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Weekend Weather

Weather: Week 16 Forecasts

by Connor Allen
Updated On: December 22, 2018, 2:03 pm ET

Week 16 marks the end of the road for most season-long fantasy leagues with championship games being decided. The 2018 season has admittedly been a fairly tame year in terms of weather impacting games. We didn’t have a vintage blizzard game where you can barely see the field or a “cyclone bomb” with a torrential downpour. That being said, this column will continue throughout the playoffs which leaves plenty of time for some erratic weather to occur and disrupt daily fantasy lineups. Speaking of fantasy, be sure to check out Evan Silva’s Matchup ColumnRich Hribar’s Worksheet, and Pat Daugherty’s Rankings to maximize your chances of winning.


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Winter Weather Watch

Cincinnati at Cleveland (1:00 PM ET):  The Browns are 10-point home favorites against the Bengals, a rare feat as the Browns haven’t been double-digit favorites since 2007. There is a chance for snow in this one but if it does there isn’t expected to be a lot (half an inch). With temperatures sitting right below freezing and 10 MPH winds expected, all fantasy options should remain in your lineup.


Denver at Oakland (8:15 PM ET, Monday): This game could feature some of the worst weather of the week with 15 MPH winds and rain in the forecast. 55-degree temperatures won’t be an issue but the wind may. With the game being played on Monday we can’t be as sure of the forecast but at the moment this game could be a “stay-away” and makes a fringe fantasy decision easier by avoiding players from this one.  You probably won’t be starting many players from this game regardless, but the weather is something to monitor leading up to game time.



Worry-Free Weather

Washington at Tennessee (4:30 PM ET, Saturday): This is the first of two games to be played on Saturday and likely won’t be very exciting. The Titans have turned their focus into pounding the ball as many times as possible with Derrick Henry while the Redskins are starting Josh Johnson at quarterback. Weather won’t make an impact in this one with 49-degree temperatures, 6 MPH winds and clear skies in the forecast.


Baltimore at LA Chargers (8:20 PM ET, Saturday): The second game on Saturday figures to be a bit more exciting between two of the AFC’s better squads. With this game being played in beautiful southern California, weather won’t be an issue as 64-degree temperatures, partly cloudy skies, and 5 MPH winds are expected.


Houston at Philadelphia (1:00 PM ET): The Texans travel to a worn-down Eagles team with nothing left to play for. Weather shouldn’t be an issue here even as temperatures approach freezing. 38-degree temperatures with partly cloudy skies and 5 MPH winds are expected meaning all fantasy options from this one should be started.


Jacksonville at Miami (1:00 PM ET): With both of these teams ready to wrap up their seasons its tough to predict how this one might go. 66 degree temperatures with clear skies and 7 MPH winds shouldn’t create any cause to worry.


Green Bay at NY Jets (1:00 PM ET): Despite the team telling him to shut it down for the year, Aaron Rodgers will continue to play against the Jets this week. 39 degree temperatures with clear skies and 6 MPH winds are in the forecast meaning all fantasy options can be started as normal.


Buffalo at New England (1:00 PM ET): Bills rookie QB Josh Allen has been electric on the ground but continued to struggle as a passer. If New England can slow down his rushing ability it could be a long game for the Bills.  38-degree temperatures with 7 MPH winds won’t create any issues.


Atlanta at Carolina (1:00 PM ET): This would normally be an awesome game but with Cam Newton out and Taylor Heinicke up to bat it might not be as exciting. The Panthers went from three-point favorites to three-point underdogs with the change at quarterback. Weather shouldn’t be an issue with 45-degree temperatures, clear skies, and 6 MPH winds.


Chicago at San Francisco (4:05 PM ET): The 49ers have been on a roll at home, beating the Broncos and Seahawks. They will now play against the red-hot Bears, another test for the team. 58 degree temperatures with mostly cloudy skies and 4 MPH winds. Start all fantasy options as normal in this one.


Kansas City at Seattle (8:20 PM ET): This is setting up to be the best game of the week with Kansas City’s high-flying offense traveling to Seattle. 45 degree temperatures and 6 MPH winds won’t be an issue, but there is a slight chance of rain. Even if it does rain, it isn’t expected to be anything more than a drizzle.


Home Teams are Dome Teams

Four games will be indoors this week including a great matchup between the New Orleans Saints and Pittsburgh Steelers.

NY Giants at Indianapolis (1:00 PM ET)

Minnesota at Detroit (1:00 PM ET)

Tampa Bay at Dallas (1:00 PM ET

LA Rams at Arizona (4:05 PM ET)

Pittsburgh at New Orleans (4:25 PM ET)