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Bowman, Truex, Preece and Tifft to the back

Updated On: May 5, 2019, 1:40 pm ET

Alex Bowman, Martin Truex Jr., Ryan Preece and Matt Tifft will have to drop to the back of the field Sunday afternoon before the start of the Gander RV 400 at Dover International Speedway. All four cars failed inspection Sunday morning.

In addition, each team has had a crew member ejected from the track and they will lose practice time at Kansas Speedway next week. Bowman and Truex had an engineer ejected. Preece lost his car chief. The selection of which members to eject relates to the area of the car that failed inspection. 

Tifft failed inspection three times, which will also entail a pass through penalty at the start of the race. The other drivers failed twice.

Bowman was the highest qualified of the four. He will have to give up his fifth-place position. This will be a challenge for Bowman. He posted only the 15th-quickest 10-lap average in Happy Hour and may struggle over long runs. 

Truex has been one of our favorites this week based on his recent performance at Dover that includes four top-fives in the last five races. One of these was a win in 2016. Truex was scheduled to start 13th. Truex had the second-fastest and third-quickest 10-lap average in Saturday's single practice, so it is likely he will be able to stay on the lead lap until the end of Stage 1.

Preece (29th) and Tifft (32) were slated to start much deeper in the field, but with the lack of experience for the rookies on this track, it is likely they will lose a lap early and never be able to recover it. 

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