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Weekend Weather

Weather: Week 16 Forecasts

by Jeff Brubach
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Week 16 has arrived and will bring wet weather around the country, including winter conditions in parts of the United States where NFL games will be hosted this weekend. A band of extremely cold temperatures and precipitation is moving across the central part of the U.S., which is following warmer, but very wet weather that is approaching the Eastern portion of the country. This mixed bag of weather conditions gives us a wide range of conditions to look out for in Week 16 while setting fantasy football lineups. Let’s jump in and check out which locations are the most noteworthy around the NFL this weekend.



Wet Weather Watch



The following five games will see wet weather this week, with each location expected to see varying levels of impact from Mother Nature.


Washington at Philadelphia (8:25 PM, Sat): Dry weather will be found in Philadelphia on Saturday during the day, but rain is expected to move into the area during the evening when the Eagles and Washington Redskins face off. Temperatures of 50 degrees will be reasonable and six mph winds won’t be an issue, but a 50 percent chance of rain is in the forecast for this game. No serious lineup substitutions should be made with fantasy options in this game, as showers could move in and out of the area during this NFC East contest and winds will be nearly non-existent.


New England at NY Jets (1:00 PM): Temperatures will be comfortable at 67 degrees at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, but rain is expected as the New England Patriots and New York Jets do battle. Winds of 12 mph won’t be too alarming, but this game should a soggy one from the start. No major fantasy lineup adjustments are required for the players in this game, but keep in mind the conditions will be wet.


Cleveland at Kansas City (1:00 PM): The Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns will meet in wet, cold conditions on Sunday as 37 degree temperatures and rain are in the forecast. Winds will be the main concern in this contest, as gusts will be well over 20 mph throughout the game. Quarterbacks Johnny Manziel and Alex Smith could have trouble throwing the ball in such extreme wind, so safer fantasy options should be found before kickoff on Sunday. Both kickers in this game are also worth avoiding for safer choices.


Dallas at Buffalo (1:00 PM): Buffalo weather forecasts include a 100 percent chance of rain for Sunday, so Kellen Moore will be making his first start in soggy conditions as the Cowboys travel North to take on the Bills. Temperatures of 50 degrees and winds at 13 mph won’t be an issue, but this game will be a wet one, giving each of these run-first teams even more reason to lean on their ground games.


St. Louis at Seattle (4:25 PM): Seattle will be rainy on Sunday, with an 80 percent chance of precipitation in the forecast, but the rain is expected to be light when the Seahawks host the St. Louis Rams. Temperatures will be at 41 degrees and wind will hit just four mph, so the light drizzle will be the only notable weather factor in this NFC West game. No cause for major fantasy lineup changes, but this game will be wet.



Cold Conditions Coming



No precipitation is expected during the following two games, but both of these contests will be played at night in locations expecting frigid temperatures.


NY Giants at Minnesota (8:30 PM): Minneapolis will see extremely cold conditions on Sunday, with a high of just 20 degrees in the forecast. As night falls and kickoff between the Vikings and Giants approaches, temperatures are expected to dip to a chilly 11 degrees. Winds of eight mph won’t be concerning in this game and snow is not in the forecast, but both Eli Manning and Teddy Bridgewater will be forced to throw in very cold conditions on Sunday night.


Cincinnati at Denver (8:30 PM, Mon): As is the case in Minnesota on Sunday, Denver will see cold temperatures on Monday that drop even further on Monday night before the Broncos and Cincinnati Bengals kick off. Temperatures are expected to be at 10 degrees on Monday night in Denver, but snow and wind will not be factors in this game, luckily. Quarterbacks A.J. McCarron and Brock Osweiler are not strong fantasy options to begin with, but keep in mind that quarterback play can be challenging in such frigid conditions.



Worry-Free Weather



The following four games have relatively little to worry about in terms of weather this weekend.


Houston at Tennessee (1:00 PM): The Houston Texans will be welcomed by 74 degree temperatures and cloudy skies when they visit Tennessee on Sunday. Winds of 12 mph won’t be a cause for major concern, so all fantasy options in this game should be good to go. Thunderstorms will move into the Nashville area on Sunday night, but the current forecast predicts that the storms will hold off until the conclusion of this AFC South battle.


Indianapolis at Miami (1:00 PM): Sunday will bring 82 degree temperatures and partly cloudy skies in Miami as the Dolphins host the visiting Indianapolis Colts. Precipitation won’t be a concern in this game, but wind will be worth monitoring as gusts could approach 17 mph on Sunday. Both kicker options in this game are weak choices to begin with, so opting away from Adam Vinatieri and Andrew Franks is a safe idea.


Chicago at Tampa Bay (1:00 PM): The best Week 16 weather will be found in Tampa Bay on Sunday, as 85 degree temperatures and partly cloudy skies are in the forecast for this game between the Buccaneers and Chicago Bears. No rain or wind concerns will be present in this contest, so all relevant fantasy options can be trusted as normal.


Pittsburgh at Baltimore (1:00 PM): Rain will be found in the Baltimore area, but the wet weather front is not expected to move into the area until after the conclusion of this game between the Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers. At kickoff, 73 degree temperatures and partly cloudy skies will be found at M&T Bank Stadium, creating no cause for alarm in terms of weather. All fantasy options in this game can be started as usual.



Home Teams Are Dome Teams



Four Week 16 games will be played in domes or stadiums with retractable roofs, including the undefeated Carolina Panthers traveling to Atlanta to take on the Falcons.


San Francisco at Detroit (1:00 PM)

Carolina at Atlanta (1:00 PM)

Jacksonville at New Orleans (4:05 PM)

Green Bay at Arizona (4:25 PM)