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DRAFT MLB Strategy: Thursday

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Building a team on DRAFT’s DFS platform is an excellent way to make the action even more exciting than just following your favorite team. If you aren’t familiar with DRAFT’s DFS platform, it’s an innovative daily fantasy game with a live draft feature -- instead of building within a salary cap, you're participating in snake drafts that typically last under five minutes. On top of that, anyone you draft is yours alone -- if you take Nolan Arenado with your first pick, nobody else in your league can roster him.


You can find more information at Draft.com or quickly join a contest from anywhere after downloading the app!


The scoring system is similar to FanDuel with a few small exceptions. For one, starting pitchers aren’t quite as valuable relative to their hitting counterparts. You can read a detailed explanation of these along with other DRAFT MLB Strategy Tips in our preview article.


Best of luck and happy drafting!


Editor’s Note: Fantasy Baseball season is here! Compete in a live fantasy baseball snake draft right now! Drafts take as little as 2 minutes to complete and last just one night. For a limited time, DRAFT is giving Rotoworld readers a FREE entry into a real money draft and a Money-Back Guarantee up to $100! Here's the link. 




Small Slates. We have only two games on the docket today which means only four starting pitchers. As such, DRAFT has limited leagues to a maximum of three teams. Enjoy.


Pitcher Talk. Ryu and Foltynewicz are basically a coin flip atop the pitcher list. Ryu is a slightly better play due to home field advantage which is relatively small in a real world sense but can also affect the way wins are recorded – to the benefit of the home pitcher. I would go out of my way to land Ryu or Folty in the early rounds. Anderson and Senzatela are liable to make short starts. Part of me wants to target Josh Hader as the third best pitcher, but that’s just betting long odds. We’re here to make smart, boring bets.


  1. Hyun-Jin Ryu – Tier 1
  2. Mike Foltynewicz – Tier 1
  3. Chase Anderson – Tier 2
  4. Antonio Senzatela – Tier 3



These players have a great chance to outperform their DRAFT projection.


Lorenzo Cain – OF – Milwaukee (DRAFT Projection: 0.4 FP)


Because contest sizes are limited to three draftees, all that matters are the top six infielders and outfielders. DRAFT did a pretty good job identifying them. One they completely whiffed is Lorenzo Cain. He should be in the mix for the sixth best outfielder. Instead, he’s presently without a serious projection. Cain is not an automatic top six outfielder – there’s nothing wrong with preferring Ryan Braun or Yasiel Puig on that last round bubble. However, he would make for a great stacking option with top-rated Christian Yelich.


Ryan Braun – OF – Milwaukee (DRAFT Projection 7.7 FP)


As I noted, Braun is worthy of consideration as the sixth best outfielder. He finished the season on a high note, enough so that I’m modestly hopeful that he’s actually healthy for a change. My preference is for Cain, but Braun can serve as an alternative stacking target. His projection should be for at least 8.5 FP.



These players may not live up to their DRAFT projection.


Jesus Aguilar – INF – Milwaukee (DRAFT Projection 9.3 FP)


It’s an all-Brewers edition. Aguilar is about a point over-projected by DRAFT. His tepid second half better represents what we should expect from him going forward. He’s an able power hitter and one of the best bets to homer today. Unfortunately, other forms of positive outcomes are unlikely. Between runs and RBI, DRAFT expects about half a point too much. They’re also unaware of removal risk. Aguilar is a prime suspect to be pinch run in a critical moment. His home run potential means he’s still playable as a fifth round target, although I personally prefer Trevor Sotry, Manny Machado, Freddie Freeman, and Cody Bellinger.

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