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Third Round Predictions

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

And then there were four.


The Conference Final in the West was decided on Thursday night in Nashville as the Winnipeg Jets knocked off the Predators to the tune of 5-1 and will open at home against the upstart Vegas Golden Knights on Saturday. Who would have thought before the start of the season that one of Winnipeg (a team that had never advanced beyond the first round, nor won a playoff game in franchise history starting off as the Atlanta Thrashers) or the Vegas Golden Knights (an expansion team made up of the leftovers of the other 30 teams) would make it into the Stanley Cup Final.


In the East, the Tampa Bay Lightning will host the Washington Capitals for the first two games of the series. Tampa Bay is the only remaining team to have their names inscribed on the Stanley Cup, while Washington will attempt to wash away their demons and finally play for the Cup for the first time in Alex Ovechkin's NHL career.


Looking back at the last round, I was the only one to go 4-0 (thankfully after being the worst in the first round at 4-4), Joey was the only one to go 3-1 and everyone else was 2-2, save for Aaron who was 1-3 and Brian who was shutout.


Overall, Joey leads with 10 series wins, Ryan has nine, Gus, Aaron, Jeff and myself have eight, Daniel and Corey have seven with Brian trailing with five.


Here are our selections for Round Three. 


  Lightning/Capitals Winnipeg/Vegas
Michael Lightning in 6 Winnipeg in 7
Brian Lightning in 7 Winnipeg in 6
Ryan Lightning in 6 Vegas in 7
Corey Lightning in 6 Winnipeg in 6
Joey Capitals in 7 Winnipeg in 6
Gus Lightning in 6 Winnipeg in 6
Aaron Capitals in 7 Vegas in 7
Daniel Lightning in 6 Winnipeg in 7
Jeff Capitals in 7 Winnipeg in 7

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