM): The Cincinnati Bengals will visit San Francisco on Sunday, where 58 degree temperatures will be waiting. As is the case in nearby Oakland, rain showers are expected to hit this game during the later stages as the Bengals and 49ers do battle. Winds will hover around 11 mph, which won’t cause any kicking or passing game concerns, so all fantasy options should be able to be trusted in this matchup, but be aware that rain will likely be present at some point in the second half.



Worry-Free Weather

Chicago at Minnesota (1:00 PM): Minnesota will be chilly on Sunday when the Vikings host the visiting Chicago Bears, with 38 degree temperatures in the forecast. Winds of only eight mph won’t be any reason for worry, and no rain is projected to hit the area at any time on Sunday. All Vikings and Bears fantasy options can be started as usual.


Atlanta at Jacksonville (1:00 PM): Jacksonville will be an enjoyable spot to watch an NFL game on Sunday, as warm 70 degree temperatures will be present at kickoff between the Jaguars and Atlanta Falcons. Clouds are expected to roll into the area in the afternoon, but no precipitation will come with the cloud cover. Winds of 11 mph will be manageable, leaving all fantasy options in this game safe to start.


Carolina at NY Giants (1:00 PM): MetLife Stadium will see sunshine and clear skies on Sunday when the New York Giants host the undefeated Carolina Panthers. No clouds are in the forecast for this contest and minimal winds will be present as Eli Manning and Cam Newton face off. No major lineup adjustments are necessary in this game.


Tennessee at New England (1:00 PM): Foxboro will see dreary weather on Sunday, but conditions will not include rain as the New England Patriots host the Tennessee Titans. Temperatures of 41 degrees and partly cloudy skies will welcome Marcus Mariota and company, with winds at a reasonable 11 mph. No major worries in this game from a fantasy perspective.


Buffalo at Washington (1:00 PM): FedEx Field will be pleasant on Sunday when the Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills kickoff, as 47 degree temperatures and mostly sunny skies will be present. Wind will be nearly non-existent in this game, leaving perfect temperatures for football of both the real and fantasy variety.


Kansas City at Baltimore (1:00 PM): Similar to nearby Washington, Baltimore will be beautiful on Sunday as the Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs play under sunny skies in 45 degree temperatures. Winds of only five mph won’t bother kickers or quarterbacks in this game, so fire up all relevant fantasy players in this game like normal.


Denver at Pittsburgh (4:25 PM): Pittsburgh will be sunny on Sunday at kickoff between the Steelers and visiting Denver Broncos, but clouds will move in during the later stages of the game. Temperatures at 46 degrees will create comfortable conditions for both teams, and neither squad will worry about six mph winds. No major weather concerns in this game.


Miami at San Diego (4:25 PM): San Diego will be the lone West coast location to escape rainy conditions on Sunday, as morning clouds will move out in favor of sunny skies as when the Chargers and Miami Dolphins kickoff. Temperatures will be very comfortable for a winter day at 63 degrees, and seven mph winds will not raise any kicking or passing issues.


Arizona at Philadelphia (8:30 PM): Philadelphia will see sunny weather on Sunday that will turn into clear skies as night falls. This Sunday night matchup will see 34 degree temperatures at kickoff, but no precipitation is expected during this game at any time. Calm six mph winds will not be an issue in this contest, so all Cardinals and Eagles fantasy options can be started as usual.



Home Teams Are Dome Teams



Three Week 15 games will be played in domes or stadiums with retractable roofs, including a Saturday night matchup between the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys.


NY Jets at Dallas (8:25 PM, Sat)

Houston at Indianapolis (1:00 PM)

Detroit at New Orleans (8:30 PM, Mon)