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DRAFT NFL Mock: Week 5

Updated On: October 4, 2018, 3:26 pm ET

I participated in a six-person contest on DRAFT for NFL Week 5. Below are my round-by-round impressions and thoughts as to why I made each selection and what I could have done better. This is meant to be used as a general guide before embarking on your own personal conquest on DRAFT.


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Team 1. Todd Gurley – RB

Team 2. Alvin Kamara – RB

Team 3. Christian McCaffrey – RB

Team 4. Melvin Gordon – RB

Team 5. Ezekiel Elliott – RB

Team 6. Deshaun Watson – QB


There’s always a few people in the crowd. You know who I’m talking about: those who take a quarterback in the first few rounds on DRAFT. I’ll preach this until I’m blue in the face (or fingertips?), but you don’t need to take a quarterback until the last few rounds – in a six person league or less. There is enough parity at the position that you can wait while prioritizing running back … I’ll cut Team 6 some slack though. Maybe they were on autodraft and Watson was the next highest projection?


McCaffrey should have a solid outing on Sunday, but taking him over Melvin Gordon is quite the bold call. I wish my team drafted one spot sooner so I could take advantage. Gurley and Gordon are my firm 1a & 1b overall picks on this slate, and taking them anywhere lower than that makes for a bargain.





Team 6. Saquon Barkley – RB

Team 5. Antonio Brown – WR

Team 4. Julio Jones – WR

Team 3. James Conner – RB

Team 2. Michael Thomas – WR

Team 1. T.J. Yeldon – RB


I always seem to end up with Antonio Brown in these mock drafts. I feel really good about him this week, checking in as my WR1 against a hurting Atlanta secondary. This could be a huge breakout performance from AB. For the record, I would’ve taken Saquon Barkley here (giving me two elite running backs) if he fell one more spot – which is what I was hoping for. Brown isn’t too bad of a consolation prize.


I think Team 1 could’ve waited a little later to fill out their running back spot. In my opinion, Yeldon is in the same category as Johnson, Mixon, and Hunt – all of which are still available behind him. Hindsight is 50/50, but I would’ve went with any combination of Hopkins/Thielen/Green with the second and third round picks, then finish up with RB and QB.





Team 1. Ben Roethlisberger – QB

Team 2. Cam Newton – QB

Team 3. Davante Adams - WR

Team 4. DeAndre Hopkins – WR

Team 5. David Johnson – RB

Team 6. JuJu Smith-Schuster – WR


Team 1 & 2 enter the crowd of taking a quarterback entirely too early. At least Team 2 got one of the better QBs on the board, while Roethlisberger seems somewhat unreliable to pay this much of a premium for.


I was hoping DeAndre Hopkins would fall into my arms, but he ended up one pick short. David Johnson makes for a fine fallback option in a decent matchup against San Francisco. I don’t think he has a ton of upside, but he has as strong fantasy floor due to heavy volume. He won’t hurt my squad on Sunday.





Team 6. Cooper Kupp – WR

Team 5. Adam Thielen – WR

Team 4. Joe Mixon – RB

Team 3. Keenan Allen – WR

Team 2. Matt Breida – RB

Team 1. Tyreek Hill – WR


The wide receiver position is very deep, as exemplified through getting Adam Thielen in round four. I was debating between Thielen and A.J. Green in this spot, deciding to roll with the hot(ter) hand.





Team 1. Stefon Diggs – WR

Team 2. A.J. Green – WR

Team 3. Drew Brees- QB

Team 4. Matt Ryan – QB

Team 5. Philip Rivers – QB

Team 6. Kareem Hunt – RB


As you can see, the quality receivers continue to extend this far down the draft, as A.J. Green and Stefon Diggs find their way to the final round. Take note of that if participating in six team leagues.


Also worth noting is that Kareem Hunt and Joe Mixon are two of the last running backs selected, both making for reasonable RB2 fillers if you are unable to snag the elite options earlier in the draft.


I’m always finding myself one pick away from the option I truly want. In round five, that turned out to be Matt Ryan – who is my second overall QB on this slate. I’m fine falling back on Philip Rivers in a quality matchup, but Ryan certainly has more upside.





Aaron Rodgers undrafted. I’m not really surprised by this. A-Rod and his receivers are very banged up while looking out of sync at times. There are better options at the top six quarterback spots.


Patrick Mahomes undrafted. This is probably the right call as well, not taking Mahomes in six team leagues. However, I thought in the back of my mind that someone would jump out and take a chance on him. Maybe this league doesn’t represent the norm, but it appears that people are respecting the tricky matchup vs Jacksonville.


Odell Beckham undrafted. This signifies the true depth of the wide receiver position. The matchup isn’t great, and Beckham has been pretty mediocre this season. Still, his talent level and volume make him a worth fantasy choice for those looking at a WR2 with upside.

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