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Yahoo! Premier League

Auction-Style Draft Guide

by Galin Dragiev
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:09 pm ET

Yesterday, I covered Snake-Style Premier League Drafts here on Rotoworld and today I’m back to cover Auction-Style drafts for those of you who choose to go that route.  I’m going to approach this in a similar manner, first I’ll give you a few general pointers on auction-style drafts and then I’ll present you with the results of a experts’ draft I took part in recently. 


  • Drive up the price.  I’ve been in a few auction drafts where players were stolen for cheap because no one drove up the price.  Regarding players who you know are wanted but have some concerns (playing time, injury, etc), don’t be afraid to put a few bids on them to drive up the price.  At the same time, don’t bid to the point where it kills your teams if you get stuck with them.  Driving up the price is a fine art, be careful, but don’t let players get stolen for change.
  • Don’t waste too much money on your bench.  Let’s say you’re playing in a league that starts two strikers.  Do you want to be starting Diego Costa and Edin Dzeko or shuffling Graziano Pelle, Bojan, and Shane Long?  Secure some high profile starters first and fill your bench with high risk, high reward players that usually come for cheap at the end of a draft.
  • Nominate big players that you don’t want early.  Lets say you hate Alexis Sanchez and you think he’s going to be a bust.  Nominating him early could work in your advantage, because you know someone will spend a fortune on him.  All of a sudden, someone in your league is poor and all the players you’re targeting are still on the board.
  • Pay attention to who is bidding on the players you want.  This gives you a chance to swing a trade later in the season.  If you notice your friend Alex bidding on Yaya Toure, who you end up winning, you’ll know Alex rates him highly and you can try trading Toure to him later in the season if you end up in a situation where you really need a top striker or defender.
  • Monitor who is left at each position.  If players of a certain position are getting picked up quickly and often, you may need to splurge a little extra to secure a reliable guy.  You never want to get left with too one sided of a team.  Balance is key.


Before we go any further, I’m going to link you to the results of an experts’ draft us Rotoworld guys participated in for the UEFFA Fantasy League.  The results can be found HERE.  Next, I want to look at some players who were either too cheap or too expensive, and there definitely were some head scratchers.  I’ll also go over anything I feel is worth noting.  Keep in the mind, the budget for each manager here was $180 and the starting lineup plus bench consisted of 12 players on each roster in what was an approximately 14 man league (18 but a few guys were missing and taken out).


Yaya Toure ($46) – Toure was the first nomination and I kept bidding on him until I took him.  I was prepared to go up until about $50, which I think is fair in a $180 draft for the top midfielder in the game.  At $46, I can’t complain.


Wilfried Bony ($34)  - I initially thought @rdrcrr reached a bit there for Bony but then I realized Bony was the fourth highest fantasy scoring forward in the Yahoo game last year(from those who are still in the Premier League, so excluding Suarez).  My only concern now is whether Bony gets sold, as a change in scenery can seriously effect his value.  A move outside of the Premier League would be brutal for any of his owners.


Gylfi Sigurdsson ($30) – Sigurdsson was great during his first stop at Swansea but struggled at Tottenham and $30 for him is a big risk.  I think his ceiling is around $30, but his floor is much lower, so I would not have spent anywhere as much on him.


Jose Fonte ($6) – An absolute steal here.  A starting defender on a decent team that excels in tackles and interceptions. I’m not sure how he won him at this price, I must have been asleep.


John Terry ($2) – I only have one explanation here, everyone was asleep.  Robbery.


Robin van Persie ($51) – This was the highest prized player in the draft.  If he can stay healthy, he is totally worth it.  Van Persie is not the worst player when it comes to injuries so this isn’t too bad of a move, I kind of like it actually, but as a rule of thumb, make sure the players you spend heavily on are reliable in terms of opportunity and injuries.


Ander Herrera ($30) – This was a very risky move here by @FantasyYirma.  I think everything has to go right for Herrera for him to meet his $30 price, but with Louis van Gaal and an attacking system in play, it’s definitely possible.


Christian Benteke ($22) – I’m addressing Benteke here because I’ve been asked by many on where I rate injured players.  I think this value here is exactly how much I would pay for Benteke.  He has top 10 striker upside but the injury is dangerous and $22 sounds right to me.



Let me know if you have any questions in the comments and good luck to everyone!

Galin Dragiev
Galin Dragiev is a Rotoworld contributor that focuses on Daily Fantasy Soccer and contributes for a number of outlets in the industry. You can find him on Twitter at @GalinDragiev.