Pickup of the Day

PUD 8/27: Edward Mujica

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:09 pm ET

Welcome to Pickup of the Day, where every weekday we'll pick an under-the-radar player whose immediate value is on the rise. The idea here is to identify a starter who can give you some solid innings off the scrap heap, a talented backup who's been given a chance because of a starter's injury, an unheralded regular with a favorable matchup, or a potential breakout player who's starting to put it together. Unlike regular waiver-wire advice, Pickup of the Day is geared more towards interim success, but hopefully we'll have the intuition to help you snag a waiver-wire gem a few times this season.


Koji Uehara appears to have hit a wall of late, having allowed seven runs across his last 3 1/3 innings while blowing two straight save opportunities. The chances are good that the 39-year-old is wearing down after throwing a combined 148 innings since the beginning of last year between the regular season and playoffs. While the Red Sox have no plans at the moment to reduce Uehara’s workload, fantasy owners might be wise to roster Edward Mujica just in case. Mujica hasn’t been one of Boston’s better relievers this season, but they’ve consistently gone to him in save chances when Uehara needed a break. The 30-year-old has pitched well recently, having yielded just one earned run over his last 13 innings.

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